Sharing out the 3G diagnostic link

Sharing out the 3G diagnostic link

I know the Roadsters have a 3G connection to provide diagnostic data back to Tesla Motors.
I would like to suggest to the Model S engineers (and the Roadster engineers for future revs) to consider adding a small device similar in weight and capability as a MiFi device that would allow the car to be a mobile hotspot for its owners.

The Model S would be a great platform for this, with ample room for more than one passenger and a range for longer road trips.

Thoughts or comments welcome!

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Volker.Berlin | 11 Janvier 2011

I do not know for sure, but I guess that feature is self-evident. Granted, the Roadster does not have it, but the Roadster does not have a 17" touch screen either.

discoducky | 11 Janvier 2011

I agree with Volker, this should be a slam dunk feature, it's a must have, Ford, GM, Audi and Volvo have all announced. Not to mention that Tegra2 supports this feature out of the box.

carloseduardoab | 1 avril 2011

I believe this is the way to go:

Must people is unwilling to pay the extra charges for a MiFi data plan. I think any application that lets you use your cell phone data plan regardless of carrier is the way to go.

I used my phone as a hotspot for my IPAD and I Touch when I am out in town just because I did not want to pay for an IPAD 3G and a extra data plan.

mnx | 1 avril 2011

agree completely carloseduardoab. I already pay for 6GB of data on my phone and don't use 5GB of it. The car might as well make use of it.