Picked Up P85 on Tuesday - 3 Days Later ...

Picked Up P85 on Tuesday - 3 Days Later ...

Purchased P85 on Sept 4th (Tampa, FL) location and received my car on Sept 24th. Short drive to Tampa from Orlando. Arrived at about 10am, signed some paper work and then headed to the car to go through everything. Very knowledgeable and informative staff, took about 1 hour 30 minutes to go through everything. Smooth process. I had been real nervous lately reading this forum. From delivery experiences to issues with the car.

Fast forward three days and here are my random thoughts on the car:

- AMAZING. The experience of driving this car is like no other car I have stepped foot into. Soo super smooth and quick, just an incredible driving experience. I will say to anyone who is on the fence about getting a P, definitely get it if you can afford it. There is a difference and trust me you will not regret it. I did get the P85 and not the P85+, just due to the fact that I am not a race around the corners kind of guy. But I did test my P85 out around some turns and was surprised at how well it responded. I am coming from a Jaguar XFR and my P85 is head and shoulders above it.

- PANO ROOF. Love this roof, makes the car feel so much bigger inside. Also, I don't know what people are talking about when they say it gets hot inside because of the Pano Roof because I am not finding that issue AT ALL (Florida).

- TECHNOLOGY. By far the most advanced car in terms of technology. Just too much to list, but everyday you learn something new about the features available due to the technology. With future software updates, it will only get better. I love having the iPhone app where I can monitor the battery, turn on the A/C, crack open the Pano roof, etc.

If I were to speak of things that I would like fixed or that are true from other posts:

- INTERIOR. Definitely not high end interior finishes, not to the standard of a Toyota Camry but I would say a notch below my Jaguar XFR. Definitely not complaining though as I knew the quality prior to buying. Just something Tesla should think about in the future advancements of the car. I would be okay paying a little extra for better finishes.

- BLIND SIDE/PARKING SENSORS. I wish the car had blind side sensors. I think with the parking sensors installed this should be something they can add on? Also, in the dash board when you are trying to turn, if someone is in the lane next to you, it should put like an X or something over the green turn signal that displays in the dash. The parking sensors would also work much better if they had lines on each side so you know exactly where the car is when backing up. I would say the parking sensors on the car are at an immature level right now but I think the technology is in place and it can be fixed relatively soon.

- FRUNK. Definitely should have the option to automatically close it, same way the trunk operates. I also knew about this prior to buying, not complaining.

- IPHONE MUSIC. When I scroll through to different songs on my iPhone, sometimes the scrolling option stops and I have to restart the iPhone music again, just a minor annoyance.

This is an early report considering its only been 3 days. I am sure problems will arise but as of right now, I could never see myself driving an ICE vehicle ever again. This car is a glance of what you will see as commonplace in 2040ish(?). It's so far ahead of what is currently on the road, and it will only get better. I can't wait to sit back and watch the improvements as they happen.

HUGE fan.

Bernard Hong | 27 septembre 2013

Thanks for posting this and there have been a lot of problems posting on the forum and make me worries on my order. Please keeping updating this on the goods and also the bad.

mrspaghetti | 27 septembre 2013

@Bernard Hong

Remember that the forum will get many more posts from people with issues than those with none. Something like 99.9% of Model S owners have no significant issues with their cars whatsoever and therefore don't post (why make a post stating that you're not having any problems?) - the .1% are much more likely to post when they have issues. So the forum provides anecdotal evidence that can't be extrapolated.

Thomas N. | 27 septembre 2013

Something I never see mentioned is that the frunk is difficult to close. I'm a big dude so it's not much of a problem. My wife is 5'2 and 100 pounds - the frunk is incredibly hard to close for her. She can do it but wouldn't go out of her way to put something in there.

My 10 year old son is incapable of closing the frunk.

mrspaghetti | 27 septembre 2013

@Thomas N.

Can you elaborate? I did not find it difficult to close.

AmpedRealtor | 27 septembre 2013

Has anyone watched the walk-thru video? The frunk is supposed to be closed very gently and only by applying your body weight to either side of the latch area. You basically put your palms on either side of the latch location and lean into it.

Thomas N. | 27 septembre 2013

Of course I've watched that video. The trunk is not hard for me to close but I'm 6'4 and weigh 230lbs. My wife is much shorter and weighs 100 pounds less than me. When she puts her hands on either side of the frunk and tries to close it she sometimes has to push two or three times. She simply doesn't have the heft to close it easily. My son weighs 80 and he can't come close.

Maybe we have a hard-closing frunk or it will become easier over time.

jat | 27 septembre 2013

The frunk can't operate the same way, because the law requires a manually operated latch. You could automate closing, but you don't get all the benefit so they didn't bother.

ssarker | 27 septembre 2013

I agree with Thomas N. that the frunk is difficult for me (5' 110 lbs) and my 10 year-old to close. I use it rarely as 'overflow' storage only.

jat | 27 septembre 2013

@AR - I don't bother - I drop it from normal height, then push it closed right over the latch. I haven't had any problem in 9.5 months, and I use the frunk frequently.

mrspaghetti | 27 septembre 2013

I seem to recall that the newer cars have reinforced frunk hoods that can be slammed shut without creasing. (But I still wouldn't do this)

Gizmotoy | 27 septembre 2013

@mrspaghetti: Creasing?!? Yikes. I have an all-aluminum hood on my current car and they recommend the usual drop from 6" or so that's common on cars without gas struts.

I didn't look at the bracing on the S's hood. Is it really that light?

cmaso | 27 septembre 2013

There are two mechanisms locking mechanisms for the Frunk. I believe this to be a "belt and suspenders" approach to ensuring the hood doesn't pop up at 70 mph, and I assume that is correct that this is a requirement. However, a mechanism that "closes" the Frunk the last 3 inches (e.g. I close it to until the first latch engages, and then a motor cinches it down the rest of the way) would be a nice solution, and can't imagine that the law would prevent this kind of solution.

Roamer@AZ USA | 27 septembre 2013

Has a rather large rubber seal to keep the cargo clean and dry. Old fashioned cars don't need the seal because under the hood is the dirtiest part of the car.

Because you are sealing a container when you close the lid slamming is really not a good idea. A steady gentle simultaneous push on each side latches it nicely by compressing the rubber seal gently.

I would compare it to putting a lid on a plastic food storage container.

Obviously a new seal will push back harder than a seal that has been compressed and relaxed over time. I am pleased that the compartment is so well sealed that it stays perfectly clean and dry despite being right in the main front airflow.

jat | 27 septembre 2013

@cmaso - no law against it, just minimal value for adding a lot of extra complexity.

fuellss | 28 septembre 2013

This is absolutely the best car I've ever had. Sad to read that prospective buyers are seeing all this silliness. Frunk hard to close? Give me a break! My 10 year old daughter has no problems. Come on - we can do better. My previous cars problems (MBs, Lexus) would be handled at the dealership not on the forums.
As an earlier post stated : the few with issues will dominate this forum while the rest of us are out there enjoying our cars.

rfriess | 28 septembre 2013


Thomas N. | 28 septembre 2013

Perhaps you have an earlier VIN car with the paper-thin frunk that is simple to close - and crease.

Either that or you need to have your 10-year old daughter start training for the Olympics!

rfriess | 28 septembre 2013

Mine is 6 weeks old and very easy to close.

asmerek | 29 septembre 2013

Just got mine a week ago and it is indeed AMAZING! (And that's an understatement!) Mobile charging cord failed after four days, but Tesla was awesome and replaced it immediately. I was on the fence about the pano-roof, but it's totally worth it (even in Texas) because you can just tint the side windows for heat-reduction purposes.

I tried driving our other ICE cars this past week, but we immediately sold one and parked the other. I agree with others when they say there's no way they can buy another ICE car again!

I am 5'10" and 150lbs, and my frunk is super easy to close when done correctly. I actually prefer using it because I freak people out when I put pizza or groceries under the hood (not many Teslas in SW Houston yet). Pretty funny.

Ohms.Law | 29 septembre 2013

I have had my car for 6 months and here is my list of complaints:

1. N/A
2. N/A
3. N/A

This car arrived amazing and remains so.

Volleyguy | 29 septembre 2013

Bernard Hong

Do really think there has been a lot of problems? This forum is the ideal vent for complaints to a disproportional amount.

I like you have been following the forums doing the math justify in my mind trying to be rational but after driving the car it was the strangest feeling of everything else is a dinosaur.

Our BMW 325ci is fun but for sure feels like a bygone era...

I think Tesla was smart maybe the interior is only so so but that is easy to change in the future. An update and a boost to sales. They have not missed on the main points that are hard to change.

Tslagrl | 29 septembre 2013

@Thomas N
I agree with you about the frunk, I find it hard to close too, and therefore hardly use it. I'm only 130lbs tho, maybe I just need to get used to giving it a more hefty push. Auto-closing frunk would be awesome!

Thomas N. | 29 septembre 2013

10-year old girls apparently have no problem closing it. We need to start working out more!

tomkist | 29 septembre 2013

I'm 210 lbs and have to use my full weight to close the frunk. Wife can't close it. The gasket seal is beefy.

I've had some issues with the car, but not to the point that I wouldn't do it again.

petero | 29 septembre 2013

8 months, 9,500 smiles and no problems or complaints.

This may sound odd, but in 8+ months I have not used the frunk for anything! Sure I have shown the great emptiness but I prefer to use the trunk.

T3SLA | 29 septembre 2013

No problem for me or the 120 pound wife to close the front trunk. Took me several times, ~5, to learn that I do have to close it with more force than the SUV hood. Like others said, the tesla front trunk seals when closed, my SUV doesn't. This is more of a muscle memory and confidence in not damaging it than an inability due to body size.

Check the latch resistance, just in case there is too much resistance on yours.

PSP | 29 septembre 2013

most of you wont like me saying this but the whosoever did the interior design has poor IQ and lacks common sense. Period!

Roamer@AZ USA | 29 septembre 2013


To each his own. I like the clean simple feel of the interior. Feels like function over form. Not a lot of silly trim and dingle balls trying to make it look fancier than it really is.

I would like a little more storage, other than that no complaints.

Brian H | 29 septembre 2013

I doubt you'd come out a"head" in an IQ comparison.

Mathew98 | 30 septembre 2013

Is nickniketoontown back trolling the forum again? What is the added value of his useless rant?

J.T. | 30 septembre 2013

@Mathew98 It makes us appreciate the others all the more. Kind of like banging your head against the wall because it feels so good when you stop.