Tax Credit Question

Tax Credit Question

This may not be a question the community can answer, but I'll throw it out there anyway:

I have an urgent need for tax credits in 2011, which happily coincides with my interest/desire/infatuation with getting a Model S. However, I can't quite justify a Signature Series and with the Model S not being delivered until 2012 (and mid to late 2012 at that, given I haven't put down my reservation $ yet), is there anything I can do to trigger the tax credit in 2011 rather than 2012?

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance

Thomas19 | 15 août 2011

The only way to qualify for the tax credit in 2011 is to purchase a Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf or GM Volt this year (2011).

William13 | 15 août 2011

My concern is if the tax credit goes away as a result of the budget deal that congress will work on this fall. Anyone else with concerns?

discoducky | 15 août 2011

No concern here as the rebate is has unilateral support in congress.

Brian H | 20 août 2011

Disco, "unilateral" means one-sided, = one party. Were you trying to say "bilateral"?

Brian H | 20 août 2011

OT, but in the General forum, all my post replies now get "...spam/denied#comment-form" phony maintenance screens.

Brian H | 20 août 2011

Looks like the filter system has been overcranked and many replies are getting a phony maintenance screen.

Timo | 20 août 2011

Maybe "unanimous" was the intended word?