Quick charge with your Timmy's?

Quick charge with your Timmy's?

Tim Hortons, Canada's largest restaurant chain, starts free EV charging pilot. With over 3365 locations in Canada and 755 in the US, could bring lots of charging options to the table. Read all about it:

paulehardy | 13 février 2013

Most customers would stay at Tim Hortons 30 minutes or less and the parking lots are usually jam packed. I am not sure this would be a place one would want to stop long enough for a meaningful amount of charge. Relying on the charging spot to be open (and not occupied by an ICE or EV) would be dicey.
It's great to see they are studying it, but I think restaurants where you'd be inclined to sit down, be served and stay an hour to 90 minutes, with plenty of room in the parking lot might be more appropriate for vehicle charging.

dstiavnicky | 13 février 2013

I think this is great!
Not to gather a big charge but to keep your car warm on those cold days when you just want to grab a quick bite. Go Tim Horton's!

johnpreiner | 13 février 2013

I agree. As early adoptors, we are in fact voting with our wallets, with the hope that if more people are willing to take the initiative of purchasing an EV, eventually the technology will improve in efficiency, and reduce in price.

I would encourage other Tesla owners to support companies that are willing to provide any sort of EV charging. I myself have contacted the PR person listed on the Tim Hortons press release to request that they expand this pilot project. Until such time that a comprehensive network of superchargers is in place, we will need to reley on chargers such as these for any long road trips. Go Tim Hortons!

Stark | 13 février 2013

@johnpreiner, great idea contacting Tim Hortons! I am going to do the same. Even though I don't have an EV yet, I'm saving up. I've already scoped out most of the charging locations around my area (much to my wife's bemusement), but like you say, the more businesses that get on board and provide EV charging the better the future will be for all of us.

Brian H | 13 février 2013

Did he happen to tell you what level charging the post was capable of? 10A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 70A, 80A, 90A? Not mentioned in the article.

johnpreiner | 13 février 2013

I'm afraid I didn't ask.

Stark | 14 février 2013

Hey Brian,

I just asked Tim Horton's for this information. Will pass along what they responde with.

Stark | 14 février 2013

Hey again Brian,

Tim's got back to me: "It’s a level two charge which provides 2-40amp charging stations. Average charge time is 6-8 hours for a full charge based on an average EV."

Brian H | 14 février 2013

At least it's not 110V! Write back and tell them you demand 80A service. ;)