Sound Insulation Kit - standard with current shipments?

Sound Insulation Kit - standard with current shipments?

I noticed that one of the posters indicated that a "sound insulation kit" had recently been installed at his SC during the repair. According to the poster, these kits are are now "standard with current shipments".
I was wondering whether anyone who has had this kit installed during a service visit has noticed a reduction tire and road noise [especially with the 21 inch wheels and tires].

Tesltoronto | 16 juillet 2014

I thought that the insulation kit was only for the A/C noise. Does it cover road noise as well?

KidDoc | 16 juillet 2014

Almost 100% sure they are for the AC vibration/hum noise. Getting mine put in this weekend, can't wait it really is noisy here in Texas summer.

Tesltoronto | 17 juillet 2014

I wish there is something for the road noise and the 'Swoosh' sound. I can hear the traffic outside too!! :(

Need to talk to the SC in Toronto today.