Rear Floor Mats

Rear Floor Mats

So, I took delivery last night and found out that rear floor mats were not included. Has anyone found a good set online that fit the rear of the Model-S? I was told by my delivery specialist that Wallmart had some that fit pretty well but I'd like to know which ones so I don't have to deal with returns if they don't fit right.

Anyone bought any floor mats for the rear seats?

stephen.kamichik | 19 octobre 2012

You can make a cardboard (or paper) template of the rear. Then take your template to Walmart (or wherever) and find the best fit rear floor mats.

aa012a | 19 octobre 2012

Found this... I have not received my car yet, however, I wanted to share my findings. If someone gets these, please share your review.



BYT | 19 octobre 2012

@Adam, I didn't see Tesla listed on there? :(

Ohms.Law | 19 octobre 2012

It's there.

Ohms.Law | 19 octobre 2012

It's listed under 2013, Tesla, Model S.

BYT | 19 octobre 2012

Wait, aren't the Model S' delivered considered 2012? That's why I didn't try looking under 2013.

Ohms.Law | 19 octobre 2012

They are by Tesla (rightly) but the rest of the industry is assuming the illogical practice of making a 2013 product early in 2012 (wrongly).

BYT | 19 octobre 2012

I read the comments on those, people say they really stink out of the box and it takes 2 weeks for the smell to die down. Maybe I order those now and leave them in the back yard until I get my Model S. I don't want to mess with the new Tesla Model S new car smell with whatever order those things emit.

aa012a | 19 octobre 2012

Just search for Tesla Model S (or pick from drop downs) and it will show 14 different ones... (they just combine different options and materials).

I'm guessing that the vinyl ones will definitely smell strong (like plastic). I am thinking about getting the vinyl ones for the frunk and trunk and the nylon set for the back (keeping the factory front ones).

... and yes, I would get them before-hand to "air them" before installing them in the car. I have vinyl ones in my Prius and I did notice the smell but it went away after a week or so.

h8young | 19 octobre 2012

I must say I'm a bit surprised that Tesla is not including rear floor mats in the cars. Seriously, for a car in this price range and category to expect owners to have to go buy aftermarket floor mats is a little insulting. Why are they only including floor mats in the front and not in the back? Or at least make it an option to buy. The floor in the rear seating area is unique in the Model S because there is no "bump" in the middle section so custom floor mats should have been created at the factory. Owners shouldn't have to search for an aftermarket retailer to create a customized floor mat that will fit in that area. Not sure what the thinking was there.

Brian H | 19 octobre 2012

Ben notes that there is a ridge (1-2" step) where the passenger seats have folded down. I guess the mat would just drape over that.

Klaus | 19 octobre 2012

Adam, just ordered mine. Got the Ultimate 3 piece (Luxe looked too much like shag carpet and the guy on the phone agreed.) I'll post when I get them in my car.

Klaus | 19 octobre 2012

Oops, should have mentioned they are the nylon not rubber mats.

ReeceWeb | 19 octobre 2012

I just ordered some of the Lloyd Luxe (carpet) front/rear mats from this site.
Hopefully I get the Model S before the matts, but we'll see. I selected the "Ebony" color; I'll post back when I get the mats and/or car to let folks know how it works out.

If I'm happy with the fit and quality of the mats, I'll probably also order the RubberTite trunk/frunk mats that Adam posted above.

treeva | 19 octobre 2012

I plan to get two slankets/snuggles and sew them together, then attach the front edge high enough along the back line of the front seats to create tumblehome so all the crumbs etc. fall back towards the kids and nothing gets on the floor OR the seats.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

murraypetera | 19 octobre 2012

How can a $60k+ car not have floor mats?

Quigibo | 19 octobre 2012


and they have logo or stiching also !

jerry3 | 20 octobre 2012


Floor mats are optional on almost every car regardless of price.

sagebrushnw | 20 octobre 2012

@ jerry3

Floor mats came with my 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 2002 Buick Regal Gran Sport, 1989 Ford Taurus SHO, 1988 Acura Legend, 1987 Nissan Maxima SE, 1985 Nissan Maxima SE, 1984 Pontiac 6000 STE, etc. In some cases, I purchased other mats (frt & rear) that I liked better...just can't remember getting a new car without front and rear mats.

Robert22 | 20 octobre 2012

After agreeing on price, my last statement is always the same: "....and that price includes tax, title, registration, and mats out the door". I've never paid a dime extra for mats. I asked a Mercedes salesman after my last purchase if people really pay extra for mats? "Only people that are willing to" he said with a smirk.

It seems a little odd that such great attention is given to every aspect of cabin design, but we're supposed to wing-it with the floormats? Arguably one of the most visible accessories in the car.

jerry3 | 20 octobre 2012


In Toyota and VW mats are always an optional extra, they were optional in the last Ford and Chrysler I bought (actually company cars) as well.

h8young | 20 octobre 2012

It's silly that we even have to have a whole thread about missing rear floor mats. Seriously Tesla, you should just include this with the car or make it as an available option. Who delivers a car with front floor mats but none in the back?

TikiMan | 20 octobre 2012

Now that I am aware of this, I think I might as well go ahead and buy third-party quality floor mats now, because I don't want people riding in the back without floor mats. Does anyone know if any of these floor-mat distributors are making them with the Tesla logo yet?

TikiMan | 20 octobre 2012


I don't think it's a matter that we expect free floor mats, however, at this point Tesla isn't even offering the rear mats as an option.

Michael23 | 21 octobre 2012

I'll order them ahead of time too, but can't decide on lux or ultimate yet. Need to see pics from posters! Getting ebony for my tan interior.

TikiMan | 22 octobre 2012

Anyone ever try Costco's custom auto mat supplier?...

I tend to find many high-quality products can be obtained via Costco's suppliers for half the price of the TOP brand names (in many cases these are the same manufactures that supply to the top name-brands).

I was able to buy the highest quality espresso machine (Jura) for $500.00 less than the retail stores that sold the exact same unit, and I also bought my custom solid-wood garage door for over $1,500.00 less than the local garage door companies (same quality).

Michael Emrich | 22 octobre 2012

Coverking only offers the 2 front floor mats and nothing else. Front mats are included by Tesla.

ThomasN | 22 octobre 2012

They seem to be listed as options, but are always part of the only available packages.

kpmckinsey | 23 octobre 2012

I bought a black rectangular floor mat runner (14.75" x 57") at Pep Boys for $20. A few inches too long and not quite as deep as you'd prefer, but it works great. Mat is Kraco Model #420 Black.

kublai | 23 octobre 2012

FYI- check out this post/thread before purchasing your own mats.

Quote Originally Posted by DrComputer View Post
Just got an e-mail from corporate saying: "Proper floor mats are coming in a month or two. Joost got great carpets specced out that are heavy weight with the Tesla logos for frunk, front, rear, and trunk
carpets. The included are temporary until then and will replaced at no cost. We also have a weather guard floor mats almost ready, waiting for the last revision and you'll be able to purchase them online"

DouglasR | 23 octobre 2012


Great news!

rwang | 23 octobre 2012

I find it pretty funny how many things are missing vs a car at this price range. It's something we should stay vigilant on or less be fan boyz and gurlz who are whipped in awe.

Volker.Berlin | 24 octobre 2012

kublai, thanks. It's all too easy to forget that Tesla has just started shipping this kind of car literally weeks ago, while the manufacturers they are compared to have been doing it for decades!

Just give them a couple more weeks and they'll figure it out -- many complaints and entire threads have become entirely pointless after Tesla had had enough time to just do what they wanted to do and needed to do, anyway. This thread is awaiting the same fate. :-)

Peter Spirgel | 24 octobre 2012

I asked my delivery specialist about mats. Specifically, I asked him if Tesla was going to offer mats (especially rear mats) for purchase. He said he knew of no plans to offer mats yet and never indicated that Tesla was going to eventually provide mats as included equipment.

Tesla, if indeed you intend to ship buyers a full set of mats at a later date, can you please confirm and save all of us the aggravation and expense of buying after market mats unnecessarily?

BYT | 24 octobre 2012

Either way we need to buy rear floor mats. Are you not going to allow passengers in the rear of your Model S while you wait for them? That isn't an option for me.

petero | 24 octobre 2012

Perhaps a sharp, TM merchandise manager will get the message and order up a few sets, it will be an easy sale and why shouldn't TM make the sale rather than an aftermarket company. "S" owners would probably prefer to buy rear mats that are the same as the front (I would). Besides, what's another $500 in the grand scheme of things? Just kidding about $500.

Volker.Berlin | 25 octobre 2012

Either way we need to buy rear floor mats. (BYT)

Not sure if your read kublai's post above:

"Proper floor mats are coming in a month or two. Joost got great carpets specced out that are heavy weight with the Tesla logos for frunk, front, rear, and trunk carpets. The included are temporary until then and will replaced at no cost. We also have a weather guard floor mats almost ready, waiting for the last revision and you'll be able to purchase them online"

h8young | 25 octobre 2012

Volker, I believe there was an update from the original poster, DrComputer, regarding the Tesla floormats:

Quote From DrComputer on TMC Forum:
Ok, so now after I posted his response he e-mailed back and said he made an error and will get back to me on what part of the new mats will be free and which part will be a "paid upgrade". I'll post his clarification when I get it.

Volker.Berlin | 25 octobre 2012

h8young, thank you! So we'll see...

BYT | 25 octobre 2012

VB, I read it and unfortunately where I am the next month or two (of which I will have my Model S within the next week or two tops) means I have no floor mats in the rear of my car. I am also entering the wet season where I live and so I have two choices. No passengers in the rear or purchase rear floor mats. I will be purchasing rear floor mats.

TeslaLABlue | 25 octobre 2012

In regards to warm weather or wet climates :

I was thinking about the floor mat idea and live in California.

It seems an antiquated idea to put floor mats over carpet that already exists? Its like grandma putting plastic on her couch.

Why? I do have floor mats in my current car, but every time they get dirty.. the car wash / detail guy can easily get the stains out... even the ones I thought would never come out.

Are floor mats a thing of the past just like the gas engine? (for warm weather and non wet climates)

I do understand that if you live in the North East that mud and dirt are more likely to get in your car.

On that note... I might just skip floor mats all together. what do I need them for? Tesla provides a carpet on the floor.

Volker.Berlin | 25 octobre 2012

BYT, gotcha. Although I'm having a hard time feeling pity for you... I'd buy a dozen floor mats if that would bring me any closer to driving my Model S! ;-)

BYT | 25 octobre 2012

VB, I hear you, floor mats seem like such a petty issue, I blame the post for making it important in my mind. It's a flame fanned on top of irony mountain. I need to work on my analogies! :D

michaelwm | 25 octobre 2012

virtualarry -- I think the car guy gets the stains out easily by taking the floor mats OUT and running them through a machine. Less easy to do if you don't have removable carpet in mat form.

BYT | 25 octobre 2012

To add to what michaelwm said, you also may have stains that bleed into the carpet's, better into the removable ones then the carpets in the car. Do you have kids virtualarry? :)

TeslaLABlue | 25 octobre 2012

Mich... well said, It is easier to clean if you can remove the mat. My car currently has tan carpet and mats so it gets dirty easy.

BYT... yes I have 1 son, but he will be in the rear jumper seats for now.

Also the carpet and seats are black in my configuration. Not sure black carpet can get stained that easily?

ReeceWeb | 28 octobre 2012

I just received my Lloyd Luxe front/rear mats. They are quite nice are are a perfect fit. About a half inch thick and rubber backed. If you want something a bit less plush, I think Lloyd Ultimat may be a good choice - they appear to be about 2/3 the thickness of the Luxe.

The Ebony color is very slightly grayer than the stark black of the Tesla carpet & mats, but it looks very good and blends well with its surroundings. I think the color will wear better than black mats, since they are still dark enough to hide stains but lighter dirt/dust will be somewhat less visible.

I'd recommend them to anybody that wants to keep their Model S carpet looking like new.

walla2 | 28 octobre 2012

I have the Ultimats instead of the luxe arriving on Monday or Tuesday. I'll post info when they arrive.

TeslaLABlue | 28 octobre 2012

How about a plexi glass floor so u can see the battery pack under the car