SWAP: "Oh ye of little faith"

SWAP: "Oh ye of little faith"

It funny how everybody is always underestimating Elon and he has done everything he has said he would. The media, Wall Street, OPEC and the big auto manufactures have all suffered because they didnt believe in him. I'm stunned that he is receiving so much criticism from so many owners on this idea. I for one will not bet against this unforeseen possibility as an option in the future. The past odds are in my favor that Elon will do what he said.

If it is a marketing gimmic, big deal. I didn't buy it thinking I would be offered a swap option.

Common sense: Elon is the greatest CEO living.
*I believe he is the only man on the planet who has founded and managed 3 companies that have gained a billion dollar value each from three separate industries in less then 15 years.

Mark Z | 23 juin 2013

All the batteries have died in my ICE cars, requiring a battery recharge before starting. Took the dusty Escalade to the car wash and decided to finally fill it up weeks after a cross country trip. Took 3 minutes to add 18 gallons, but add another 3 minutes to walk the cash in and finally pick up change. With credit card pricing at a premium, you have to add that time to the cash transaction. The Tesla Station Battery Swap on cross country trips will be a convenient and flexible option instead of waiting for a charge. Battery swapping solves the final resistance to an electric vehicle when in a hurry to "fill up." Elon has announced this option at the right time, as the icing on the cake. The foundation of Tesla vehicles is charging overnight at home. The SuperChargers have given us the flexibility to drive our Model S cars further on battery power alone with only a short wait to charge. With the battery swap, a coast to coast journey could be made in record time. Who ever would have imagined it? Elon Musk!

skymaster | 23 juin 2013

Elon stated to the effect "we don't know what we will want in the future".

This guy really makes you think...

gianni.terragni | 23 juin 2013

Already at the beginning of the design of the "S" Elon said that the battery and the location of the same would have been designed for a quick and easy replacement. This he had said this he did. For me, the only question was when he would. Now I know, at the right time!

Jolinar | 23 juin 2013

yes, battery swap is cool idea, I really like it. But I'm worrying about price per swap. I really doubt that people will pay 60+ per swap... Maybe twice just to try it out or when in super hurry, but not on regular basis.

hsadler | 23 juin 2013

Isn't it 4 companies?

carlk | 23 juin 2013

@skymaster It's been said great people don't try to predict the future. They create the future. A good example is Steve Jobs gave people what he thought they should use while those (unsuccessful) competitors were still trying to predict what the market would like.

Brian H | 23 juin 2013

ICE drivers pay that and more for EVERY fill-up. What's the problem?