Riddled with Issues - Green spots?

Riddled with Issues - Green spots?

I have never had a car with so many issues; let alone a new car at this price point.

I have had this car since March now and I accept there will be some hiccups with a new car company, but it has gotten fairly unacceptable in my opinion. I've had to go to the service center more often than any car I have ever had and I've only had this car for 4 months! The worst part is these issues came up one after another.

Trip 1. Steering wheel replaced because of a defect in the lighting of one of the buttons. Hood and rear lift gate realigned since they were not lined up correctly (QC issues).
Trip 2. Replaced the entire MCU (touch screen) since it just died one day.
Trip 3. Replaced the entire charging port since the magnet decided to pop out so it couldn't hold the latch closed.
Trip 4. Light sensor replaced since the headlight and MCU would not work with the automatic function.

A concern I have is that my "Rated Range" has been steadily dropping from the 243 (P85) when I first got the car down to 213 now . . . they keep telling me that this is normal but it has been steadily dropping for weeks now!

I've only recently realized that after fixing the hood, they now misaligned the front bumper by the right fog light . . . Picture:

Now after cleaning the interior of the car I realized there are these small green spots splattered on the glass above the rear seats. They are definitely on the inside of the vehicle and I have no idea where they are from. I have not been transporting green paint in the car so I have no idea where they can appear from. Picture here:

Anybody seen or heard of these mysterious green spots before?

I guess I have to make trip 5 now.

Xerogas | 27 juillet 2013

Wow, sorry you've had so much trouble. I've had mine for two months now, and have brought into for service 3 times to fix the slight alignment issue that causes it to drift to the right on the freeway. In my case, though, each visit to the service center has been so pleasant that I'm actually dreaming up new issues so I can bring it in again ;)

I think the difference for me is that the service center is on my way to work, and they've given me a P85 loaner, or personally driven me to work each time.

I did notice some dirt on the headliner last time, but they rectified it by having the detailer guy clean it to perfection as soon as I mentioned it.

earlyretirement | 27 juillet 2013

Sounds totally frustrating. This is one of the reasons why I was going to wait a year or so to buy. However, I think by being an early adopter in a totally new technology car this is one of those things you have to possibly live with.

I expect probably I'll have to go through some hassles but as long as Tesla always does the right thing and corrects these problems efficiently and quickly I can live with it.

I'm sure it won't be fun but something that an early adopter might have to deal with.

JKL | 27 juillet 2013


How many miles on your car if you don't mind?

Brian H | 28 juillet 2013

When does the transition from "early adopters" occur? Sooner for some than others, evidently.

TommyBoy | 28 juillet 2013

My definition, and it is completely arbitrary, is as soon as the second version comes out you are out of the early adopter phase. So for iPhone it would be the iPhone 2. For the Tesla it would be the 2014s or maybe one year after General Availability. I have no doubt that a Model S coming off the assembly line in August of 2012 is going to have many more issues than one coming off in August 2013.

But the guy that bought it in 2012 got to drive it for the year which I can't put a price on.

Sorry for ending that sentence with a preposition, Brian. It's something I need to work on.


AmpedRealtor | 28 juillet 2013

@ Brian.C,

There is no excuse for the hood alignment and other QC issues in a car of this caliber. I've seen lots and lots of Model S videos online, many of which show misaligned body panels. Even the National Geographic "Megafactories" video shows a white vehicle with a misaligned door or door trim, but that is most likely also a beta or very early production unit. I think misaligned hoods, body panels, etc. can be somewhat embarrassing when you are showing off your car to others. The good thing is that Tesla is quick to address these issues in a professional manner.

Regarding the reduction in range, I would press Tesla more on this. There are threads over at TMC (check the sticky problems thread) where this issue has resulted in the drive train and/or battery being replaced. I would definitely watch this and keep the service folks posted.

Green spots that you only noticed now after four months of ownership... well, that could be from anything. I don't think you can really hang this one on Tesla.

Brian.C | 28 juillet 2013

Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

I have barely over 3800 miles on the car so it has not been driven too much.

I plan on calling tomorrow to discuss my current issues again. Hopefully the battery drain issue will be addressed this time. I

I realize it's strange to see that green spots after 4 months, but I haven't ever had anybody in the back seat before and I only noticed since I decided to clean the interior myself yesterday. I really don't see how it could have gotten there besides from manufacturing. They are perfectly circular dots on the interior of the glass. I would understand if they were on the exterior since anything can drip etc. but on the interior? It's not on anything except the glass too . . . I will update to see how this goes.

From my experience most of the Tesla service reps are always very nice and helpful, but rather reluctant to do anything and always play the wait and see card.

earlyretirement | 28 juillet 2013

I think as far as "early adopter" people have different definitions of that. I don't think you can really compare an iphone that costs a few hundred dollars with a car that some of us are paying over $100,000 to buy.

I'd really consider anyone that is buying a Tesla before 2014 an "early adopter". Granted, some of you that bought this car sight unseen and never test drove it before you put down your deposit deserve a LOT of thanks and credit and accolades.

Certainly I don't compare anyone buying a Model S today with you brave ones that really believed in the company from early on. But I still think anyone buying the car now would still be considered an early adopter.

There is NO doubt to me that the Model S will have some pretty incredible improvements in the near term that we will most likely miss out on without shelling out fairly significant amounts of money to "upgrade" to.

Brian H | 29 juillet 2013

No, you don't. That's a bogus rule invented by Victorian grammarians trying to straight-jacket English into Latin forms and rules. Winston rightly make fun of it, with "...up with which we will not put."

I think we're watching the sequence of "first adopters, early adopters, cautious early adopters (!), status-seeking adopters" -- and on and on. Different wants, different hang-ups, etc.

Andre-nl | 29 juillet 2013


"I really don't see how it could have gotten there besides from manufacturing. They are perfectly circular dots on the interior of the glass. I would understand if they were on the exterior since anything can drip etc. but on the interior? It's not on anything except the glass too"

Something or someone in the factory could have splatterd over your rear window before it was mounted in place (by a robot). That also explains why it was only on the glass and not somewhere else.

What kind of substance was it? Paint? Grease? Glue? Was it hard to remove?

I am 3146 | 29 juillet 2013

I would surmise it is fly feces. They leave round marks that can seem like paint. The timing of your noticing it would coincide with increased summer fly population.