Radio question

Radio question

When my wife and I go to the store I will drive and we listen to the radio, usb, or slacker. I frequently will run into the store and leave her sitting in the car listening to whatever is playing. But when I get out the radio goes off automatically. She has her fob with her in the car. Anyone with an idea how to keep the radio on?

Brian H | 24 février 2013

Buckle the driver-side seatbelt? That's enough to prevent going into Park when butt-lifting during reverse ops; probably convinces the car you're still there. (?)

David Trushin | 24 février 2013

I think the accessories go back on when either passenger or driver door is opened in the presence of the key fob. I would not leave it out of park while someone is not in the driver seat.

nickjhowe | 24 février 2013

@BrianH - the butt-lifting thing is either a factor of ancient firmware, or an urban myth. I've tested it and it just doesn't happen.

@cerjor - the radio should not go off if someone is still in the car. If your wife touches the 17" display it should come on and she can control the media. Does that not work?

cerjor | 24 février 2013

Ahh, the forum has done well again. Thanks nickjhowe. Just touching the screen did the job.