Service in Nashville

Service in Nashville

From the Tennessean newspaper

BRENTWOOD — Luxury electric car company Tesla Motors is making a first run into the Nashville market when a site plan for a dealership comes before the Brentwood Planning Commission on Monday.

In documents filed with the city, Tesla, based in Palo Alto, Calif., is asking to renovate the now-vacant Five Star Motorcars building at 1641 Westgate Circle in Westgate Commons, just north of Moores Lane and near the Interstate 65 interchange.

The 2-acre lot includes the 12,370-square-foot current structure. Renovations for the new dealership and service center will include the removal of two windows, a replacement of an overhead door and additional landscaping.

The all-electric Tesla vehicles don’t create emissions and use lithium-ion batteries for power. There will be no need for fuel tanks or used motor oil to store on site.

If approved, this will be the first Tesla dealership in Tennessee. The closest existing dealership is in Marietta, Ga.

Since the site will be a conversion from one auto dealership to another, the item will appear on the planning commission’s consent agenda and won’t have a separate discussion unless otherwise requested.

Porsche and Audi dealers recently opened on the other side of I-65 from Westgate Commons.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the Brentwood Muncipal Center, 5211 Maryland Way.

tonysled | 28 février 2014

I can confirm this firsthand since I happened upon the landlord in the local Home Depot parking lot. He flagged me down to share the good news! If all goes well with the planning commission, Tesla should be up and running in Nashville around August 1st. Happy to have a service center close to me but sad to know I won't have Anthony and the crew to service my car. I certainly have enjoyed excellent service from the Marietta Service Center.

tonysled | 2 mars 2014

above is the answer to your question re the "Nashville Service Center" post. Funny... I see quite a lot of model S' in the Franklin/Brentwood area. In the last week I have seen 2 black, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 grey and 2 white (one of which is mine so I guess that doesn't count). Now that we are getting our Nashville Tesla center, I bet those sightings get a whole lot more frequent.

pencil2man | 3 mars 2014

It will still be nice when they open a supercharger in Chattanooga for the trip to Atlanta.

neuron | 3 mars 2014

My (home)delivery date is March 30! Great news that we will have a SC in the Nashville area this summer. Now, will be selfishly waiting for supercharging stations in Knoxville (coming), Roanoke (not currently planned), and Charlottesville (not currently planned) so we can easily travel by EV to UVA.

brewer | 3 mars 2014

Yes, I am potentially one of the grey ones you keep seeing, and can confirm the opening. (BTW, Jack White has a green, and it is really nice.) I am excited about the opening. They really need to open a supercharger here in Nashville too - we are so centrally located.

tonysled | 4 mars 2014

brewer... maybe we should show up at Nashville Cars and Coffee and get the Tesla line started? Cars and Coffee is every Saturday from 8-11am at the Carmike Cinemas Parking lot in Franklin, TN. The first Sat. of the month is "exotic" C&C

bevguy | 5 mars 2014

I'm very happy to get a Service Center in Nashville.It will be the only one within a 4 hour drive radius.

Now if Tesla would only put some superchargers in places like Memphis so that I can leave town for a longish trip without depending on a RV park...

I just got the news that my red Tesla S is being manufactured so maybe one more will be visible in the Cool Springs area soon.

bevguy | 5 mars 2014

The last roadblock to the Nashville Service Center was overcome last night when the Brentwood Planning Commission approved the location and building plans.

sbeggs | 5 mars 2014

@bevguy, congrats on your red S going into production!

pkurland | 5 mars 2014

I've had my red MS at Cars and Coffee several times. It always draws a crowd! It would be fun to have a Middle Tennessee Tesla gathering there some weekend.

brewer | 5 mars 2014

@tonysled - sounds like a great idea.

tonysled | 5 mars 2014

Congrats to neuron and bevguy on taking the plunge and also thanks to bevguy for the latest planning commission update. I like where this is going!

hrbmd22 | 7 mars 2014

What about West TN (Memphis)? I've seen at least 3 MS on the road recently. Mine is in production and should be delivered by March 30 also. Can't wait!

tonysled | 7 avril 2014

stopped by the proposed Nashville Service center location in Brentwood and very good news... they have started gutting the building and the build out is underway! Spoke to the crew there and they seem to think they can get it done in 2 to 3 months.

Vichinpuri | 8 avril 2014

I recently moved to TN go back and forth between
Memphis and nashville
I used my MS a couple of times since I don't have my own charger it gets painful
Charging at public places. Looking forward to a supercharger in both cities

Will you guys be there at C&C on the 26th of April I will try to swing by then

Vichin Puri

bevguy | 11 avril 2014

If you are driving between Nashville and Memphis you probably will find a real dearth of charging places in Memphis. Some L2 are available there but not many.

What is also needed is some 40 amp RV 50 service somewhere between the two cities. I've contacted some RV parks along the route but most apparently consider Tesla a nuisance because they don't answer my e mails. Have you found any reliable charging sites between Jackson and Memphis?

I have a relative I'd like to visit in Memphis but he has no charging facility, even the clothes dryer outlet is too far from the car with a 30 ft extension cord.

Vichinpuri | 13 avril 2014

I used an rv charging station close to Jackson. They charged me $4.50 for an hour. Got 30 miles
It is an option if you have time. "Parkers Crossroads RV Park". Steve was the guy I spoke to
They are good guys.
Definitely miss the supercharging though

Nashville has a Nissan dc fast charger but the Chademo adapter is still not available
It won't be due until June. I put in my order with tesla


tonysled | 18 avril 2014

A little bird told me the Nashville service center will be done in about 4 weeks. Looks like major progress is being made. Sweeeeeeet!

bevguy | 19 avril 2014

I e mailed Parker's Crossroads RV Park, and they told me that they has another Tesla (probably you) and were happy to have me. Thanks for the referral.

Going East from Nashville The Bean Pot RV Park in the Crossville area said that they would be glad to charge my Tesla even though they never had done it before. They have RV 50.

Going North I haven't located a RV Park that likes Teslas.

Going South to Pickwick Lake I have spoken to the nice folks at Green Acres RV Park just outside Savannah TN.

So if you see a Red Model S on I40, wave, it probably will be be me... What is your car color?

There are a lot of Chademos in the Eastern Part of Tenn at Cracker Barrel but few elsewhere and I suspect it is a dying standard in the US.

bevguy | 21 avril 2014

I saw another red Tesla in Nashville today. (actually it is the first Tesla of any color except for mine. But I'm retired and don't get out in traffic much)

The owner said there is another red Model S in Hendersonville. So maybe they are not quite as rare in Tennessee as I thought. When I bought mine in March I understood that there had been only about 100 of all colors sold in Tennessee, concentrated around the Nashville area.

I look for them like some bird fancier watching for a beautiful, rare and exotic bird.

jai9001 | 21 avril 2014

Are there any decent charging spots in Nashville?

Seems like the trip between Memphis to Nashville would be unpleasant without supercharger access.

Memphis has no charging opportunities that I know of that are above 30amps.

bevguy | 21 avril 2014

There are many easily available charging spots in and around Nashville. But they are all level 2, nothing faster.

Between Memphis and Nashville there are a few L2, including a cluster of them in Jackson TN. The only possibility of anything faster is the RV Park mentioned in previous posts. Which I will be trying out in a month or so.

Of course a S 85 will get you from Memphis to Nashville using your initial home charge. Getting back is the problem. If you are visiting someone they may have an electric clothes dryer outlet you can use. Overnight should charge you up fine.

Concerning my previous post - after I wrote it I saw yet another red Tesla later in the day. It was not the same as the first one because it had the darker signature red. What are the odds of that happening?

Brian H | 22 avril 2014

Better than zero. ;)

church70 | 22 avril 2014

Yeah I really wish you guys would get a lot of supercharge stations as well we used to travel from Toronto to Florida this way all the time we have friends who live on Lookout Mountain hopefully this will be possible in the near future

tonysled | 22 avril 2014

When they open the Nashville Service center in Brentwood/Cool Springs they will have a bank of high power chargers outside available 24/7 for sure. Not sure they will put in Superchargers, but I am hoping they will. It would makes sense if Tesla included Superchargers at all new Service Centers build outs going forward.

Brian H | 22 avril 2014

No, it wouldn't. Service Centers are for servicing, not in-city charging for hoards of Super-Charger seekers.

tonysled | 22 avril 2014

Brian H... not sure where you live but in TN and surrounding southern states, we don't have the luxury of Service Centers or Superchargers. That being said, we (and I do speak for those of us who wish to travel outside our 250 mile bubble) would certainly like to see Superchargers at Service Centers if that is the only consideration we get. Try going from Chicago to Atlanta or Nashville to anywhere on the Gulf Coast and I think you will find it quite a chore. And don't you think the techs will benefit by having the ability to charge cars they have worked on in a timely manner? Seems like a no brainer to me. Take a look at a map and realize that Brentwood TN is not in the city of Nashville so I have no idea what your little in-city quip means.

2-Star | 23 avril 2014


"...hoards..."??? Don't you mean "hordes" ?

highfalutintodd | 23 avril 2014


Hi, I'm the red Model S in Hendersonville. Kind of funny to find myself referenced in a forum posting. ;-)

Re: Middle Tennessee charging - There's a ring of Chademo Blink charging stations at Cracker Barrel locations around the area. Once the Chademo adapter is out that will basically be my de facto "supercharger" network for Tennessee until Tesla gets here. Speaking of.....

Re: Superchargers - Agreed that Tesla won't be opening Superchargers at the Nashville / Brentwood service center. However, did anyone notice this press release from CBL Properties about a year ago talking about a partnership to include Superchargers at CBL malls?...

Anyone want to take a guess who owns Cool Springs Galleria right across the street from the new service center? Draw from that conclusion what you will. ;-)

ILOVEMYTESLA | 23 avril 2014

I am in Memphis and even-though I was one of a handful back in June 2013 that own a Model S. Now, there are a whole lot of us. Memphis will come hopefully by 2015-2016. @bevguy, I have an outdoor 240V/40A at my office that I can let you use but you have to let me know when you're coming to unlock the casing for you ;-)
I think people with 240V/40A or better should open up somewhat to other Telsa owners in dead spots like Memphis to Nashville. I've heard of some guys that own Model S in Jackson.

Rocky_H | 23 avril 2014

@tony "Take a look at a map and realize that Brentwood TN is not in the city of Nashville so I have no idea what your little in-city quip means."

I looked, and it is. But I used to live around that area, so I already knew that. It takes a special kind of nitpicky to say that the largest suburb is "not" in the city that it's a part of. We're talking metro areas here, where a concentration of people live, not just strictly on one side or the other of a city limits boundary.

tonysled | 23 avril 2014

Rocky_H... glad you left. one less DB for me to run into.

tonysled | 23 avril 2014

But I guess since you lived here Rocky_H you know that Brentwood is in Williamson county and Nashville is Davidson county. Not in the city hero. Yeah you lived here alright! you and Brian H must be current/former Nissan employees would be my guess.

Brian H | 24 avril 2014

Another error! Keep digging, tony.

rodrussell | 24 avril 2014

Without any superchargers anytime soon, this service center will be a key stop for Teslas traveling between the Midwest and Atlanta and FL. I hope to use it to travel from FL to western KY in a couple months. I wish there as something planned for Chattanooga too.

jai9001 | 24 avril 2014

For those that are against superchargers in Memphis and Nashville, where do you suggest Tesla build a supercharger?

There are very few restaurants or shopping centers in between the cities on I-40 connecting Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, and Knoxville. There is essentially no other charging infrastructure that is suitable.

In my opinion, you have to connect Memphis and Nashville to the Gulf Coast (very popular summer travel), to cities in Texas, and Atlanta. The current 2015 map doesn't adequately accomplish these goals.

jai9001 | 25 avril 2014


bevguy | 26 avril 2014

For those traveling between Nashville and Knoxville - today I stopped at the Bean Pot RV campground in Crossville and they have 30 RV and 50 RV charging and are happy for you to use it for a very reasonable fee. But the charging plugs are sometimes not where you expect so ask for help if needed
Some of the J1772 plugs at cracker Barrel work, some don't.

highfalutintodd | 2 mai 2014

Okay, so I'm officially very confused. Though this article in the original post and others have pointed to Brentwood/Cool Springs as being the location of the upcoming Nashville-area Tesla service center, Tesla's own Service website ( now lists the address as: 5259 Harding Pl, Nashville, TN 37217

Which very definitely ain't Brentwood.

Steve1501 | 2 mai 2014

Add one more to the growing list of Tesla owners in Nashville. I have my test drive at the Tesla store in Cincinnati scheduled today at 1:00 p.m., and by 2:30, I am 200% positive that my order will be in place. I have not been this excited over getting something since I was a kid.

bwick2000 | 3 mai 2014

Todd - that is interesting that they list the address at 5259 Harding, yet they're actually building it across from CS Mall. I would love to get some clarification on this

highfalutintodd | 3 mai 2014

So is Tesla opening both a service center and a store here in Nashville? The find locations page on the Tesla site seems to indicate that BOTH are coming soon, which is a possibility I simply hadn't been considering. It already seemed too good to be true that we'd be getting a service center - having a store as well is just kind of shocking.

jackhub | 3 mai 2014

Tesla doesn't seem to get it that the Gulf coast is a vacation magnet for Central Canada, the Midwest and the upper South. There seems to be some fixation on this coast-to-coast thing. I doubt that ten percent of the people driving to the Gulf Coast would drive to the West Coast. There are so many license plates from the aforementioned areas along the Gulf beaches.

As for the Brentwood location, I believe Tesla is locating the superchargers so that they do not attract locals for free charging, pre-empting long distance travelers. I spent several years driving between Louisville and Birmingham. Brentwood and Franklin were my two options for gassing up (pardon the expression) It seems to me that Brentwood is sufficiently removed from metro Nashville so as to not attract locals for free charging to the detriment of distance travelers. If nothing else, the traffic on I-65 would discourage them! It is to be avoided if possible.

I would love an opportunity to use a supercharger between Louisville and the Gulf Coast. Otherwise, it is an ICE trip! A real sacrifice for vacation.

pkurland | 5 mai 2014

highfalutintodd - I went by that Harding Place address yesterday and it still has a For Lease sign on it. Seems too small for a service center and not in a good place for a showroom. But I also couldn't see the address listed on the Tesla page either.

jai9001 | 5 mai 2014

+1000 jackhub.

Access to Gulf coast is key.

bevguy | 5 mai 2014

The Brentwood location is in an area that is basically a suburb of Nashville but in another county. And that county contains one of the wealthier Zip codes in the US. So it would be a good location for both a Service Center and a show room, because that's where the customers are. And we know they are renovating there. So the Harding address leaves me perplexed.
Re Supercharge locations- for travelers Jackson TN would be fine too. Actually I might prefer locations between major cities so there won't be locals charging, just those who need it.

Much to my surprise I briefly saw another red Tesla yesterday on a rural road next to Pickwick lake. They are still rare enough in Tennessee that I get excited seeing another one. Much like a bird watcher seeing some uncommon and beautiful bird

bevguy | 6 mai 2014

I just noticed that Nashville is on the list to have a Tesla Showroom "soon" With Teslla "soon" has avery fluid meaning.
Perhaps the Harding and Brentwood addresses are for the two fifferent stores.

tonysled | 8 mai 2014

I just wanted to post a big thank you to all the people working hard on the Nashville Service Center. I stopped by for a quick look today and they have made major progress. The signage was going up and the interior is coming along nicely. It looks like the build out will be ready in a few weeks. Hopefully the city can give them the CO in a timely manner. Kudos to the construction guys and all the people behind the scenes that make this happen!

MS-lover | 10 mai 2014

maybe Harding address is a decoy. keep us away from the construction!

bevguy | 22 mai 2014

Supercharger coming to Chattanooga?

I don't know if this means more E to W or is it a N or S extension f the network. Whatever, Tesla is really pushing out the SC network