Panoramic Roof: what is it made of?

Panoramic Roof: what is it made of?

According to the Q & A on 7-21, Jerome Guillen said this when asked about available options for hot weather:

"Additionally, we have superior glass on Model S where needed: the Panoramic Roof, for example, will have an innovative infrared coating, reducing incoming solar load to 20% (for similar sedans, this is typically 50%)."

The new 2012 Mercedes SLK 350 has an option for it's panoramic roof that is extremely efficient at reducing heat loads on a vehicle. It is a switchable shading system, and with the press of a button, the panoramic roof glass goes from dark to clear, and vice versa. Thus, on a sunny, hot day, you can block out the sun/heat in the dark setting. On cooler or cold days you can make the glass clear and let the sun shine and enjoy an "open air" driving experience.

I hope Tesla will consider this technology because it's excellent. Meanwhile, can anyone tell me what the Model S uses for it's infrared coating?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Brian H | 4 août 2011

IMO, "infrared coating" is mostly a waste. All light that gets thru turns to heat. Darkening the roof is the only real block to solar warming (or making it mirror-reflective).