Tax Rebate

Tax Rebate

Will the 7500 still be in effect when the X comes out, or is it all based on if Tesla sells 200,000 cars by then ?

Brian H | 24 septembre 2013

There is some talk of increasing that number to 500,000.

ian | 24 septembre 2013

I wouldn't worry about that too much. I highly doubt Tesla could even make that many cars by then.

Code4Ever | 24 septembre 2013

I am guessing if you got a Model S in 2013 , you could get the X in 2014/15 and get the same rebate ?

Let's say 20,000 cars for Model S this year (US only) and say 30,000 next year and 10,000 Model X by end of 2014 around 70,000 so that should clear.

AlMc | 25 septembre 2013