Rental Model S in Las Vegas?

Rental Model S in Las Vegas?

Hi all!

I am new to the forum - I am trying to see if there is any possible way for me to rent a Model S for my boyfriend's birthday. He and I both love the Model S and I would love to be able to let him try it out for a day!

I've been searching through numerous websites that claim they offer rental Model S however when I call, no such luck.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

sberman | 16 juillet 2014

I suggest phoning the Tesla store in Las Vegas. I imagine if anyone can help you, they can.

Their number is (650) 463-6797.

klw20.31 | 16 juillet 2014

Thank you very much, sberman!

sberman | 16 juillet 2014

Hope that works out for you!

Darmok | 16 juillet 2014

The 650 number is the main Tesla number. Vegas number is 702-914-6500. Eden or Tony should be able to help.

sberman | 16 juillet 2014

@Darmok, I see that you're right about the phone number. I got the 650 number from Tesla's webpage describing the address and phone number of the Las Vegas store. But I agree with your suggestion.

Brian H | 16 juillet 2014

Try -- private rentals.

daddi | 19 août 2015

Plugged In | 27 août 2015

The location is not near the airport but is west of downtown in a well-to-do area called Summerlin.

rxlawdude | 27 août 2015

Wow, $218 a day and 200 miles/day included sure beats the Hertz rate of $400+ per day PLUS $.75/mi!!

ray | 27 août 2015

The cheapest is $185/day from my link above. I rented that one for a week last month. Older car but still amazing.

radami2 | 27 août 2015

Anyplace like relay rides in Germany?

Red70D.Martinez.CA | 27 août 2015

We need to start a thread that has places to rent MS all over the world. I am dreading our next vaca and having to rent an ICE

ray | 27 août 2015

or a thread where you and a Tesla owner at your destination swap Teslas and homes.

dpena23 | 28 août 2015

Yes, I also used RelayRides to rent a Model S P85 for 2 days in L.A. Roughly 200 per day from this rich guy who lived in Brentwood. But also got the insurance.

I'm glad I rented the car. On my 2nd day I realized how relaxing the MOdel S was to drive and how I didn't feel the need to floor it anymore. Plus it ate up a lot more miles when I did floor it. I found the horsepower useful for getting away from cars following too close to you...or filling in the gap infront of you in traffic b4 another car can cut you off.

It helped me decide to get the 70D. The only reason I'd change to 85D is for the range. Horsepower doesn't matter. The 70D has enough hp to do the job! (for me that is)