Seat Covers for Model S?

Seat Covers for Model S?

Has anyone found a seat cover that will fit snugly on the Model S?... i wonder if seat covers for Chevy Corvettes will fir the Model S since the Corvette's seat design is very similar?

Azdcmoney | 21 août 2013
Mine fit they a glove, u need to go to a service center to pull the bench seat out, takes them 2mins

emeyer723 | 27 octobre 2013

Can you post any pictures of your wet okole covers? Thanks!

Roamer@AZ USA | 27 octobre 2013

Why do you buy nice seats then cover them ?

Dv000 | 28 octobre 2013

To keep them in great condition for the next owner ;)

J.T. | 28 octobre 2013

My grandmother did that on all her furniture. After she passed the grand kids all took the covers off and sat on the furniture. It was the first time anyone did. Kind of surprised Granny didn't rise from the dead because of it.

Good times.

2050project | 28 octobre 2013

There are some prototype images for some here:

Also, some seat back accessories here:

MandL | 28 octobre 2013

I ordered what I thought was a full set of wet okoles. They sent fronts only. When I called they said they hadn't decided whether to make the rears because the rear seat has to be removed at a Tesla Service Center to install them. After going around with them for another week and a half they agreed to make the rear cover (which is all I really wanted in the first place) but I'm still waiting on them.

Suprkar | 28 octobre 2013

I have the front wet okoles and love them. Would be interested in rear as well. What did they quote you for them? I would like to get a set also.

Azdcmoney | 28 octobre 2013

Roamer - 7 & 8 yr old boys, need a say more

Roamer@AZ USA | 28 octobre 2013

azdcmoney. I was that age once but I was a perfect child and I am sure never caused my parents any concern.

Are the wetokole covered seats softer to sit on. My wife's only complaint is the leather seats are hard. She would like more padding. Better to add padding to the seat than have her add padding to her perfect form.....

Roamer@AZ USA | 28 octobre 2013

Do the covers have tear out stitching for the side airbags.

Azdcmoney | 28 octobre 2013

The side of the seats closes to the door, where ur ticep would lean against, r separate pieces that would not obstruct the air bags. The fit over those areas like a bonnet.

DC@Tesla | 21 Janvier 2014

These work really well (although they come in only 3 colors; I got the brown one for my Tan interior). Getting second one now for the passenger seat.

michael1800 | 22 Janvier 2014

Another plug for the Wet Okoles here. They're custom made for the Model S and account for the side air bags. I got mine to protect the seats from sweat after a gym workout and from water after a scuba trip. Yes, they are softer than stock.