Speaking of apps ...

Speaking of apps ...

For just 99¢, your iPhone4 (Android soon) can give you a blood alcohol check (if administered by a non-wobbly sober person) before you take your electric rocket out on the road: with this app.
"BreathalEyes is intended to give people who have been drinking a reasonable idea of how intoxicated they have become," says the team behind the development. A number of side-by-side comparison tests with a dedicated breathalyzer have been performed by the team. It is claimed that the app has consistently displayed results very close to the more expensive device, although there are numerous disclaimers in place to preempt unwelcome courtroom dramas.

The BreathalEyes app is available now for just US$0.99, and is compatible with iPhone 4 or later. Fans of Google's mobile OS can look forward to an Android version later in the year.

It could be made automatic; an on-board AI sez, "Face the screen camera, please...", then starts only if you're legal.

Sudre_ | 8 Janvier 2012

Cute idea but I don't think the Tesla has a camera.
Ah, got it.. "Go outside and face the backup camera, please." lol

hmmm.. that brings up an interesting question.
Years ago my dad got arrest for a DUI while changing his flat tire outside the house because the keys were in the ignition and the car was parked on a public street. He wasn't planning on going anywhere but that's how the law is written here is Missouri. How does that work with the Tesla?
Yes he got off but it cost a fortune in legal expenses.

Robert.Boston | 9 Janvier 2012

It would depend on the exact wording of the law, Sudre. A Model S key does not "go in" to anything in the car; it just sits in your pocket.

Alternatively, just don't change a tire while under the influence. Frankly, that sounds more dangerous than DUI.

Timo | 9 Janvier 2012

While changing tire you risk injuring yourself. While driving you risk others and yourself. Car is a deadly weapon while in motion. I'd say DUI is always more dangerous than changing a tire. You can be rather strongly under influence before changing tire becomes dangerous.

IMO DUI over 0.1% is comparable to attempted manslaughter. Penalties from that should be way more severe than they are. Way too many people lose their lives because drunk drivers.

dborn | 9 Janvier 2012

The "law" is an ass. Here in Australia, a while ago now, someone received compensation under third party motor vehicle law (compensates those NOT in control of the vehicle, like their passenger). Circumstances - on a farming property. Pick up stationary and parked. No driver in evidence. A rifle on the seat. someone leaned in to get something off the floor, rifle discharged causing serious injury. This, apparently, was "an injury arising out of, or use by a motor vehicle"!!! Compensation under workmen's compensation law, OK. But, from "use of a motor vehicle"? Nuts to the law, I say.

Robert.Boston | 9 Janvier 2012

@dborn: The bullet did emerge from "out of ... a motor vehicle." ;-)

EdG | 9 Janvier 2012

Asses always have feelings. Not so the law.

cerjor | 10 Janvier 2012

And speaking of aps. I saw one at the showroom for the iPhone that will do some control of the model s. I saw it check the temperature in the car and could adjust the heater or A/C accordingly. I hope someone will write the ap for my windows 7 phone.

discoducky | 10 Janvier 2012

+1 for WP7, both my wife and I have WP7 and I'm worried there won't be a WP7 app for Model S.

brianman | 10 Janvier 2012

+1 WP7

Volker.Berlin | 11 Janvier 2012

Here's an existing thread that discusses who'd like an app for which platform:

I seem to remember from some interview that Tesla is working on apps for all major platforms, i.e., iOS, Android, and WP. It just happened that the prototype (of the app) they show around is an iOS app. If it's important for you to know asap, you could add this question to the NAIAS thread.