So what's the hold up?

So what's the hold up?

It's supposedly about 6 months from the start of production and the vehicle still isn't available to see.

Is it the falcon door backlash?
Problems with AWD?


vandacca | 22 avril 2014

Actually, it's more like 12-15 months away by latest estimates. If lucky, there may be single-digit deliveries by Dec 2014 and a slow ramp-up starting in March/April. If you reserve a Model-X today, you're looking at Summer 2015 at the earliest. Like the software industry, these are best estimates, but delays usually set back these dates.


NumberOne | 22 avril 2014

It is possible that there will be a few working final proto-types in about 6 months. I was really excited and could not wait. Now I have resigned myself to the fact that in order for the car to be as good as it can be, I will have to wait. I already have the HPWC waiting. (TY 2013 was the last year for the tax credit on that.)

jjs | 22 avril 2014

Elon is the issue. He said as much in an interview (60 minutes I think). He is a perfectionist and wants the X to be as close to perfect as possible. He continues to tweak/improve the design. The S was shipped on time (al beit a little buggy) in order to keep the company alive. As long as they are solvent I expect Elon to continue to insist on near perfection. This will equate to delays. I would not be at all surprised to see one or two more delays on the X. That will cost them a few impatient disgruntled defectors in the short term and maximize the probability to success long term. IMHO

ronmerkord | 22 avril 2014

I have to think that the holdup is actually about the batteries. Right now, the bottleneck in producing the model S is the supply of batteries. Tesla has struck a deal with Samsung to be a second battery supplier, but that will take some time, and of course there is the battery gigafactory in the works. Right now, though, they can not bring on a new product line without sacrificing model S production numbers, which would spell disaster economically. Even admitting that they can't release the model X without cutting back on the model S production would look bad right now.

I can't wait to get our SigX (#1015), but there has to be an increased supply of batteries first.


gjunky | 25 avril 2014

They are already building the next production line which apparently will be capable (when finished) to produce both Model S and Model X.

LoganSully | 26 avril 2014

JJS: Kind of reminds me of Steve Jobs at Apple. A new product was never perfect enough for him. Sooner or later, though, tweaking has to stop and sales have to begin.

I also agree with ronmerkord.

jjs | 26 avril 2014

Yes, I think ronmerkord is correct as well. The gigafactory cannot be built fast enough.

paradis | 27 avril 2014

At the recent Hamilton supercharger event a couple of Tesla executives said the same thing: The current holdup is Elon & the design person tweaking the design as Elon wants the X to knock the public's socks off. They are still expecting deliveries to begin in earnest in early 2015. The new assembly line is almost complete and will build both S and X models. They expect to be able to build 600 X's per week almost right away.

Babyrocket | 27 avril 2014

I toured the factory 10 days ago and was shown the area where the Model X will be built, but at this point they have only cleared the space. No new assembly line has been built as of yet.

Orthopod | 27 avril 2014

Will they bring already existing robots of the Model S assembly line to the Model X assembly line or they have the produce and install the robots to create a total new assembly line? That's might play on time

DTsea | 28 avril 2014

They dont build their own robots.