Spare tire

Spare tire

Does this vehicle have a spate tire? Is it a run flat or regular tire?

jat | 21 février 2013

No. The expected option is a small compressor and a can of spray glue, and if that doesn't fix the problem a tow.

This has been discussed many many times before.

ed | 8 octobre 2013

The biggest problem I have with this car is the lack of a spare tire. I have had many flat tires in the past. My last one came last winter at 1:30 in the morning on one of the coldest nights of the year. Fortunately my Volvo carried a spare tire, if I was in the Tesla, I would have been really upset. Tesla needs to address this ASAP!

JPPTM | 8 octobre 2013

Many new cars do NOT come with spare tires due to space/weight/design limitations. Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, etc. Old news. If you cannot live without a spare, and must get a Model S, look into run flats (...which I despise).

J.T. | 8 octobre 2013

@ed@ees Tesla has addressed this issue. If you would like a spare tire and rim you can buy one. Then join AAA because you'll need them to jack the car and remove the lug nuts. The tire fits in the frunk tilted towards the front.

SCCRENDO | 8 octobre 2013

13000 miles and had my first flat experience last night. Got into my car at 7pm and got a very low tire pressure warning. Right rear tire was completely flat. My Tesla tire pump failed to inflate the tire. Tried the gel. Still no luck. The towing service was very efficient. Arrived with a flatbed in 30 mins. Also tried to pump up the tire with no luck. Basically took my key and safely delivered my car to Costa Mesa SC where it now sits. Would a spare have made a difference? Probably not. Although what would have happened if on a road trip in the middle of nowhere rather than being just 2 miles from my house as I was last night. Feel it was just bad luck but hope bad luck doesn't happen too often.

Bighorn | 8 octobre 2013

Right rears are notorious for picking up nails/screws. Usually, the leak is slow enough to catch. What was your downfall? Did you in fact get a "very low" warning or just a generic low pressure warning?

SCCRENDO | 8 octobre 2013

Drove to track 2 miles from home where I run. At the end of my run (it was already dark) got into my car and as started driving. got the very low tire pressure warning. Pulled over and took out my tire gauge but it was pretty obvious that the tire was completely flat. Got a pressure of 10-15 psi on the gauge. Neither the tow truck driver or myself could see anything obvious on the tire but would not take any air.

Bighorn | 8 octobre 2013

Whoever fixes should figure it out. Could you be down to the cords on the inner shoulder?

SCCRENDO | 8 octobre 2013

Had my 12000 mile service with tire rotation a week ago and all were at 9/32. Will post an update when I know. Car is being looked at as we speak.

redders | 8 octobre 2013

is the glue container in the Tesla pump package (in the accessories store)? Is it hidden somewhere that a dummy (me) can't find it? I used the pump to fix a slow flat off the "cigarette lighter" plug, and it was awesome, but I didn't see any glue.

redders | 8 octobre 2013

is the glue container in the Tesla pump package (in the accessories store)? Is it hidden somewhere that a dummy (me) can't find it? I used the pump to fix a slow flat off the "cigarette lighter" plug, and it was awesome, but I didn't see any glue.

SCCRENDO | 8 octobre 2013

Its in the cigarette lighter pump that Tesla sells. Its inside the pump. Need to connect the pump tube to an connector next to the clear tube and the end of the clear tube to the tire. The air then forces the glue like substance or gel into the tire. Seems like what I did, didn't work though

SCCRENDO | 8 octobre 2013

Update. Nothing wrong with my tire. Service center suspects vandalism. They pumped the tire up with no problem. Holding air. Unclear why neither I nor the tow guy could pump up the tire. Perhaps this is a lesson for me that I shouldn't be messing with things. No spare tire for me. But perhaps need to learn how to pump up tires LOL

Bighorn | 8 octobre 2013

9/32 after 12,000 miles and no puncture--you're doing something right!

ralsagoff | 8 octobre 2013

For those who want to buy & carry a spare tire, the problem then is what kind of jack do we use. Does Tesla sell a jack for the MS? Would like to hear from anyone that has experienced a flat with their MS that they changed themselves.

NumberOne | 8 octobre 2013

Often, tires that are low and do not have a puncture simply need their load removed in order to take air. This would mean jacking up that wheel an inch or two, so that the tire can expand freely.

J.T. | 9 octobre 2013

@ralsagoff I bought and carry a spare whenever I'm traveling more than 2 hours from home. I plan on calling AAA to jack the car and change the tire.

My feeling is that if the Tesla is a thinking man's car insomuch as you need to actually plan a trip due to the need to charge then getting stuck on a highway without a spare is not good planning.

mrspaghetti | 9 octobre 2013

@jtodman +1

NYC Realtor | 9 octobre 2013

aren't there some countries that mandate spare tire? If yes, does anybody know if Tesla makes a spare and jack for those?

J.T. | 9 octobre 2013

AFAIK Maryland has a requirement that some tire repair device has to be standard equipment, so Tesla supplies the pump and goop but the owner still pays for it.

carlk | 9 octobre 2013

@jtodtman Spare tire or run flat will not have the range to let you drive back home if a flat happened far away. You would have to get the tire fixed or replaced anyway. If carrying a spare makes you feel better then go ahead do it. The car I'm driving for the last six years does not have a spare and I never thought it's an issue.

dborn | 9 octobre 2013

Bottle jacks take up little room and have high capacity. I think it is a requirement that cars carry a spare in Australia, but since we don't have our cars yet, cannot say what Tesla does about it.

Roamer@AZ USA | 9 octobre 2013

You can always buy a rim and tire and strap it in the back if you need a spare. Or keep it in your garage and use it when you need it to get the car home.

Or get a second Tesla, then you can take a tire off your spare Tesla and use it to drive your other car home. On the way home you can stop at a tire place and get the tire fixed. Then when you get home put the tires back where they go.

So many ways to take care of a flat.

SCCRENDO | 9 octobre 2013

@carlk I have the same attitude and I don't think my recent experience has changed it. As even if I had a spare I would have still had to find my way to the service center the next day. the inability by me to pump up the tire with the Tesla pump and later the tow truck driver with his pump is a little disconcerting. If it was indeed because of the weight of the car some kind of jacking system may have proved useful.

8508BlueS | 9 octobre 2013

Of course I have not had a flat on a car in at least 10 years. I have had my Tesla since April and had a flat 3 weeks ago. The wife took it to a Goodyear place right next to the gym and after an hour the manager called and told her to come get it because they couldn't figure out how to jack up the car! Since it was a nail and a slow leak I took it to Freemont SC and they fixed it in about 90 minutes.

The leak is back in the same tire! I printed off the jacking instructions for the Goodyear place. The biggest problem they may have had is with the active air suspension. IT MUST BE DISABLED PRIOR TO JACKING UP THE CAR!

Hopefully they can fix the tire or replace it. (These are the 19" not the 21" which I hear are hard to source.)

SO, print out the jacking instructions in the online manual and put them in your glove box in case you need them. Page 31 of the manual.

Keep grinning!

J.T. | 9 octobre 2013

@carlk How could a spare not have the same range as all the other tires on the car?

J.T. | 9 octobre 2013

@SCCRENDO If you had a spare and the road guy could figure out how to change it there would be no rush to go to a service center. Any tire dealer can fix a Goodyear.

riceuguy | 9 octobre 2013

@jtodtman, I believe his point is that non-full size spares and run-flat tires are both limited to 50 miles of use.

J.T. | 9 octobre 2013

@riceuguyj Thanks for the clarification. My spare is a 19" Goodyear.

SCCRENDO | 9 octobre 2013 Does it fit in your frunk?

J.T. | 9 octobre 2013

Yes, tilted up towards you.

Babyrocket | 9 octobre 2013


Can you provide a link to the spare (wheel and tire) that fits in the frunk? I might pick one up for long trips. I'm assuming a bottle jack will fit in the frunk recess also.

Thanks -

J.T. | 9 octobre 2013

I bought the 19" rim from Tesla for $275.00 + tax and the tire from my local discount store who charged me 180 inclusive of balancing and tax. The tire was the same Goodyear Eagle that's my car came with.

I also carry the slime pump and goop. I do not carry a 1/2 ton jack though I read on the forum that someone does. Be aware that the lug nuts are torqued to 130 ft/lbs. so you won't be able to use a regular lug wrench. Instead I carry my AAA card.