Rear entertainment screens for kids

Rear entertainment screens for kids

Any reason why the model x lacks a rear entertainment screen for kids to watch movies on the road

Tâm | 8 octobre 2015

1) More expensive. Premium sound alone for Model S is $2,500. It'll be much more for entertainment screens. The press and financial analysts are already screaming the current pricing.

2) Complexity. Add more work to designs and the project is so far behind already.

hobowankenobi | 8 octobre 2015

Disclaimer: I cannot afford anything close to the MX, nor am I a TM apologist.

But, IMHO, I would never pay for rear seat screens, as they are too much $ for what you get. For a fraction of the cost, iPads for everyone. Load up content in the house, have games, apps, movies, music....done. Much greater flexibility and diversity of content.....more entertaining.

Bonus: Take the iPad in to the hotel, mother-in-law's house, etc.

Sure, screens in the car are clean, but I never want to hear a fight about what to watch/listen to/do again. And I don't....with iPads for all.

What I WOULD be impressed with:

A USB high amp outlet at EVERY seat, in a cubby with a door and a cord wrap spot. That would be cheap to manufacture, and be a win for the vast majority of folks. BYOD to the second (and third) rows. Every device currently works with USB, so it would universal for the near future too.

If they wanted to truly innovate, it would be great to have a built-in iPad holder in the back of the headrests, with cable management. Seems less likely due to the continuous march of device changes, if you want universal Android/Surface/iOS support.

davidahn | 8 octobre 2015

Agreed, iPad holders would be nice if they could look stock. My 2014 Mercedes GL has rear seat entertainment... nice to be stock, but screens are tiny (8" or so) and ONLY play DVDs. 7" iPad minis with a notebook computer media server would be amazing.

USB outlets would also be helpful and add little to the cost.

David Trushin | 8 octobre 2015

You know, just put a mobile wifi router in the tray and everybody's happy. And it is close to being technology proof.

Monkey | 8 octobre 2015

Having both kids and having owned several vehicles with DVD systems and other screens in them I can say one thing definitively. I will never, ever buy a vehicle equipped with such things ever again. I suppose it helps that my kids are not the types who need to veg-out in front of a TV while being driven around. We reserve that for long car trips. We have found all these entertainment systems to be problematic and low-tech compared to all the other devices we own.

Even if Tesla makes something truly awesome here, it will still feel obsolete within a year or two. I would much prefer to use iPads or other such devices and most people seem to own these or have these for the kids anyway. Especially within the demographic of Tesla car buyers.

I would also like to see high-amp USB ports for every seat. Plus an extra one or two up front, in various compartments like the glove box, center consoles, etc..

madodel | 8 octobre 2015

I agree with @Monkey. Weird to say that. ;-)

I've had a DVD player in my Highlander Hybrid for 7 years now, it was used a few times for playing DVDs, and a few times for my son playing on his Nintendo, but my kids lost interest in it quickly. They had their phones and could care less about the DVD screen. So it would probably be great for really young kids, but once they have a phone or a tablet they could care less. Thankfully I don't have to pay for yet another thing I will never use. $135,000 is more than I had planned as it is.

I was told there are 6 USB ports, two for each seat grouping, and one 12v auto (what old folks like myself call cigarette lighter) outlet. No idea what amp they are. My Hylander also has a 110v AC outlet in the back, but other than using it to power my son's Nintendo, I never used that. But it would have been nice to have one of those in the X.