Received Tesla reimbursement for prepaid service plan trade-in

Received Tesla reimbursement for prepaid service plan trade-in

On 12/29, I traded-in my P85 with a $1900 pre-paid service plan for the P85D. Today (about a month has passed), I received a check from Tesla for the unused portion of the P85 pre-paid service plan. In my case, I used 1/4 of my service plan for my P85, and was reimbursed 3/4 for the unused portion, or $1,425.

lnxcar | 27 Janvier 2015

same here - it was really nice to see that they were very generous with their reimbursement, I expected about 1/2 back (traded-in car at 1yr 8months -but I guess that meant only 1 annual service)

pretty wild - as expected from a great company.

mike_f | 27 Janvier 2015

I was wondering what the check for $6100 from Tesla was all about. I suspected that it was the unused portion of the service contract but only a guess since the check was all that was in the FedEx envelope.

lnxcar | 27 Janvier 2015

yeah I had no other paperwork in it either - just a check. so must be that :)

Grinnin'.VA | 28 Janvier 2015

@ lnxcar | January 27, 2015

same here - it was really nice to see that they were very generous with their reimbursement, ... pretty wild - as expected from a great company.

My experience hasn't been so good. I traded in an S85 for an S85D in October 2014. When I turned my S85 in to Tesla, they applied the agreed trade-in price toward my S85D. OK? I didn't object. But then when my estimated bounced around from January 2015 to February 2015, ending in March 2015, I decided that Tesla had kept my abnormally high deposit long enough. I asked them to refund the excess deposit. They have not sent me a check. They haven't even responded to my request.

IMO, Tesla has taken my S85 trade-in value as a mandatory, zero interest loan. And I don't think that's "generous" or "great" of them.

My DS, on the other hand, has provide exemplary service.

Haggy | 28 Janvier 2015

Nobody can accuse Tesla of consistency. I think they do the right thing in the end, but it can be frustrating.

rajeev1115 | 28 Janvier 2015

I did not use any services and got full refund when I trades S85 for P85D. Thumbs up Tesla..!!

rajeev1115 | 28 Janvier 2015

*traded in

Jgdixon | 28 Janvier 2015

Wonder what happens if you sold your car privately? I asked about transferring to my new car and was told it was not possible.

Brian H | 28 Janvier 2015

Stays with the car. Set your own price increment.

Jgdixon | 29 Janvier 2015

If it stays with the car then why would you get it if you trade in as reported above?

akikiki | 29 Janvier 2015

Wow. Great company.

Brian H | 31 Janvier 2015

because the car is now Tesla's. A new car is a new contract.

hpjtv | 31 Janvier 2015

It's obviously not staying with the car if you are getting a refund.

GEMs | 25 décembre 2019

I just traded in my 2915 P85D and I had purchased both the prepaid maintenance annual service and the extended service plan (warranty} and can't seem to find a place to put in for a refund for unused parts.. Any help would be appreciated

GEMs | 25 décembre 2019

Rajeev1115 how was you able to get refund? .[procedure?]

jojim | 25 décembre 2019

I was provided a refund request form by our SC service department. We had one service remaining on our MS and two remaining on our MX. both vehicles have now been sold/traded in. Fingers crossed that Tesla refunds us on a prorated basis for the purchased servicing we did not use, since they were the ones who canceled the program.

p.c.mcavoy | 25 décembre 2019

@jojim - If you look at the details for prepaid maintenance agreement the prorating is done based upon time or mileage, not necessarily number of service events. If you were at say 48k of 50k miles on the plan, then you’d only get 2/50ths, or 4% of the purchase price back even though you still have 1/4th of the service events not complete.

jojim | 29 décembre 2019

@p.c.mcavoy thanks for the clarification. Definitely not expecting much of a refund, I guess. I wish I had known sooner that Tesla had discontinued servicing under our paid agreement. Oh well.

johncrab | 29 décembre 2019

I learned about the cancellation of this programme in July. I made an appointment for my annual service two weeks in advance. Not a word. I got there and was told they “no longer do that”. At minimum, they owed me a letter of explanation with a cheque attached. Apparently they planned on keeping the money. Since the extended maintenance agreement clearly states it is only valid if an annual service is done, this kills both, so be sure to request refunds for both plans if you have them. This was a pretty dirty deal by Tesla and I’m sure if anyone chooses to sue, their failure of “fiduciary responsibility” will tip in a plaintiff’s favour. So far, they seem to be cranking out cheques, albeit slowly. The incident really broke my trust though and the halcyon days of living Tesla are a thing of the past.

p.c.mcavoy | 29 décembre 2019

@jojim, @johncrab - At the time the program was cancelled I had one service remaining on my prepaid maintenance plan, and already at about 45,000 miles. I debated whether I’d go ahead and cancel the plan, ran the calculation, and realized that I’d only get a couple hundred back for it. I also talked with my service center around what they would still preform and the cost for that service. I decided to go ahead and used my last service in September this year. They still went ahead and did effectively what they would have done previously, including items like lubricating my panoroof, performing an alignment, changing HVAC filters/desiccant, etc. The did not replace brake fluid, only tested it, which I was a little disappointed about. The item that I where I feel like the changes in plans over the years worked most to my disadvantage was replacing battery coolant. At the time I purchased my plan back in 2016 this was required to be changed at the 4 yr/50k service. That was one of the main reasons the 4 years maintenance was more expensive and one of the reasons I decided to purchase the plan.

However, Tesla has also done an alignment for me at all four of my annual service visits, which technically they were not required to perform. I’m still a little disappointed that they did not honor the maintenance items listed at the time I purchased the plan, but it is what it is.

jojim | 30 décembre 2019

My issue is the lack of communication regarding Tesla unilaterally cancelling the contract that we paid a lot of money for. If we hadn’t tried to schedule a servicing (right before leaving town on a monthlong road trip) we would not have known about the cancellation of our prepaid service agreement. Meanwhile we added an additional 6000+ miles to the odometer during the road trip and will lose money because of their lack of communication and unilateral cancellation. Yeah, I’m ok with a class action lawsuit on this issue.