Signature Red

Signature Red

Why did they shelve that looked magnificent.

Bighorn | 28 juin 2013

Ummm, because it was a Signature color ie 1000 cars.

PaceyWhitter | 28 juin 2013

It was a special perk for the signature series.

AmpedRealtor | 28 juin 2013

@ mumanoff, if they didn't shelve the color there would be a lot of pissed off Signature owners running around saying that Tesla de-valued their vehicles by offering the same "limited" color to everyone.

Brian H | 28 juin 2013

Available again for the first buyers in Europe and Asia.

Captain_Zap | 28 juin 2013

I wouldn't mind if they revived Sig Red. It is so gorgeous that it is worth sharing.

Captain_Zap | 28 juin 2013

I wonder how many Sig Reds are really out there.
I seem to recall that most Sig owners picked Pearl White or Black.
I had trouble wrapping my head around that.

Brian H | 28 juin 2013

Sig Red was/is too deep and dark for some, and a few even cancelled and waited for MC Red.

tobi_ger | 29 juin 2013

On my German order page it is stated that the Signatures are limited to 500 in total.

vouteb | 29 juin 2013

As a UK SIG Reservation holder I'll sue them to the horizon and beyond, if they introduce that colour or close to it, to non SIG's.

Brian H | 29 juin 2013

Yes, 500 each for Europe and Asia. Not sure if Asia includes Australia & NZ.

tobi_ger | 29 juin 2013

Thanks, Brian. Wasn't sure, if that was per country or whole of Europe, but makes sense now.

pilotSteve | 29 juin 2013

@Captain_Zap - I picked Sig Red with White interior because to me that was the essence of a Signature Series car. Love that the car is just a bit different than later production.

To each their own, but I appreciate Tesla keeping some things limited to Sig series.

matt.wis | 30 juin 2013

I thought I understood the "reds" after visiting Menlo Park. There I saw two red color options. One seems a spot on match for "Ferrari" red. It is beautiful, and it will announce you loudly when you drive up. That is the one I think is on the homepage of, and when I asked permission to go to the service area to see the car, the staff person said it was a Signature Red MS.

The other is the multi-coat red, which is closer to what I would describe as a "burgundy" than the Ferrari red, and I saw two of those cars. It is a beautiful and satisfying color, but it is not striking. As to me, I love black but I almost had buyer's remorse at viewing the Signature Red, except that it wasn't offered when I bought the car, and I don't like to draw attention to myself that strongly.

I find it hard to believe the Signature Red was cancelled because it was a failure of a color option (not enough depth), as opposed to the exclusivity for the early adopters, which seems to be the case. I've seen every color now in person, I believe, and it is an amazing option.

cosmomusic | 30 juin 2013

The Signature Red is the dark, burgundy type color, and is no longer available or generally displayed by Tesla. This is a toned down red, which is rich looking and is in fact, a chameleon - the color varies with light intensity. It's an outstanding color, that's why I got the Sig. Red Performance. To me this color is magical. It grabs your attention for the majestic look of the car.

The multicolor Red is the one on display on the Tesla Homepage. That's the one which announces your arrival, like the Ferrari :). It is a brighter color.

AmpedRealtor | 30 juin 2013

I ordered the Multi Coat Red, however I prefer the Signature Red by far - it is a more upscale color. However, I swore I would pick a different color than I had with my previous cars, so I had to go red! :)

TeslaLandShark | 30 juin 2013

The signature red is my favorite color by a land slide, I just couldn't justify the extra cost for a car that was already 2+ times more than I had ever spent on a car. Back in the fall before they had the multi coat red on display I was really hoping it would be more similar to the signature red. When it came out I knew it wasn't for me, its just too bright for my taste. I ended up choosing dolphin grey and haven't had any regrets. Lots of folks have commented that they "like the color". The car is so awesome it looks great no matter what color you end up choosing.

cosmomusic | 30 juin 2013

Car is outstanding in any color, and to each his own. As long as you are happy, that's all that matters.I think we all are fortunate to own this car, for one reason or another :).

HenryT2 | 30 juin 2013

I've got the MC Red and, though I do love it, it's too loud for me. My neighbor called it "lipstick red", and that seems fairly appropriate. But it suits the car and really shows off the lines. The contrast with the chrome and black of the panoramic sunroof really makes it look sleek.

But I really would have preferred the Sig Red. Anyone want to trade? My MC Red 40 for a Sig Red? :-)

JPPTM | 30 juin 2013 each his own..I prefer (and bought) the multi-coat 'arrest me' red..and think it looks fabulous.

ColonyGolfer | 30 juin 2013

I have the sig red vin 213 and every comment after "what a gorgeous car!" is, "What a gorgeous color". I actually ponied up an additional $35,000 deposit to get this color once I saw the regular production range had no red to choose from. Also had the benefit of getting my car 7 months earlier and don't regret it a bit. I would be very upset if the sig red was used on any future production.

RZitrin1 | 30 juin 2013

I also ponied up an additional $35K even though I had a 2009 reservation - #614 - half so I could get a Signature and be in the first 1000 and half b/c I loved that burgundy! I was told by TM that about 50-60% of the Sig owners opted for the "Sig Red" (burgundy) color. The other colors are not unique to the Sigs, but if you pass another burgundy on the road, as I did last week, you'll know that they have a no more than 3-digit VIN number.

TM had better NOT bring back the color, as it demarks my car and the other 500-600 or so as Signatures, and us as early believers. It was a great marketing idea and now they have to fulfill that by using a different (and widely appreciated) red.

Brian H | 30 juin 2013

It will be brought back for Sig Model X, European and Asian sales of Model S Sigs, and Sig Gen III sedans and Xovers.

RZitrin1 | 1 juillet 2013

As it should be, Brian.

And what about MATTRESS tags ;)

portia | 1 juillet 2013

I have sig red with white interior, and grey 21" wheels, I think it is the best color combo! yeah we paid extra to have the limited edition color to be in the first 1000 buyers. Tesla did not "cancel" it, they know what it meant -Limited! I never had a red car before, but I love this one. It is more muted than the regular red, which is too red for me.

MandL | 2 juillet 2013

I love my Sig Red, but if it had been available or I had been willing to wait another six months to get my Model S I would have chosen the green. It's almost black until the light hits it. In my opinion the green is a much more unusual/original color than the sig red.

pebell | 2 juillet 2013

I understand how Tesla would want to do something special and "limited" for the first Signature owners in terms of the way the car looks. But there are many ways in which this can be accomplished without taking an entire color option (both for interior and exterior) "off the menu" after the first few cars. Especially if they already offer such an amazingly short list of color options to begin with. For the interior it's almost ridiculous - black, tan or grey and that's it? How hard is it to buy a few more colors of leather? Aftermarket parties, even small ones, offer hundreds of colors from a catalog.

Still, I guess it's better than back in the day with the Model T Ford :)

AmpedRealtor | 2 juillet 2013

I also prefer the Sig Red to the MC Red. The MC Red is "pay attention to me" while the Sig Red is "I've arrived". Sig red is much more sophisticated and classy. I wish they offered it to everyone.

Epley | 2 juillet 2013

I have a sig, and chose black because my previous car was almost the same color as the sig red. I agree with others that this car looks great in any color! I love the pearl white, and the brown surprisingly looks great in person. But I'm still happy with the black.

pebell | 2 juillet 2013

@Epley, thanks for your comment on the brown, I ordered in that color but have never seen it in person (and as a European buyer I will have to wait a few months yet in agony before I finally get to see it) :-)

stevenmaifert | 2 juillet 2013

If ModS reservations ever slump, I wouldn't be surprised to see an "Anniversary", or a "Limited Edition Back to the Future" special featuring the Sig Red and/or White Interior. They were gorgeous and I think would motivate sales.

portia | 2 juillet 2013

Sorry! Keep dreaming!

RZitrin1 | 2 juillet 2013

Pebell, you said:

I understand how Tesla would want to do something special and "limited" for the first Signature owners in terms of the way the car looks. But there are many ways in which this can be accomplished without taking an entire color option...."

Sorry, but those of us who got the Sigs, especially the Sig. red, which really stands out, want exactly the distinction Tesla promised, a "limited" color.

And our interior choices were also limited to 2 or 3.

jdb | 2 juillet 2013

"Sorry, but those of us who got the Sigs, especially the Sig. red, which really stands out, want exactly the distinction Tesla promised, a "limited" color."

Agree completely with rzitrin. As a sig red owner this was part of the deal when we paid the extra $10K or so for the signature vehicle last year as first adopters. We kept our side of the bargain and expect TM to do the same. It is a beautiful color.

Brian H | 2 juillet 2013

Doubt it. The color was guaranteed exclusive. It would set off a firestorm.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 2 juillet 2013

We love our Sig Red, and as soon as the oportunity came to get on the Signature Queue we jumped on with the extra down payment. The car came on Dec 23 and with a huge red bow on the frunk. A bright red bow distinguishing the Deep signature red color. The Sig Red makes the Model S richly stand out in any group of cars. Many admirers recognize the Rich Signature color.

ronsab1 | 20 décembre 2015

Where do the nice dressed up Teslas hang out or charge their cars in Los Angeles and Orange County California?

RichieTheC | 20 décembre 2015

I don't know but I'm another SoCallian that would like to find out.