Pictures, news on Model X Alpha?

Pictures, news on Model X Alpha?

I keep checking the news looking for news and first pictures of the Model X Alpha. Yet I haven't found any. Is the Alpha built yet? I would think we are all on pins and needles.

NumberOne | 13 septembre 2014

You probably will not see pictures or news of the Alpha because it is intended only to test the assembly line and systems.
the Beta however, will hopefully be out and about by Oct/Nov which is not far at all. Time will tell, but since it is not the final product and a lot of money has to be put into making it attractive (which is not needed, due to its intended purpose. Of course, everything is speculation at this point but I cannot wait. There is an app for Model X news, that scans the news for any info on Model X.

Brian H | 13 septembre 2014

The MS Alpha was shown around a bit. Dunno if that's intended for the MX.

Kimscar | 14 septembre 2014

This should happen pretty soon. We are half way thru September. The wait is stressful and I can't even buy one right now. I'm Happy with my P85 but an X also would be nice. | 15 septembre 2014

Time will tell, but since it is not the final product and a lot of money has to be put into making it attractive (which is not needed, due to its intended purpose.

I would say making it attractive is still important. If the company's goal is EV proliferation, making it look good will help generate a lot of buzz. Obviously the falcon doors are totally unnecessary and have apparently delayed the X on at least some level, but the buzz and statement is worth it. Nobody wants an ugly car, so why not see the whole project through and try to make it look good? | 15 septembre 2014

Not sure why that quote tag didn't work

NumberOne | 15 septembre 2014

What I was saying is that the 'alpha' was intended for internal testing only. Road testing will happen with the 'beta', but the 'alpha' need not be as refined on interior details as the 'beta', which will be seen by a lot more people, but one thing that is certain is that the final production falcon doors will begin testing with the 'alpha'. Of course all this is speculation.

Brian H | 15 septembre 2014

Many of the listed tags here don't work. | 17 septembre 2014

Leonard - gotcha, I misread what you meant.

anders | 17 septembre 2014

Well, if the first customers still are scheduled to get their vehicles "in the end of Q4", the last possible delivery date would be around the 15th of December. Then the orders has to be placed in the mid of November in order for Tesla to have time to produce and deliver the vehicles.
If the orders has to be placed at latest in the mid of November, the customer should have at least two weeks of time to make a decision about colors, options etc., so the "design studio" would have to be released in the end of October.

I have read somewhere that Tesla will unveil the production version of Model X at a special event that they will host (don't remember where I read it) and that event is probably on the same day as the release of the online design studio. Given the time line above, that event need to be hosted at latest in the end of October (1,5 months from now) and they would have to send out invitations pretty soon.

timf2001 | 18 septembre 2014

anders, any talk of delivering cars in Q4 2014 went out the window a long time ago. Tesla has been targeting Q2 2015 for at least the last two earnings reports.

anders | 18 septembre 2014

Are you sure? I have tried to follow the reportings and I have not heard anything else than "first few deliveries in the end of 2014, with main production start in Q1 2015.."

Are you sure about Q2? That can mean june 2015 for the first deliveries in the US. And then a copuple of months later for Europe. That can mean end of 2015 for most reservation holders... :(

NumberOne | 18 septembre 2014

One term I have seen/heard more than Q1/Q2 is Spring 2015 Q1 ends in March. I expect delivery of my non signature Model X in April, but we will see... No matter what however, I will likely still be driving one of the first Model X's people will have seen in VA.

timf2001 | 18 septembre 2014

There are supposed to be betas by the end of the year, but that's it. It will take several months of testing the betas before they are ready to deliver production vehicles to customers. Elon has said as recently as yesterday that they are taking their time with the Model X and won't ship it before everything is up to his standard. I think we will be fortunate if they hit the Q2 goal, and should not expect anything sooner than that.

AlMc | 18 septembre 2014

I would not be shocked to see the 'founder's Xs' out before the end of 2014. I agree that we will not see Sigs beginning until Q1 2015 with ramp into production reservations end of Q2 2015. | 19 septembre 2014

How does the ordering work?

Is it all Sigs followed by production? When they reach production will they simply go in reservation order, or is there only a subset of countries they can build for initially?

dc661 | 19 septembre 2014

Elon's comments from Q2 2014 Earnings conference Call on 7/31/14. Referring to the MX in the Halle Berry TV show.

Elon Musk - Chairman and CEO

Yes. The X that was produced, the sort of the show [ph] car or advanced prototype, is sort of a pre-alpha. The alpha itself is, you know, the production, it's basically production design. We're going to move very quickly from alpha to beta. So in this case, like for the Model S, the alpha was a lot more primitive than X will be, because of course we didn't -- for the X we've got all [indiscernible] and powertrain stuff that's been done for the S that we can build upon. In the S case, we didn't have that.

So it's really a very advanced alpha car that we're producing through the X. And we'll move to beta within three months. So it's a real fast alpha to beta. And you can expect to see production cost, not in customer hands but kind of on the road, doing test and validation in Q1 next year. We'll have quite a few of those.

Brian H | 19 septembre 2014


Each market has its own Sigs, and RHD etc. means separate runs (probably). The minor differences for Canada meant a LONG delay!

The new Paint Center will make a difference; on the MS they apparently had to finish the Sig Red entirely before doing the MC Red.

Can't wait to see the new colours!!

vperl | 19 septembre 2014

Bumble Bee would be nice.

Red Sage ca us | 19 septembre 2014

I expect the Tesla Model X rollout to be something like this:

Initial Prototype / Test Vehicles / Final Demonstrators / Founders / Signature / Reserved / Production

I had hoped that the Signature buyers would begin receiving theirs in January/February of 2015. It looks now as if that may be pushed off to June/July of 2015 instead. Naysayers of course, believe that everything proposed by Tesla Motors is vaporware, smoke & mirrors, or just outright lies. Pessimists claim that no one anywhere in the world will get the key fobs for their Model X prior to October/November 2015.

Still, I prefer to be much more optimistic. Someone, somewhere, among the Founders, and possibly a small handful of Signature owners, may still get their cars by Christmas 2014, if Tesla Motors can meet their goals for Model S production and delivery this year. The rampup for Model X will be measured, and precise, but will still occur more quickly than was done for the Model S.

dlake | 23 septembre 2014

At the end of June when I took a factory tour (very cool by the way), the tour guide said they would be stopping production for 1-2 weeks in July to re-tool for the Model X.

How long does it take to re-tool? What's involved? Are they re-engineering some aspects of the car? I know making an (electric) car is incredibly complicated, but the MS is a partial blueprint. Any ideas on what's taking so long?

Red Sage ca us | 24 septembre 2014

dlake: Do it right the first time, and you don't have to do it again. Measuring, installing, estimating, simulating, testing, verifying, quantifying, checking, starting, stopping, checking, rechecking, quintriplechecking, qualifying, analyzing, standardizing, optimizing... There is quite a bit involved. Hopefully, with each step, you get a little bit better, and a little bit faster, and a little bit more reliable, while maintaining and eventually exceeding expectations for durability, quality, and quantity. Once this is done the right way, you'll end up with a process that is substantially improved over your own expectations and greatly excels beyond what Naysayers believed you could accomplish. That's the beauty of it!

NumberOne | 24 septembre 2014

The re-tooling, as far as I know was not only to produce the Model X, but also to increase production on the Model S. To us on the outside, it may seem like it is taking long, but Elon himself indicated that we could expect the Betas within approximately 3 months after the production of the Alphas. Provided that the Alphas were indeed produced in August, we might see something by November/December.

gerardP | 24 septembre 2014

Just received new info with pictures of model X alpha!!!

gerardP | 24 septembre 2014

Sorry, this is really old stuff

Red Sage ca us | 24 septembre 2014

Yeah... October 14, 2013. I think those are from the Geneva Auto Show. The photos are shown in other threads here and at TMC as well.

Kimscar | 19 novembre 2014

So the Beta Model X is in production. When will we see the photos?

primetime98 | 19 novembre 2014

My guess is we won't see many pictures of the Beta because of Tesla's ability to do real world tests from it's facilities. I hope that's wrong though. I've only been waiting for about a year so I don't have as much to complain about but the wait is agonizing!

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