Suggestion # 1 for Version 4.6 Software

Suggestion # 1 for Version 4.6 Software

Whenever I get in or out of my S, I manually raise the steering wheel to get more room to exit/enter. I suggest that TM program the steering wheel to raise up whenever the car is put into Park, and to revert to the passenger setting when taken out of park.

This will also help to remind the driver that the car is in park. On a couple of occasions, I have started to exit the car without taking it out of drive, causing the car to move forward. A bit absent-minded, but in such a fully automated car, not hard to do.

wcalvin | 30 juin 2013

Yes, one of the first things I noticed coming from a Lexus LS430.

ORWA | 30 juin 2013

Good suggestion. I've done the "forgot the car was in drive".

Tylyoung | 30 juin 2013

..... and the seat positioned for exit...
...selectable door handle presentation....
..... rated range miles needed to directly go to next supercharger location ..
.... an altimeter based on GPS location...
Maybe there's an app for that last one )P!

Fred O | 30 juin 2013

Can that be a software only update?

Alex K | 30 juin 2013

Please see the Prioritized Software Enhancement List where this is listed as item 5. c. Auto position seat/steering wheel for entry/exit, 486 (DouglasR & born, 10/17/12, MHWL)

rchiang | 30 juin 2013

ORWA: The car already puts itself on park if your on reverse and don't do anything about it. Just the other day I was reversing and the car automatic popped into Park and I jerked really hard. I though I hit something but when I looked on the rear camera there was nothing behind me.

Byong | 1 juillet 2013

@rchiang: were you leaning over to look out the back window? I've heard the Tesla will go to park if it thinks you have left the seat, so depending on how far you've leaned over, it will go to park.

elguapo | 1 juillet 2013

Others have suggested the short term fix of creating an additional user profile called "Exit" and setting the seat position all the way back, steering wheel up and back, etc.

brian | 11 juillet 2013

I would like to see a way to end my phone call from the steering wheel. I found its inconvenient to touh the phone icon to end. Also am I crazy or is there not a way to store favorites in GPS

Babyrocket | 11 juillet 2013

You can end a phone call by pressing the top button on the righthand side of the steering wheel (which brings up the call option menu), then pressing the middle button to end the call.

stimeygee | 11 juillet 2013

That link is not accessible if you're not listed as an owner; and Tesla seems to be ignoring requests for new owners to be out in the list. FYI.

Don't know whg the list says, but I'd guess the #1 update request by far would be a fix to the vampire load.

Ddowns2050 | 11 juillet 2013

Change the map on the nav so it isn't always north pointing up.

J.T. | 12 juillet 2013

Most requested software request is for backup camera guidelines, by far.

dirkhh | 12 juillet 2013

@Alex K - that link tells me "access denied"

tobi_ger | 12 juillet 2013

dirkhh: only for owners/reservation holders?

Brian H | 12 juillet 2013

Google nav is always N up, and the dash map is direction up. The refresh on the large touchscreen would impose too much instant to instant redraw.

dirkhh | 12 juillet 2013

@tobi_ger: I'll be an owner in about a couple of hours :-)
Maybe then the magic hidden files will become visible to me?

tobi_ger | 12 juillet 2013

AFAIK from other topics, you might have to contact ownership to activate/setup your account, i.e. it's not done automatically.

dirkhh | 12 juillet 2013

Well, the contact link that I get when trying to access the prioritized feature list leads to a failure page :-)

Alex K | 12 juillet 2013

@dirkhh | JULY 12, 2013: @Alex K - that link tells me "access denied"

Email and let them know you need access to the private forum threads. They should automatically turn it on for reservation holders and customers, but appear to be falling down on the job.

dirkhh | 13 juillet 2013

Yep, did that, have access now. Thanks!