Suggestions on making the Model S better

Suggestions on making the Model S better

Like you, I love my Model S. I know about the few suggestions to improve the experience- trunk lights, rear upholders, etc. but there are other small changes I would like to suggest as well. One in particular that irks me is that adjusting the seat position requires me to squeeze into the driver's seat in the position that my more petite wife uses when she drives. Can't seat adjustment settings be included as a function on the app to solve this problem? More generally, other similar problems should have a suggestion box where owners can bring them to the company's suggestion. How about a suggestion box on the website for members to access and use? Steven W

PaceyWhitter | 2 août 2014

When the MS was first announced, seat profiles were supposed to be linked to specific fobs. I guess that was harder than they thought as this has yet to be implemented. I assume they will get it done eventually.

Captain_Zap | 2 août 2014

I definitely agree on the trunk lighting.

Rear cupholders would be a waste of space in my eyes. I think that cupholders in the rear should be optional if Tesla does choose to offer them.

People have been adapting to the driver's seating position situation by creating an "Exit" profile that moves the seat back. The trick is getting the last user to remember to use it. | 2 août 2014

I started one about 18 months ago. You can add new suggestions and vote on existing ones.


Also see:

For how to suggest features in other ways, and why some are ignored.

Captain_Zap | 2 août 2014

@ Pacey

I wondered how the fobs would chose who the driver would be if two people with fobs approached the car.

I suppose the one with the strongest battery would win.

Bighorn | 2 août 2014

The seat moves back by pushing a very accessible button on the side of the seat eliminating any need to squeeze in. I'm not saying it's ideal. Others develop exit profiles so the seat is pushed back for the next occupant.

I'm guessing info about the multiple places to offer suggestions is fully covered in JT's intro for newbies thread.

PaceyWhitter | 2 août 2014

If I designed it I would create a priority system. Only go to profile 2 if fob 2 was present and fob1 was not.

mchelatao | 2 août 2014

I agree asto the seat profiles on the app. Also I'd like to see more driving controls with the profile. My wife likes creep and I do not.

johncrab | 2 août 2014

Seat profiles would be nice. Trans Warp Drive would be even better. I need to go back in time and beat up a certain algebra teacher in his prime so he could appreciate the righteous kicking for all it's worth.

mallynb | 2 août 2014

1. See bighorn's suggestion above.
2. The seats are hard. They transmit every small jolt from tar strips and the like to our sensitive backs. I would replace them if Tesla ever offers better ones.

Bighorn | 2 août 2014

As I suspected, from JT's TIPS thread, for the clearly imperiled:

Got an Idea?

Post it here:

Software Suggestions from owners are voted on here: (Created by Rod and Barbara)

Also read this:

Lots of great stuff here:

NEW QnA site with SEARCH developed by nickjhowe.

For a look at the progress Tesla Motors (TM) has made on improvements take a look at the punch list started in July 2012 by ddruz:

Tesla built a car not a perpetual motion machine. Solar panels, wind turbines and super magnets are not going to change that.

LEvans | 2 août 2014

I actually wish the seat controls were on the door like in Mercedes vehicles. It is so easy and intuitive as the controls are shaped like a car seat and you don't have to feel around the switches on the side. It also looks nice at night with the ambient lighting illuminating the outline of the seat controls. It's especially intuitive for someone new who gets in the car and wants to move the seat a bit.

Maybe a future software version will allow the seats to be controlled via the center touch screen so you can adjust the seat controls by moving around a representation of the seat sort of like how the sunroof works...

michael1800 | 2 août 2014

Check out the "Contact" page on the main Tesla Motors site. Select Owner Feedback in the drop down.

2050project | 3 août 2014

@wilkins.randi - there is some trunk/frunk lighting solutions in the aftermarket:

And, and handy rear seat upholder solutions that integrates into the arm rests:

Also, per above, I also think Teslatap is the best place to recommend solutions, great site to check out aftermarket ideas and custom solves...

Brian H | 4 août 2014

As Bighorn suggests, the side seat buttons eliminate any need to squeeze. It's hard to believe anyone who sees and knows about the buttons would go thru that.

achilles992000 | 4 août 2014

no key or fob option.
can use fingerprint technology or voice instead to open doors or start the car.

carlk | 4 août 2014

@C_Z That's likely the reason. It can create more problems than help. The other car I have that tie the fob to driver profile I need to push a botton on the fob to enter the car.

J.T. | 4 août 2014

@Achilles And retina scan to get into the glove compartment.:-}

How expensive do you want this car to be?

KdotB | 4 août 2014

I can deal with cupholder placement. If the center armrest was maybe 4-5" longer I wouldn't be considering the center console. But I wish there was a fold-out compartment to the left of the steering wheel (for spare change). Right now it's just empty space. The seat pockets just don't cut it....I've asked my wife to get me a small change purse until I decide if I want the console (with a 2015 delivery).

hcwhy | 4 août 2014

I'd like it if the volume on the radio could go a little bit higher...maybe all the way to 13.

Bighorn | 4 août 2014

If you boost all your equalizer settings, you can get to 13!

hcwhy | 4 août 2014

@ Bighorn
Cool...I'll give it a try. Thanks

KdotB | 4 août 2014

Has anyone tried the Contra code yet? Hmmmmm, I'll report back!

Brian H | 5 août 2014

The handle on the door is triple duty. Door. Grab handle. Coin holder (even has a non-skid bottom.)