Some Great Videos about Electric Cars

Some Great Videos about Electric Cars

I saw these on Twitter recently and thought they were pretty good, both technical aspects, a little bit of driving, and some other exhibitors from the BPI Conference they had recently in Michigan in case you missed it:

Ford Focus Electric:

AeroVironment Interview:

PWC Interview:

AMP Electric Chevy Equinox:

Governor of Michigan:

I'm excited to see what's released at the LA Auto Show, that's for sure. How about you guys?

Brian H | 3 novembre 2010

Waalll, I'm only mildly impressed. They make the design and range on the Tesla products look really good. The Focus Electric, e.g., is going to have to compete on price. 85-100 mi. is kinda weak.

Whistle | 4 novembre 2010

Agreed about the range. So far there aren't any real EVs with very high range. Even the Leaf has a pretty low range compared to any of Tesla's products.

Ishiwago | 4 novembre 2010

chevy volt's range is good. about the same as model S. 499km (but with a 1.4 petrol engine :P) I'm really surprised why they said it was electric in the first place. cant compare to tesla in any way.

Timo | 4 novembre 2010

Agreed. Volt is just one hybrid in all other hybrids around. Not the serial hybrid as it was originally claimed to be.

Pure serial hybrid could be said to be electric vehicle, because in that the generator (be it whatever) is doing what the battery pack is doing in BEV. In one way also FCV:s are all serial hybrids, they just use fuel cell in place of ICE. All electric cars are basically serial hybrids, in BEV it is just battery that does the job.

Sometime in future we might have fusion generators giving the power, and then it is again serial hybrid.

Basically if it is "energy source producing electricity-electric motor-wheels" then it is electric."