Roadster tesla car cover for sale

Roadster tesla car cover for sale

I traded in my roadster for a model S and have the Tesla vented black car cover for sale only used for 10 months $275.00
thank you will ship for free!

johnnyjang2 | 16 septembre 2014

Hi David,

You still have the car cover? How about $250 for it. Thanks, Johnny

ScottW | 1 novembre 2014

FYI I just posted my Roadster car cover for sale on eBay with a $250 buy it now and free shipping in the USA. Link to the auction:

james_petree | 23 février 2020

Anyone have one of these they are looking to sell? I’d love to get my hands on one for my Roadster!


marsbenn | 25 février 2020

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