saving a vehicle

saving a vehicle

Hey guys, how do you save a car in the dashboard logon?

cloroxbb | 16 mai 2013

You configure it, then save it at the end...

peterbro3 | 16 mai 2013

Same problem. I've logged in, configured and don't see a way to save the configuration. I even went to the order button but not quite ready to pony up 5000 for the privilege of saving a configuration :-)

holidayday | 19 mai 2013

I can see the "Save" button when designing a roadster, but no longer see the it for the Model S.

Tesla web Designers! Fix that! how can people show off their dream cars when they can't save it!?

Kimscar | 19 mai 2013

The ability to save a design of the Model S has been gone for a few months now. Originally I had saved 2 versions some months back. I then decided to make some changes and deleted those two. I found afterwards that you couldn't save the design choice anymore.
I made a comment on the Model S board a while back.
I verified it wasn't my computer as I tried on two computers, one desktop and an IPAD. Cleared all cookies etc. No go.
I am surprised that the people that run the website haven't fixed this earlier.

jq5073 | 25 juin 2013

Still broke, eh?