Ramping Up in China

Ramping Up in China

If you look at the Stores/Service Centers maps in China, they only show Hong Kong. If you look in the job listings on Tesla's website, they are showing a Store/Service Center combo in Beijing, a Store/Service Center combo in Shanghai, and a Store in Shenzen. Looks like George has been busy...

jjlin319 | 7 août 2013

I just learned that some guy in China has already registered the brand in 2006, and he now wants $30M from the company.

Geert.Snijders | 12 août 2013

Indeed, a couple of guys bought multiple Tesla brand names in all kinds of categories. It seems that Tesla did buy some of the rights except for the land transportation category... Also, the web-sites .cn websites are already registered...

diegoPasadena | 14 août 2013

This brings my blood to a boil!

Here are some more details.

I know several businesses that were hijacked in China the same way. Those trolls then either used their position for extortion purposes, or they started producing inferior quality products under a globally known brand. Obviously, here the latter is not so much of a probability, golf cart business notwithstanding...

To their credit, Chinese media are all over this guy, because they see him as an embarrassment to their country. I'd like to see this story publicized a little more here in the US. Maybe sufficient embarrassment will get the Chinese government to stop issuing trademark protection on stolen logos.

Brian H | 14 août 2013

China, Idea Theft Central.

Geert.Snijders | 15 août 2013

BH: +1