RIMS will most likely be an option.

RIMS will most likely be an option.

To this date, I haven't seen a single car manufacturer that didn't offer a selection of wheel/tires for their products. Therefore, I think it's safe to assume that the TESLA MODEL S will also come with a variety of rims (roadster does). The best looking one will obviously be an option, just makes sense... so I just hope they don't charge a big premium for the fan blade looking ones in the alpha model....

personally, the rims are one of the best things about the car. I wonder what sizes the car will support and what bolt pattern it will be. If this information is available, would be great!! I can then plan to see if better aftermarket options are available :)

and please, NO CHROME!!

rj | 9 mars 2011

I agree: I hope no chrome too.

Personally, I'm tired of low profile tires/rims and prefer more rubber (so smaller rims for me) for a bit smoother ride.

dashrb | 9 mars 2011

I think with low-profile tires, you get more performant handling (grippier, less roll) around corners and in emergency weaving situations. Plus, you get more bent rims from pot holes, increasing revenue to the manufacturer. :-)

Peak Oil bruin | 10 mars 2011

I'm all for the Lorinser RS8-style alpha wheels!
That being said, cheap oil is required to patch asphalt roads and without the political will to implement a gas (or any) tax for road repairs, I feel like anything greater than an 18" wheel for me in/around chicagoland becom jaw droppesing.

joesontesla | 10 mars 2011

Here winter tyres are required by law. Most of the poeple put smaller and cheaper steal wheels in winter with higher profiles tyres beacause they are very expensive in low profiles size. Aluminium wheels can be destroyed in a few years of winter driving or a small hit a -30c can crack them. Good offset 18 19 compatible steal wheels option can be very much apreciated by us.

Brian H | 10 mars 2011

Who's stealing your wheels? Are they steel or aluminum?


Vawlkus | 11 mars 2011

"Steel" Brian you nub :p

joesontesla | 11 mars 2011

haha sorry steel wheels my english is only fonctional not more. We steal it because its to expensive :)

Ramon123 | 13 mars 2011

Personally, having tried both, I much prefer chrome to
alloy, which are a pain to keep clean and simply don't look as good.

Peak Oil bruin | 13 mars 2011

chrome = 2001, not 2011

msiano17 | 14 mars 2011

i think the big thing is they need to have some options, personally if you can do chrome right then it looks gorgeous, but most people way over do it and it looks gaudy and ridiculous

the wheels on the alpha are perfect IMO