The Second SuperCharger Cross-Country path is done! Congratulations!

The Second SuperCharger Cross-Country path is done! Congratulations!

With the Tooele, UT Super Charger station open,
now we have a second cross-country path, that goes across Nevada and then to San Francisco. Good job, SC team.

Well, I am not even a Tesla owner, why am I so excited....

Mike83 | 25 février 2015

Great news

ian | 25 février 2015

Well, the second path across the West is open. Still need a few more to the South and East for a truly different path to open up. Soon though! ;-)

DonS | 25 février 2015

It might be nice to see some different scenery, but it doesn't help get across the country faster. From the entire west coast, it is still faster to go the southern route through Las Vegas if you need to get to Denver or farther east.

From the SF bay area, I-80 arches north and then there is southern jog at Salt Lake City. When a direct route on I-80 from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne is opened, that will save a couple hours.

I suspect I-90 though Wyoming will be connected before any more of I-80 because the route from Washington and northern Oregon is really convoluted by going through Las Vegas to get anywhere east of the Rockies.

centralvalley | 28 février 2015

DonS, I am returning home to California from Milwaukee in May. I have run some numbers, and I believe that the gap through Wyoming from Cheyenne to the expected SLC Supercharger in downtown can be done with minimal inconvenience if I range charge at Cheyenne and stop at an RV park for 2 hours in Rawlins before spending the night in Rock Springs and charging at an RV Park there. Rock Springs to SLC is about 185 range miles or so. And even if the SC is not up and running, a 90-minute boost at the service center will give me enough juice to reach Tooele.

Yes, a little inconvenient, but probably a tad shorter than detouring to Denver and crossing the Rockies before shooting up US191 from Green River to SLC.

ken | 1 mars 2015

With the St. Charles, MO supercharger under construction, should be operational within the next few weeks, wouldn't you be better off to head South to I-70 and take it all the way to Utah and then I-15 to California or go north on I-15 to SLC, also should be done within the next few weeks, and then a clear shot through Nevada on I-80 to Northern California. Personally, I hate the I-70 drive through Kansas, and driving on the oldest freeway in the country is also a task, but after all you are driving a Tesla and the fuel is free. The drive from Richfield, UT north on I-15 is a very pleasant and pretty drive, but then of course you have to cross the Great Salt Flats but you could stop and try your Tesla out on the Salt Flats to see if it will really reach the top speeds. Just a thought.

TaoJones | 2 mars 2015

The delay for the southern route is perplexing, given that construction can more easily occur year-round.

While California to Phoenix is done, they need to open up Tucson --> El Paso and beyond in order to more effectively leverage I-10.

Transcontinental EV routes are key. Sad to see any route deprioritized.

Grinnin'.VA | 2 mars 2015

@ TaoJones | March 2, 2015

The delay for the southern route is perplexing ...

1. The southern route will be the third route, not the 2nd.

2. With persistent hostility toward Tesla in some of the states involved, is there any mystery about this? I see it as simple: As long as you threaten me, I will give very low priority to helping you. So it is with Tesla vs Texas, et. al.

ken | 2 mars 2015

If by southern you mean the I-10/I-20 then I agree that 2016 in the best that we can hope for. However, the I-40/I-44 corridor from the Pacific to St. Louis is coming along very well. With the service centers in Albuquerque and Oklahoma City being planned soon, and the permits having been issued for Tucumcari, NM, and Amarillo, TX and construction on Weathford, OK supercharger, that would leave only an I-44 charger in the Springville, MO area to complete the trip from the Pacific to St. Louis area. I would expect that these might well be operational by late summer. As we all know, that is a very important route for the mid-western to AZ and Calif snowbirds. Just some thoughts on alternative routes by mid-year. However, what surprises me is that I don't see anything planned for the north to south routes like I-35 connecting Minneapolis, Des Moines, to Kansas City. Same for the I-29.

Brian H | 2 mars 2015

Government is not the solution. Government is the problem. Every one of them tries to establish its own empire.

ken | 3 mars 2015

I guess my I-29 question was just answered, Council Bluffs, IA supercharger under construction.

mindone | 3 mars 2015


The Salt Lake Service Center should open on March 6th. It is only 23 miles to Tooele Utah from Salt Lake City. You should be able to easily make it to Wendover NV (110 miles from Salt Lake).

ken | 7 mars 2015

Opened today from what I hear.

Grinnin'.VA | 7 mars 2015

I-70 still has a SC gap from Kansas City to Indianapolis, far more than the range of ANY Tesla car.

The ONLY SC route from the west coast to the east coast goes through the Chicago area.

ken | 8 mars 2015

Both St Charles, MO and Effingham, IL are under construction. Judging by others like Sale Lake, they should be in operation by the last week of March or first week of April.

Brian H | 8 mars 2015

Take the UT one with a grain of SALT.

Sorry, couldn't resist. \;p

Grinnin'.VA | 10 mars 2015

@ ken | March 8, 2015

Both St Charles, MO and Effingham, IL are under construction.

I thought you knew the difference between "under construction" and "done".

BTW, I'd be thrilled to celebrate Tesla's rollout of 'battery swap' stations across the U.S. But I'm going to wait until those stations are open for business.

Really? Can we agree to celebrate Tesla's successes after they are acttally done?

TaoJones | 11 mars 2015

A transcontinental route that does not require snow tires and/or chains, along with the associated weather risks, delays, and wear and tear would seem to be worth expediting.

And yet, nothing in Tucson or El Paso is even site-selected yet in order to make that anything more than a remote possibility for 2015. Obviously not the appearance of any kind of priority for current management.

But hey, the maps sure look purty.

ken | 15 avril 2015

@Grinnin VA, it's time to celebrate, the St. Charles, MO SC went live this morning so with the Effingham SC open and St. Charles, MO the longest distance from the East Coast to the West Coast using I-70 to UT and then I-15 to California, is from St. Charles, MO to Independence, MO about 220 miles. So, another coast to coast route with SC's is open.

Rocky_H | 15 avril 2015

@ken, Well...kinda... I would celebrate cautiously. It's doable at slightly lowered speed, but with pretty normal settings and a 1X speed multiplier on Evtripplanner, it's showing about 265 rated miles to do that stretch. So take it easy from the start if you're going to drive that gap.

Earl and Nagin ... | 15 avril 2015

A brief lunch stop at the HPWC at The Tiger Hotel at 23 S 8th St, Columbia, MO 65201 ( should ease any range concerns.

ken | 15 avril 2015

@Rocky_H, not sure why you are showing 265. Maybe from St. Louis to Kansas City but not from Zumbal Rd, St. Charles, MO to Independence, MO. My Google Map shows 219 and I believe it. I grew up North of St. Louis and attended college in Kansas City area so I am pretty sure that 220-225 will do that stretch, close but doable if you are fully charged leaving St. Charles. Of course the one planned for Columbia/Booneville area will make it a cinch. But as @Grinnin VA pointed out, let's don't celebrate that until it happens. Just my take on that I-70 stretch. By the way, the I-40 corridor through NM and Northern AZ is progressing very well and might be done in the next few months, but don't celebrate yet.

ken | 15 avril 2015

Sorry should have been Zumbehl Road!

ken | 15 avril 2015

@Earl and Nagin, thanks for that information on The Tiger Hotel, I wasn't aware of that. GO TIGERS!

Rocky_H | 15 avril 2015

@ken, Yeah, notice I said EVTripplanner is showing 265 RATED MILES. That is calculating how many of the Model S' rated miles on the display get consumed based on driving conditions. That is not supposed to be the physical 219 actual miles of distance between the two points. If you are not familiar with Evtripplanner, it is really helpful for stuff like this. It's able to give more accuracy than saying "It's 219, but a full charge should do it."

I didn't put in the Zumbehl Road address exactly because I didn't want to go look it up, but I just did St. Charles and Independence to get a quick ballpark.

Brian H | 15 avril 2015

The 3-step will work fine: slow enough at the beginning to keep your mileage margin growing, steady in the middle to keep it flat, and speed up at the finish to spend your excess!

ken, Rocky was referring to "rated", the car's mileage/charge used, not the actual.

ken | 15 avril 2015

@Rocky_H and @BrianH, I misunderstood when I first read it and took me a minute or so to see that you are referring to "rated miles" not actual as BrianH pointed out. Thanks for the clarification, it will probably be this fall before I need to know the exact routing by then hopefully the Columbia, MO SC will be active and if not then a stop for lunch at the Tiger Hotel would work. Not an active Tesla driver at the moment, waiting for my MX before I will make that drive and not sure that I will have it by fall depending on the production schedule. At any rate, THANKS for the info.

Lucythesplainer | 15 avril 2015

@ken, @rocky_H and @BrianH:
Thanks so much for this thread and all the misery info!
I'm in the same boat as Ken, waiting for my MX, planning and plotting, but so glad more superchargers are coming online. phew!

Rocky_H | 15 avril 2015

"all the misery info!"
I hope we didn't make it sound that bleak.

Earl and Nagin ... | 15 avril 2015

I thought it sounds quite easy. Maybe don't drive 90 mph in the winter with max heat but it should be easy at 75 mph in the summer with an HPWC&lunch stop in Columbia.

carlgo2 | 16 avril 2015

I want to see the proposed SC map for the year that the M3 is scheduled for production. We see the cross=country and coastal coverage, but the meat and potatoes driving is what interests me the most.

ken | 16 avril 2015

Go to Tesla's Supercharger Map and click on 2016 and you will see what you are looking for.

Rocky_H | 16 avril 2015

@Earl&Nagin, I think it was just a voice to text misspelling for Missouri, but I was having some fun with it.

Juggernaut | 16 avril 2015

Just heard news that the Mobile, AL site is running with only parking curbs to be installed. People have already been allowed to charge there. Texas is no longer on an Island and free to come east along I-10.

Lucythesplainer | 16 avril 2015

@Rocky,Earl,Nagin... I was just teasing you fellas. Up here in Ioway we don't have much choice for charging, hope the superchargers spread up north towards Chicago and the Twin Cities in a net!

ken | 17 avril 2015

We spend time in both Western Iowa, where my wife is from, and in Eastern Iowa where we have relatives, so I too would love to see at least the I-80 corridor filled in. DesMoines has to be soon both for I-80 and I-35 routes. Council Bluffs is great for I-29 but need the others filled in. Was hoping that would happen before fall this year but looks like my MX may not be here by then, we will see.

Lucythesplainer | 18 avril 2015

@Ken, true that. It's slim pickings around here, and a long way to Albert Lea.

carlgo2 | 18 avril 2015

ken | APRIL 16, 2015
Go to Tesla's Supercharger Map and click on 2016 and you will see what you are looking for.

(This in response to me wondering what the SC map will look like when the M3 hits the market)

Of course we have all seen that map, but I don't think many of us think the Model 3 will be out in 2016. That map pretty much shows the present routes completed. It will be very interesting to find out what Tesla's actual plans are after that.

Brian H | 19 avril 2015

Yeah, can't wait for the 2017 map!

ken | 19 avril 2015

@carlgo2, Sorry, I didn't do justice to the response that I intended, what I should have said is if you look at the 2016 map of the US there are few areas that can't be reached within 100 miles of a SC. Who knows what the range of the M3 will be but I think it is fair to assume it will be somewhere in the 200+ miles per full charge. So when the M3 is released, hopefully in 2017, it seems pretty likely that 99+% of the US, where there are roads, will be covered. Here in the Western US there are a lot of areas that you can't drive to even with a 4 wheel ATV. I think that Alaska is a whole different issue. Again that assumes a lot and we all know what ass-u-me can lead us to believe. Like BrianH, I too am anxious to see the 2017 map.

Earl and Nagin ... | 19 avril 2015

This is all quite similar to the problems that were faced when cellular networks were rolled out. Initially, the problem was getting coverage. Almost immediately after cell sites were built out, some became overloaded, creating a capacity problem. Capacity was increased by adding transceivers at existing towers and adding more sites. After that, the cellular companies had to adjust their rollouts between solving coverage issues and capacity ones. To this date, there are still problems in both regards.
There's no reason to expect that Tesla's Supercharger rollout will be any different. It has followed nearly an identical path thus far.
As we have seen, however, cellular technology and business is definitely a success. Tesla is IMHO going to be the same.
Go Tesla!

Grinnin'.VA | 19 avril 2015

Re: St. Charles, MO - Independence, MO

I went to EV Trip Planner to verify/validate claims that this SC gap no longer is the cause of 'range anxiety'. Here's what I found.

1. It requires 74.7 kWh with a speed multiplier of 1.1 (which I consider the minimum to more or less go with the flow) with interior and exterior temperatures of i2 degrees F and no headwind. I consider this a "best realistic case" situation.

2. If the exterior temperature is 40 degrees, the kWh increases to 83.9, which I think is NOT a reasonable thing to try.

BTW, the typical wind in this region is west-to-east.

I'll wait until the SC in Columbia, MO is open for business before I venture from Indianapolis, IN to Topeka, KS - a trip that I'd really like to take when the risk of being stuck on a trickle charger is low.

IowaIn3 | 19 avril 2015

Yep, I'm here in Waukee, IA (suburb of Des Moines). I hope a Super Charger is installed soon so I have more leverage to convince my wife to purchase one!

ken | 20 avril 2015

@iowain3, my wife and I lived in Waukee when we were first married, a long time ago.

Lucythesplainer | 21 avril 2015

@Ken & Iowain3: even in the future maps, the center of the country is a dark and lonely place. We Teslaholics will prolly be as rare as hen's teeth!

Earl and Nagin ... | 21 avril 2015

There are a few Teslas that I know of in NE and IA. A lot more of them than hen's teeth, that's for sure.

Grinnin'.VA | 22 avril 2015

OP: I just checked again for the umpteenth time. Tesla's web site still doesn't show a viable SC path along I-70 across Missouri.

BTW, I need that route to be there for me for a tentatively planned road trip from my home in Fairfax, VA to visit relatives in Indiana, Topeka KS and Denver this summer. I'm waiting.

Please don't suggest that I'm just imagining a problem that doesn't exist in reality.

ken | 22 avril 2015

@Grinnin, Tesla just completed its Guiness Book of World Records trip from LA to NY in 58+hours and my understanding is they used I-70. But even if that were not true earlier in a post Earl and Nagin gave you the solution by directing you to the Tiger Hotel in Columbia, MO where there is a Tesla charger. As you know that's half way across from St. Charles, MO to Independence,MO and with a lunch stop for charging it is an easy trip on to the KC area, so what's the problem? You can stop and celebrate the MIZZOU Tigers. Lucky you!