San Diego Owners : Ride to Julian for Breakfast - Saturday August 3rd

San Diego Owners : Ride to Julian for Breakfast - Saturday August 3rd

Would love to take another trip to the mountains next week-end. Anyone interested in meeting up on Saturday morning for a fun ride to Julian via Sunrise Highway?

Meet at the Albertson parking lot in Pacific Beach at 8:30 am. Pull out at 9:00 sharp.

Not a race. All traffic laws are in effect.

Colasec | 31 juillet 2013

I'd be interested in joining a group coming down from Orange County to meet up with you guys in Julian.

ppape | 31 juillet 2013

Sounds like fun! Count us in.

I'll send an email to David to email the SD group.

J & P

Vicelike | 31 juillet 2013


Vicelike | 31 juillet 2013

Here is a google map you should be able to bring up on your cars computer...

There is some doubling back so be sure to follow directions in order: A B C etc.

Vicelike | 1 août 2013

Anyone other than@ Ppape joining me on Saturday?

@ Colasec.... any luck with your Orange County group?

ppape | 2 août 2013

I did send an email to David and he sent an email to the SD group with a copy of your original post. I get the feeling the SD group is not big into RSVP's. I didn't see any reply to David's post for the July meeting, but we had over 40 people show up. My input is that we just wing it. We see who shows up and go for it. That drive to Julian is neat even on a solo trip. We should be up there by 10am, and we can meet up with Colasec at the cute diner in town....I forget the name.....Julian Pie Co?? (I'll be wearing my red Tesla jacket) Besides, if 40 people show up, we'll fill up the whole restaurant, so small & cozy may work better in this case.

Anyway, that's 2 more Tesla owners to meet that we didn't know before.....that's my 2 cents......let me know the final decision.

Jackie :-)

sia | 2 août 2013

@Vicelike and @PPape: Sounds like a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, we have busy the whole weekend.

Enjoy driving the S's. This car is truly the kind of the mountain.

sia | 2 août 2013

Unfortunately, we *are* busy the whole weekend. LOL

Vicelike | 2 août 2013


See you tomorrow. I will be driving an S+ with no plates -- RED

Groeneweg | 2 août 2013

We are in... Coming from Oceanside. Meet at Julian Pie Co?? around 10am??

Vicelike | 2 août 2013

Since we are not taking the most direct route to Julian, I would expect the San Diego contingent will arrive around 10:20 give or take 5 minutes.

There is a nice place for breakfast in Julian that I have been to many times... just can't recall the name off hand. Will Google Julian Restaurant and see if I can find it. I will post it here.

Vicelike | 2 août 2013

The Julian Pie Company is rated well but for Pies... not sure they offer breakfast.

How about this place:

Julian Grille
2224 Main St
(between A St & Washington St)
Julian, CA 92036

(760) 765-0173

It seems to have enough room for us and has decent YELP reviews. At least we can meet there and decide where to go.

Colasec | 2 août 2013

I'd love to come, but the Blink chargers at Santa Ysabel are apparently down. :(

Or is it that only the non-DC fast chargers are down and the DC ones are up? I'm brand new to this charging planning and can't tell.

Can I charge my Model S as a guest with the Blink DC fast chargers, or do I need a membership?

Coming from Orange with my 60 kWh, I can't make it to Julian and back without charging and those chargers seem to be my only real option.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

dguggenheim | 2 août 2013

Just a suggestion to increase your exposure to interested parties:

Try posting in the Southern California section of this forum in addition to the Model S section. Some people with Roadsters may want to join you.

Also, try posting in Also maybe in the calendar section of that website. I think a lot more people look at that website than this one.

Let us know how many people join you guys.

dguggenheim | 2 août 2013

Plugshare shows a quick charger at Don's Market in Santa Ysabel. Don't know the specifics of this charger, but there is a phone number listed.

Colasec | 2 août 2013

A comment on Plugshare says "blink plugs all not operable 7/29/13. Called Blink and reported entire Santa Ysabel system down. We did not continue to Julian due to this. Returned to Ramona and charged then headed home."

The BlinkMap shows:

Is the BlinkMap info accurate? If it says the DC Fast Chargers are working, does that mean they're actually working? Is it possible that the Plugshare commenter is talking about only the Level 2 chargers? Or are the DC Fast Chargers associated with the Level 2 chargers and the Level 2 chargers need to be working for the Fast Chargers to work? I don't have any experience yet with planning road trips that require charging.

Can I charge my Model S on the Blink DC Fast Chargers as a guest with the J1772 adapter? Or do I need a membership? Or a special adapter?

Colasec | 2 août 2013

I cross-posted my question to TMC. Please reply there if you're a member.

I have figured out that the Blink DC Fast Chargers are CHAdeMOs and therefore I should assume that there's no charging available in Santa Ysabel.

I really do need some help with this, guys, to figure out if I can make it to meet you tomorrow. I haven't done this before and don't know what I doing. :( Please update the TMC thread or this thread. You can also email me directly at colasec.tesla at gmail if you have more specific advice.


ppape | 2 août 2013


Here is my email: jackiepape AT

Can u email me your contact info.


Vicelike | 2 août 2013


Thanks for the help! I will post a report and some pictures on Sunday.


Hope you can sort it. I know I can make the round trip from San Diego with an 80% full charge because I did it before quite comfortably with an aggressive use of power.

The energy consumption you use going up the mountain creates some scary projections but they were bogus. It all came back to me on the trip home and the net was the car met EPA mileage estimates for the trip in total despite the 6,200 foot elevation peak.

Colasec | 2 août 2013

I'm going to come. Hopefully I won't end up with a dead car. :-/

So we're meeting at Julian Grille at ~10:15?

Did you get that, @Groeneweg?

I'll be wearing a black Tesla jacket (and driving a new black MS with no plates).

@ppape/Jackie, I'll email you my info - can you coordinate?

Colasec | 2 août 2013

FYI the Grille appears to be directly across the street from the Pie Company. Any tips on parking around there?

Vicelike | 2 août 2013

Parking can be bad. Be patient. Spaces open up or wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk 1/2 mile. I hear its good for us.

Groeneweg | 2 août 2013

See ya tomorrow, with my green 60!

Mark Z | 3 août 2013

Charging up now. 125 mile estimate one way from Brea. Drive safely everyone. This adventure will get the Red Sig close to 12,000 miles.

The Pechanga Resort and Casino has free J1772 charge stations. They may be busy with weekend visitors, but it is another possibility when needing to charge in the Temecula area. If I remember correctly, they are located near the north entrance of the casino inside the north parking structure on the ground floor level.

45000 Pechanga Pkwy
Temecula‎, California‎ 92592

Also check this site for more info on the ride:

Vicelike | 3 août 2013

Click here for event write up and a few pictures:

Vicelike | 4 août 2013

Did everyone make it home as planned?

lotusracer | 4 août 2013

Thanks Victor for planning this gathering! We had a great time meeting other Tesla owners for the first time. Nice bunch of people. Tony is a wealth of info. As soon as he mentioned tax form 8936 for the federal tax credit, I made sure to commit that number to memory.

Vicelike | 5 août 2013

I'm very glad one of us because now we all have it in writing!

Colasec | 5 août 2013


Yep. We charged in Escondido at the mall for 45 minutes, then moved to charge in Oceanside at the transit center since we still needed ~2 hours of charge to get home. @simplesolar coincidentally had the same plan, so we met up with him there too. :)

Walked the pier and watched a movie ("Fruitvale Station" - pretty good) and then headed home.

Learned some important lessons about planning ahead and flexibility, though, whenever we'll be road-tripping with the 60. :)

Can you email me your contact info at colasec.tesla at gmail and I'll write back with mine? We had a great time - thank you so much for organizing!

simplesolarinc | 5 août 2013

I barely made it home with 3 miles left. Luckily there was a lot of traffic and I was driving like a granny (55mph) on the freeway with no AC. Definitely will plan better next time and have a back up plan to factor in broken chargers and people parked in electric vehicle charging spots when they are not suppose to. Thanks again for organizing the meet!

Xerogas | 29 septembre 2013

I just made my first Julian trip from San Marcos this Saturday. Not a big deal, you say? Well, I have a 40, and was a teensy bit concerned about range, but everything worked out great!

What should have been a 96-mile trip turned into 136, because I had to detour ~10 miles to pick up my dad, and then police had blocked off the hill at Bundy Canyon, which added another 18 mile detour, and then I was late for an appointment when I got back, so had to zip into town without a charge. Got home with 4 miles showing on the dash!

My only disappointment was the evtripplanner claimed it would only take 17kWh to get there, and 4kWh(!) to return home. The actual trip took ~36kWh, even with the Tesla's in-dash trip meter showing only 277wH/mile rate for the entire round trip.

I'm actually a bit confused by the 277wH/mile, because normal freeway cruising (for me) uses 306wH/mile. How can the gigantic rise in altitude of ~4000 feet, and imperfect regen on the way down somehow average out to only 277wH/mile?