Recent delivery window accuracy?

Recent delivery window accuracy?

I finally got my delivery window, but like everyone else it happens to be my busiest travel weeks of the year! Can those with deliveries in the last month comment on how accurate the delivery windows have been if or those with March/April dates?

biggator | 3 avril 2013

Ours came in early.. pretty much the first day of our window. Picked it up two days later at the service center.

CoSta MeSa | 3 avril 2013

Mine was 3 weeks early. I recommend you prepare to get it soon, real soon!

riceuguy | 3 avril 2013

All that's left is to make just a little more room in the garage...I just have a 6 day trip scheduled for the middle of my delivery window! :-(

KRS | 10 mai 2013

I am midway through my delivery window (May 3 to May 17) and I have not received a call from Tesla scheduling the delivery. I thought Tesla contacted owners about one week prior to delivery. I have not received a call yet. And, I have not received my wall connector. I have paid for the car and will be taking delivery in Arizona. Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting delivery. What should I expect?

riceuguy | 10 mai 2013

@KRS, just call them. Daily. I did, and that worked wonders.

KRS | 10 mai 2013

@riceuguy, did you call ownership experience?

gocken1 | 10 mai 2013

@KRS, In the final paperwork you signed, right below your address and Tesla's address, there is a "will be delivered on or about date". That should give you a better idea when to expect your MS.

Brian H | 10 mai 2013

A call from a driver of a Big Truck saying he's 30 minutes away, and asking where he can dump his load on you.

KRS | 10 mai 2013

I just called ownership experience. They report that my car is still in the paint shop. That was the status on Monday of this week. They also stated that their information is updated at the end of each week or on Saturday. I don't believe they know where the car is at this point. They also stated that they miss the delivery window.

I expect that I will experience what Brian H experienced.

@Brian H If you chose your words carefully and if I read between the lines accurately, I would believe that you weren't enamored by your delivery experience.

Brian H | 10 mai 2013

Not mine, shared with a local buyer.

Brian H | 10 mai 2013

And that delivery comment was just a tease-observation, based on a few people's experience here.

djm12 | 11 mai 2013

Should be right on time. Tesla hit the beginning of my window with laser precision.

elguapo | 11 mai 2013

Agree with others re: calling daily. Mine came two days before delivery window started even though it had a cross country trip.

Vawlkus | 13 mai 2013

Isn't AZ one of the places Tesla can't deliver to themselves and have to third-party it? I've lost track of which states are kicking up a fuss on that these days -.-

riceuguy | 13 mai 2013

So, Tesla worked with me to get the car to me in between two long trips. It was the very end of the delivery window, and required many calls to numerous folks in Fremont (with titles ranging from product specialist to delivery specialist) and in the store (who can dig into the system and give a little more color), but in the end the service people came in on Saturday to get me the car. Kudos.

KRS | 14 mai 2013

My original delivery window was 5/3 to 5/17. I went to the Tesla Gallery on 5/10 because I hadn't heard from anyone up to that point. I asked the gallery manager to have my Delivery Specialist contact me. He did so on 5/11. He checked status of my delivery and said that the car would roll off the assembly line on 5/16. There are two days of QC, testing and scheduling transportation. Tesla is going to miss the original delivery window. It appears that I will take delivery on 5/20 in Arizona. I don't know the details of the delivery.

I received my HPC today (5/14) and will have it installed Friday. I will be ready to roll when it arrives!

J.T. | 15 mai 2013

My delivery button just appeared with a window from june 11 - July 3rd.

ramtaz | 15 mai 2013

My delivery window is May 27-Jun 10. I was notified via email Your Model S is Coming!
on May 11, 2013. Delivery date June 3 at 2pm.

MS-lover | 16 mai 2013


what part of the country are you in

ramtaz | 16 mai 2013


CaliSun | 16 mai 2013

My delivery window is June 4th-June 25th. I mailed to ask if there was more info since I will be out of the country durring part of that and they said it looks like June 19th.

jnb | 18 mai 2013

Delivery window May 31-June 14. Delivery scheduled for June 1. Los Angeles.

cerjor | 18 mai 2013

Jnb: When did you make you reservation?

PAK | 18 mai 2013

Ordered 4/3, notified 4/27 of delivery window 5/17-5/31, delivered 5/18. I believe the latency varies with options. When I remarked that our rear seats would likely slow things down, the rep replied that in fact it might speed them up.

KRS | 19 mai 2013

My delivery window is past.
Wall connector inspection has passed.
Model S title arrived at last.
But still no Tesla Model S.

Since January my web dashboard read,
"The Tesla Factory is building your
Model S Performance" Well said.
I have long awaited its multi-coat red.
But still no Tesla Model S.

Emails, phone calls, inquiries to no avail.
Requests for information but no detail.
It must be moving through production as a snail.
Or has Tesla lost my Model S?

jnb | 19 mai 2013

cerjor: submitted the factory on April 18. think speed of deliver depends somewhat on the model. mine is a p85+.

jnb | 19 mai 2013

"speed of delivery"