Prospective Buyer

Prospective Buyer

I am looking into purchasing the model s, but before I do I have a couple questions that I hope that you guys can help me out with.

1.) How long does the model s hold a charge for? Meaning would the car be ok in the parking lot of my job if there isn't a charging station present? I would leave my house on 100% charge park the car in the parking lot (no charger) and it sits idle for about 8 hrs. Would it have the same charge when I'm ready to leave as it did when left the car in the morning? (hope that didn't get too confusing)

2.) I am looking at the base model S with the possible 85kw battery. Also would include the tech package as well the twin chargers and super charger as well. My question is which configuration would get me the most for my money.

I know that these question were most likely asked at one point of another, but I was hoping that you guys can humor me. Thanks for reading and look forward the responses.

David Trushin | 2 mai 2013

The car will lose some charge sitting out without a hookup. But not more than 8-14 miles over 8 hours. You can actually leave a fully charged model S for weeks and not have to worry.

Range is generally about 240 miles, but this will vary somewhat due to temperature, wind, rain, etc. Could be more, but probably less. Best mileage is around 55 steady with active regeneration.

As far as options, you will find a lot of different opinions. But most people will agree that unless you drive a lot of miles during the day and want to use the car in the evening, twin chargers and the HPWC (which is what I think you meant by supercharger) is not really necessary. You will need a 240 V/50 Amp outlet for charging in the garage. This is standard NEMA 14 50 outlet but will cost from 500 to 1000,

I have the tech package, sound studio, 19" wheels and no panoramic roof and I love my car.

noel.smyth | 2 mai 2013

If you charge daily at home, you will have no issues leaving the car for 8 or more hours. The car has ample range to handle the up to 1 mile per hour loss on cold days. I suspect Tesla will provide an update in the future to reduce the loss as well.
Agree with David that the twin chargers and HPWC are probably not a need. if your car is typically home to charge over night you will have no problems. the 85 has the capability for the super chargers already.

I have the 85, pano roof, sound, tech, air suspension. Love the car every time I am in it, talk about it all the time. The risk is this becomes an obsession. :-)

Good luck, I hope you decide to take the plunge into the future.

rdalcanto | 2 mai 2013

I ordered a NEMA 14-50 receptacle on Amazon for less than $10. 4 feet of wiring for less than $20. I have a fuse panel in the garage. 50 Amp breaker is less than $20. Installing a NEMA 14-50 in my garage will cost me less than $50. Add another $100 if I need an electrician. Add another $100 if you needed to run 30 feet of wiring.

Brian H | 2 mai 2013

The twin chargers allow for unusual situations, and on-the-road faster charging if you encounter Level 3 chargers. More of those coming in the future.

CarlE_P439 | 2 mai 2013

I have Twin Chargers; used it (them) only once over 5 months (but is handy to have when you need it)!
Ditto on the NEMA 14-50: you probably should invest in installment of a 240V outlet (110V is SLOW even for overnight charging). I agree that the HPWC is not needed.

hfcolvin | 2 mai 2013

I work 10-11 hours at a stretch and lose 1-2 miles of range.

IMO if you're looking to trim cost on the car #1 - HPWC #2 - twin chargers #3 - sound system (I am not an audiophile) #4 - paint, black and white look great (I have blue) #5 - leather, now that seat heaters are standard

My config - standard 85, tech, air --> Love it.

Steinwand | 2 mai 2013

I agree with what most are saying. Skip the twin chargers. From my experience so far (only a month or so) I don't think I will ever use any charger other than the one in my garage.(Which cost me about $300 labor and parts.) If you are looking at something high tech like this car I expect you like the gadgets. In that case get the tech package. I did and love it. If you don't get it I think it would be like having crank windows rather than power 25 years ago!!
I have air suspension and like it but haven't driven a MS without it so can't compare. There are a few good threads on the pano roof. Almost 100% said they are very glad they got that option. I know I was.
Now go order that MS.

olanmills | 3 mai 2013

The notion of "most for your money" doesn't really apply here in my opinion, as all of the options are unique and you can either have them or not (as opposed to option packages that overlap or have features that are similar but different).

If you have any questions about how specific options/features work, we can help you out with that.

As others have mentioned, the Model S is totally designed for your scenario. There is no problem leaving the Model S all day during work, etc. It is designed to be used like a normal car.

What it can't handle is being left without being plugged in for weeks on end. In very cold or very hot temperatures, that safe idle time shrinks, but still, it is fine for multiple days. Also, you can use a mobile app to check on the car's status.

nerdoe | 3 mai 2013

Thanks for the input. Very much appreciated. Think I will be taking the plunge soon

breading | 3 mai 2013

I agree with what most others have said.

When ordering it is so easy to just check off those option boxes! The only ones I didn't check were the dual chargers and HPWC. I haven't missed them yet. Love everything else.

My car sits unplugged for up to 12 hours at work and even in subzero temperatures I have never lost more than 15 miles of range.