Signature S pricing

Signature S pricing


I got off a call from the rep few weeks back with an unsure answer. What is the approx pricing of the Signature S? He said it is going to be 'comparable' to a BMW 5-series. Well, that could be anywhere between 60k-85k....

Anybody has any insight?


William13 | 15 avril 2011

We have been told:
160 mile pack $57,400
230 mile pack add about $10,000
300 mile pack add another $10,000
Signature will come/is available with 300 mile pack. The implication was that a Signature would only have 300 mile pack but this has not been spelled out. It won't be final for about a year.

The Signature will come "well equipped." There may be other standard equipment extra charges.

There is a $7,500 tax credit currently available.

I hope this helps.

michiganmodels | 15 avril 2011

I was told by a Tesla rep that it will be around 80K. Based on that conversation and what we've been told (see @William13), I'm guessing it will be a 300 mile pack with 10k of options that are standard in the signature and optional in the general production (i.e., the premium infotainment center, rims, leather seats, etc.)

perbakken | 19 avril 2011

A Tesla representative told me that the Signature edition made for Europe is expected to have a final price tag between 80k and 85k Euros.

Michael S | 22 mai 2011

I was told as high as $80,000 a year ago. That is pre-rebate.

DrJ | 13 juillet 2011

I was told likely between $80-90k. "We're going to keep it under a hundred" was another statement. Supposedly will have the "best audio system of any car out there.". That is all I know (or rather been told.). This is all pure speculation I think on the part of the person I spoke to on phone. I don't think they've finalized anything, so this is anyones guess Was also told the options havent been published because they aren't finalized, and they are still waiting for patents on some of the parts.

William13 | 13 juillet 2011

They floated the idea of 95k in Toronto a month or so ago. I hope not that high as I am not sure I will stay with the Signature for that much of a premium sight unseen.

ckessel | 14 juillet 2011

I hope it's a range based on certain options rather than a single set package. 95k is definitely beyond what I'm willing to spend, particularly since that number almost always assumes the rebate. 80k was the original floated number and that's really my limit. 50k base + 20k battery + 10k fluff.

blackscraper | 14 juillet 2011

In Toronto, 95k before taxes and rebate? Oh, my God, that is way beyond my expectation. It is an insanely high price tag. I thought it was 80K something.

demondeacswf | 14 juillet 2011

49,990 after tax credits. Although, only with 160 mile range.

William13 | 14 juillet 2011

Demon, we are talking about Model S Signature.

I assume that the final price will be about 87K before tax rebate. This would allow them to say less than 80k price. Of course sales taxes in most states will bring the price right back to 87k.

Aleksandyr | 14 juillet 2011

How much for a SPORT edition. I can see a 0-60 in four second model. When will that come!

Vawlkus | 15 juillet 2011

When they design and build it Alek.


Nicu | 15 juillet 2011

There IS a Sport version in development. Unless Elon Musk affords to lie in during Earnings Report conferences (I think the one before the last one). He said the sports version is advancing quite nicely or something like that. My speculation is two-fold :

• they do not want to kill the sales of the remaining Roadsters (or create buyer's remorse) so they will not announce the sport version anytime soon (and Elon will keep his mouth shut for a while, despite his understandable excitement)

• the sport version will coincide with the AWD version; there is no reasonable way they will do AWD with bulky dinosaur transmissions, they will just put another PEM + Motor + GearBox tube (check the pictures of the current one) in between the front wheels; BOOM - double power, double torque, double traction, all of that instantly ! The only remaining question is how much juice can be squeezed from the battery. Maybe they will wait for a new cell from Panasonic, who knows. This should break the 4s easily, maybe even go as low as 3.5s. Do not expect details on this for about a year. The main thing to do is to get the normal S out the door in time and with announced pricing. The rest will be history !

cybercop | 16 juillet 2011

DC Tesla store is advising $95,000 for the signature series model s. Way more than I thought, but I was never seriously considering that model anyway. A few collectors and a few too rich to wait, that seems to be the market.

DaveVA | 16 juillet 2011

I hope Tesla takes into consideration that Signature Series reservation holders have already given Tesla an interest free loan of 40k (some for years). I know some reservation holders are the ultra wealthy to which a cost change is negligible, but others are stretching to afford an 80k vehicle.

EdG | 16 juillet 2011

My understanding, however foolish, is that the extra deposit for Signature holders would benefit us by (1) getting us the car sooner and (2) having some nice stuff tossed in, "gratis". I'm not expecting the Signature to be more expensive than a standard 300 mile version. The car will be nicer because they get to use my money, not because I'll pay more later, too.

Of course, I may be in for a rude surprise. I'll deal with that when it comes, if it comes.

William13 | 16 juillet 2011

I hope the 95k is not the signature price. I wasn't going to tell my wife about the full price of the 300 mile version, but this will make me wait for my regular sequence reservation. Why spend this much and get a car that may not have the bugs worked out and only four "color" choices red, white, black, and silver.

I guess I will just need to hold my horses and wait the extra six months to save 20k.

ckessel | 16 juillet 2011

95k would be a no sale for me. I'd have to drop my Sig reservation and figure out if a non-sig makes sense or not. If fairly basic luxury options, like heated seats and GPS, push it beyond 80k after rebate then I'll sadly have to pass on the Model S completely.

William13 | 16 juillet 2011

77k+ for 300 mile regular production -7500 rebate.

It would take 20k of options to get to 95k. I paid less for a new car recently. I still expect the signature to be 85k or else a fairly large exodus will ensue.

reinhard | 17 juillet 2011

why is the price of model s in "euro" 100% more expensive than the price in "$"? (77000$ for model S 300miles= 55000€, why is there a price of about 85000 €(=>119000 $)????) Shipment, taxes,... of a car from US to Europe can´t be a true reason, why european customers have to pay extremly much more than US customers for this car!!!
That is not fair!

Is there anyone in this forum, who is able to give a true answer, which is not based on assumptions or "i have heard from one, i dont know exactly his name"

thanks in advance for the answers

Volker.Berlin | 17 juillet 2011

@reinhard, I have no idea where you got the information that the Model S would be 85k Euro. There is no official pricing in Euro yet (the website says "TBD", to be determined). Here is what I know:

- 85k USD (not EUR) is the rumored price for the Model S "Signature Edition" (300 mile battery pack and all options included, w/ some options that are not available for the regular Model S, and Signature reservation holders receive their cars first before all others).

- Prices in USD do not include tax, so for Germany your calculation should read: 77k USD = 55k EUR * 1.19 = 65k EUR.

Once again, I cannot "give a true answer" b/c no pricing information in EUR has been published yet, but like many others I spoke to a Tesla representative (in Munich, Germany, in my case) and he said that the prices in EUR should not be very far off from the prices in USD converted to EUR, i.e., the above calculation does qualify as a rule of thumb.

Volker.Berlin | 18 juillet 2011

If there is any news wrt to prices in Germany, it should be posted here:

William13 | 18 juillet 2011

In the USA the price will be x + 5-10% sales taxes + luxury tax + excise tax (0 to $5000 depending on your state) + title cost + delivery($750 for Roadster).

msiano17 | 18 juillet 2011

I am in agreement with EdG ... I have not upgraded to the Sig series yet, but my understanding was its the 300 mile version, with the availability of extra options the other 300's would not have .. special paint/interior choices ect, just like what bmw and audi have.

so why they would say ok give me 40k, then go ok now that you're a Sig S holder, when you upgrade your options its going to cost and additional X,000 for the specialty Signature options

I do know if they break the $90k mark they would not be in the same competition with their goal of the 5-series or E class. BMW 550i AWD fully loaded, even with useless options I got up to $86,500. So if Tesla goes above the rumored $85 I would see them pricing themselves out of their own goals.

reinhard | 18 juillet 2011

Hi Volker, kann es sein das der Link nicht funktioniert?

lg reinhard

Volker.Berlin | 18 juillet 2011

reinhard, es kann sein, dass er bei Dir nicht funktioniert, aber ich habe keine Idee, warum nicht. Bei mir geht's, ich hab's gerade nochmal ausprobiert. Du kannst auch "händisch" hinnavigieren: Vom "Forums Home" aus findest Du den Blog Post unter "Clubs" > "Europe".

murraypetera | 22 juillet 2011

I have been assuming it is the same price as the 300 mile version.
Any higher and I will have to downgrade and probably take the base model with 160 miles. $20k for the extra battery pack it not worth it at the rate the battery technology is changing.

Taking the risk of depositing $40k & purchasing one of the first off the line should be rewarded with something.

We are all TRUSTING Tesla will do the right thing here. Lets hope they will not disappoint.

ckessel | 22 juillet 2011

>Taking the risk of depositing $40k ... should be rewarded with something.

That was my take too. Even at a trivial bank interest rate, it's costing me something to have put down the Sig deposit. I expect more for that money than just the option for some unique paint color.

William13 | 22 juillet 2011

I was told Signatures would be loaded with all options, perhaps different leather, and special signage. The first cars made will be Signatures. They recently said 300 mile battery.

I am also trying to decide how much extra I am willing to spend for being first.

Ad van der Meer | 23 juillet 2011

@murraypetera What return on investment are you thinking of? Let's assume the Sig's will have $15k worth of options, do you expect Tesla to give you that for an interest free loan of $40k?

EdG | 23 juillet 2011

What does "$15k worth of options" really mean? Is it $15k of cost to the manufacturer, or what a car dealer can get a customer to splurge for? Does it cost a car maker real money to paint a car "metallic blue"? They might ask $1000 for it over basic black.

I'm sure there are lots of options that may be "worth" a bunch of money in that the maker could add to the bottom line by charging for them, but supplying same doesn't really add to their costs.

For a car company that's not "too big to fail" to be able to use the money for expenses for more than a year, I think it only right that they toss in what they can as a big "thank you". How else to reward the faithful and generate good feelings? By charging for everything? That would not make them different from the used car dealer on every corner.

There may be costly add-ons to be offered, and they'll have to decide what to do with those. One item Franz told us: a full spare tire isn't one of them....

ckessel | 24 juillet 2011

@Ad van der Meer. An interest rate on a 1.5-2 year risky loan, what, 5%? 10%? This isn't some FDIC insured account, so it's a non-trivial risk. I'd think somewhere in the vicinity of 5-10k in freebies wouldn't be an unreasonable reward. Especially since it's a reward that'll only happen if you buy the car so MSRP price on the freebie might be 10k, Tesla's cost isn't.

What would have been cool, given Tesla is making 300 mile range cars first, is to charge Sig customers for the 230 range and give the 300 range free as the reward. I swear Tesla has said the batteries have high margin, so they'd be giving away an upgrade most likely every Sig user would be happy about (unlike some other options) and Tesla's cost would be much lower than the 10k value given to customers.

Ad van der Meer | 26 juillet 2011

There has to be a reward for being a small VC, but it will be hard to determine what is fair. 10k may be (very) ok for someone who puts his money in 6 months before delivery, but what about those who got their money in right at the beginning (2009?)?
A special paint job and a plaque would be disappointing indeed, but I predict there will be disappointed customers no matter which way Tesla handles this issue.

Brant | 6 août 2011

Talked to a rep today who said the Signature was expected to be around 90K (USD)

Perks: 300mile battery, all upgrades included, special marking, extra color options, one of 1st 1000 produced, and potential higher resale value/collectors item.

jiforever1 | 15 août 2011

Well thanks for all the comments here. I think that I would rather not get the Sig. and just go for the regular package and just upgrade the batt. to a 300mi option. The rest just depends on what whay have to offer. Other then that I would rather not exceed the 60k mark. Even then the price is a little steep I think. Specially with this economy, 60K monthly payment would be rather steep indeed.

Soflauthor | 16 août 2011

Obviously all of us are just guessing at the price point for the Signature S (I'm a Signature S reservation holder). If the base 300-mile model is 74,900, I suspect that built in options (21 in. wheels, panorama roof glass,, special paint/interior materials, etc.) will add another $10K. I'm expecting $84,900, but who knows?

I just hope that Tesla doesn't do what Fisker did and jack the base price by $15K as delivery nears. It turned off a lot of customers and one of them was me.

Soflauthor | 16 août 2011

Obviously all of us are just guessing at the price point for the Signature S (I'm a Signature S reservation holder). If the base 300-mile model is 74,900, I suspect that built-in options (21 in. wheels, panorama roof glass,, special paint/interior materials, etc.) will add another $10K. I'm expecting $84,900, but who knows?

I just hope that Tesla doesn't do what Fisker did and jack the base price by $15K as delivery nears. It turned off a lot of customers and one of them was me.

If Tesla takes that path, the Sig price would be close to $100K. If they do that, they're going to disappoint a lot of potential buyers.

Brant | 16 août 2011

Talked to a different Store rep the other day who said $95K (USD) for the Signature.

VolkerP | 17 août 2011

Obviously, sales reps don't know either or are not allowed to tell. Since the options list is not fixed yet, you can't expect that option prices are. Tesla probably is in the middle of negotiating prices and availability of options with third party suppliers.

MarcS72 | 17 août 2011

About the 300 miles pack for the Signature model.

If you select a European country on the web site it is not noted as include in the package of model S Signature.

I hope it will not be mandatory, I would like the car to be as Ecological as possible even if Li-ion battery has surprisingly small ecological foot print.
I don't need a big driving range,I do around 30 miles per day & the longest trip I did over the past 5 years might be 150 miles.

Soflauthor | 18 août 2011

My guess is between $83,500 and $87,500 pre-rebate. That would keep the price within striking distance of the stated competition and stay just a bit south of the $90k boundary. If they go past $90k, more than a few folks on the signature reservation list (myself included) might begin to have second thoughts and Tesla will invariably loose some initial sales. It's important for Tesla to show robust early sales, and aggressive (low) pricing will only help. At least I hope that's the company's philosophy.

William13 | 18 août 2011

Sofl... I hope you are right about the price. You and I are in the same situation; I will let go of my Signature reservation if the premium is too high versus the standard.

Andrew18 | 21 octobre 2011

I agree with most. I just put my depsoit for signature and several articles quoted sig at 77 k. If it goes above 85 k Im going production 230 with panoramic roof and assess other interior options.

The initial on spec holder should definitely be rewarded for their faith in Musk and Tesla.

Mycroft | 21 octobre 2011

"several articles quoted sig at 77 k"

Doing the usual journalistic fact-checking. They're quoting the price of the 300 mile general production model.

IMO, the minimum price for the Signature Edition will be $87k. (Before federal rebate of course.) Keeping in mind that it will almost definitely include the premium paint, leather seating, non-Internet connected NAV system, special badging, and premium interior trim. More than that, we don't know.

Other *possible* options included in the Signature Edition (if included will surely increase upward pressure on the price):

- 21" wheels
- Air suspension
- Premium sound system
- Pano roof
- Built-in drinks cooler under dashboard. :-D

David M. | 21 octobre 2011

Interesting. Too bad Tesla waited this long to price the Signature. If Tesla prices the Signature too high, some of the Sig. reservation holders will downgrade. If they price it too low, it will essentially be the same pricing as a (P)300 without the beautiful red paint and 21" wheels.
What to do? What to do?

Either way, after it's priced:
- Some (S) reservations will move down to (P)
- Some (P) reservations will move up to (S)
- Some folks will be happy, some will be pissed.

VPLACE | 23 octobre 2011

Food for thought: Model-S (Base):
300 Mi Base Cost ~ $77,400
Options (Est) ~ $12,872
Other Costs (Est)~ $13,461 ...(Sales Tax, Transportation, Luxury Tx, Exscise Tx, Licence Fee, Prep Costs)
Total Cost ......~ $103,753

Model-S Signature:
300 Mi Sig Cost ~ $95,000
Options (Est) ~ Incl...Plus others)
Other Costs (Est)~ $14,513 ...(Sales Tax, Transportation, Luxury Tx, Exscise Tx, Licence Fee, Prep Costs)
Total Cost ......~ $109,513 == +$5,759 Extra!???

$5K for all the extra goodies,,,OK!?

Mycroft | 24 octobre 2011

Well, your "option est" amount is very est. but then, so is the cost of Sig.

ThomasN | 24 octobre 2011

I would expect the price to be 35k more than the base 160 mile model. This is based simply on the difference of the deposits required, which in turn implies 15k worth of "included" options from the 300 mile model. The only "bonus" I would expect is the badging, a negligable cost difference to Tesla.

Brant | 24 octobre 2011

No federal lux tax on EV's I believe

Mycroft | 24 octobre 2011

"The only "bonus" I would expect is the badging, a negligable cost difference to Tesla."

I agree with that. I think the cost of a base 300 miler with the equivalent options added will be at least equal to the price of the Signature edition. The difference in deposit amounts is irrelevant and completely unrelated to the final price difference between them. IMO

No sales tax or luxury tax in WA state. Woo hoo!