Recent Model S Beta Photos!!!

Recent Model S Beta Photos!!!

I was able to get my hands on some photos of the Beta Model S that was on display today in Raleigh, NC. Thought everyone might want to check them out. Enjoy!

jomo25 | 27 juillet 2011

Thanks for the pics. Just to make sure, this was a beta? According to someone in another thread, this is not even an alpha on display, its the original prototype. (See page 2 of the Franz Speaks thread).

msiano17 | 27 juillet 2011

No this is the original prototype not a beta...

Timo | 27 juillet 2011

Unless they have managed to revert the appearance completely to same as prototype for beta S, that had to be the prototype car. Most revealing features are the lack of cooling openings in the front (four in Alpha, should be at least two in Beta) and lack of front spoiler.

MTriantafelow | 28 juillet 2011

I was there. Its the 2 year-old prototype, not Beta.

stAtrill | 28 juillet 2011

I was there too, that's the one based off the mercedes chassis. Believe me, I got really excited for a moment there too.

Timo is right, also did you note that the doors were almost a foot thick ;)
Not to mention the double step on the doors, and that the doors werent frameless. Lol. I got my bubble bursted too, trust me.

I got more pics however if you want em :)

Discoducky | 31 juillet 2011
Timo | 31 juillet 2011
mr_honest2k | 31 juillet 2011

Has anyone seen any interior pictures for model S. I can't seem to find any even from the prototype events.

Some of you mentioned you were there at the even in Ral. Did you manage to take any pics of the internal seat arrangement?

Volker.Berlin | 31 juillet 2011

Did you manage to take any pics of the internal seat arrangement? (mr_honest2k)

No one has ever seen the announced "+2" setup, at least not that I have heard of. And to my knowledge, no photos exist, but I would be very interested in those, too.

Here are the only interior shots that I have ever seen. They are definitely taken of the prototype, so you should expect only rough resemblance with the final model:
(Those pics will only be available at that URL for a limited time.)

jomo25 | 31 juillet 2011

But at least these have the frameless windows.

Robert.Boston | 2 août 2011

Here's a link to what looks like an official Tesla video of three Alpha-build Model S cars on the track:

Volker.Berlin | 3 août 2011

It *is* an official Tesla video, it's the latest addition to the Blog page:

Timo | 3 août 2011

For some reason I can't see anything except black box in my home computer FF5.0.1 in place of that video, but in my work computer FF which still is 3.x series that video shows just fine. Anybody else have same problems?

mwu | 3 août 2011

I wish they chose a different color for those cars. The black makes it difficult to see and appreciate the details in the sunlight.

Timo | 3 août 2011

Maybe it is a deliberate decision to use black just for that reason. They can then make all kinds of tiny adjustments here and there without car looking much different.

mwu | 3 août 2011

I was thinking along the same lines myself. It could also be part of a test on the car's environment in sunlight -- I know my brother's black car with black interior heats up much faster than my car does even when he has tinting and I do not. For a while he was putting an iPod sock over his shifter every time he left his car so that he could actually touch it when he got back to the car.

Volker.Berlin | 3 août 2011

Maybe it is a deliberate decision to use black just for that reason. (Timo)

I am absolutely convinced it is. As much as the shots for this teaser have been carefully cut in order to reveal precisely what Tesla chose to reveal at this point. This video is very much like the Q&A blog post: It is a video (blog post), but it does not really show (tell) much.

I must say I am not satisfied with neither the blog post nor the video, but maybe Tesla has learned a lesson here. They revealed too much when showing the "Alpha Hits the Road" video. People (particularly in this forum) were far too exited about details (nose) even though from Tesla's point of view those details were probably just left out for convenience/cost reasons because they were entirely irrelevant for the tests that were to be performed at Alpha stage. We still don't know what looks the final version will have, but I suspect that Tesla is not ever again going to show us unfinished design.

Volker.Berlin | 3 août 2011

One thing you can see, though: The three cars have different rims, and one of them definitely has our beloved turbine rim shape. :-)

tommyto21 | 3 août 2011

its design looks like Jaguar XF

do you agree?

but it is all electric. great car. can't wait to see it on the market.

mwu | 3 août 2011

Yea, I can see that. I think the S also has some similarities in styling to

The maserati is longer in the front end and shorter in the body than the Model S. It also is curvier over the wheel wells. In all, the maserati looks sportier while the Model S looks a little more serious which I don't mind about the Model S at all.

Brian H | 3 août 2011

I don't think you want 4 actual adults in that Maserati, much less 5. Looks like a stretched roadster.

mwu | 3 août 2011

didn't say you could or would want to -- just that I saw similarities in styling

Volker.Berlin | 3 août 2011

Add Aston Martin Rapide to the mix.

Timo | 3 août 2011

I saw one Jaguar XF today and for a second I thought I was looking at Model S (from behind), then reality kick in and I noticed the jaguar logo on the boot.

I also noticed that my attraction to Model S is a bit unhealthy one, I nearly rushed in the middle of the road (in rush hour) to take a closer look.

D*mn I want that car. Even that I have no use to it. (my department is moving away from city central soon in a bit better place...maybe if I move closer to that so that I can get a cheaper apartment...).

qwk | 3 août 2011

Just wait until you drive one Timo. You are going to feel like a junkie....

Vawlkus | 4 août 2011

It's offical Timo, you're a Model S Fanboi :D

Brian H | 4 août 2011

A new sub-sub-demographic: those who have relocated in order to optimize Mod-S commuting feasibility and pleasure: Not too far, not too near. ;)

mwu | 12 août 2011

I was just looking at again and noticed that not only are the cars a black that hides detail, but they have been blackened in other ways too -- blackened headlights, all the chrome is replaced with blackened pieces, even the glowing side markers have been suppressed.

The entire care has been ninja'd