Telsa needs to make an RV: Tesla Model R

Telsa needs to make an RV: Tesla Model R

My beautiful wife is the smartest person I have ever met. Ivy league college, successful in her career, a perfect mother... the list goes on. The tough part: she is the daughter of a world economist (cheap). With all those brains, she hasn't quite seen the logic of a Model S over my eco pig SUV. When the topic of new car comes up? her brain is thinking KIA, Hyundai.

When I buy my ideal model S, i fairly sure she is going to make me go sleep somewhere else (and i'm not quite sure for how long). Tesla needs to make and RV. I think a three month charge would be just about right.

Maybe Elon could have the programmers make a application that sends flowers every day...

KOL2000 | 20 mai 2013

Trade the wife for the tesla. Zero maintenance, quiet, great curves, and can be turned on or off at will.

What more do you want.

shop | 20 mai 2013

Hmmm - I wonder if the future of Tesla is to sell platforms for manufacturers. A battery powered RV actually makes sense. Not economically feasible today mind you, but in ten years? Tesla could make a generic "RV platform" that contains the motor, battery pack and control electronics, and let the RV companies customize their RVs as they do today.

negarholger | 20 mai 2013

RV idea is an old but good idea. You can sleep in the back with rear seats down, put a foldable kitchen in the little hole in the trunk and the frunk is perfect for a poti and/or satelite dish. Benefit you can charge at RV parks and you are allowed to sleep in it... because it is an RV.
Any idea for a name ?

Brian H | 21 mai 2013

The question is how much per dollar spent do you get. No amount spent on KIAs or HYUNDAIs will buy the silent therapeutic power and joy of driving a Model S.

You're probably investing in a longer, happier life. And after a decade or so of pleasure, you'll probably be ahead economically, too. See for a few lines of evidence.

HenryT2 | 21 mai 2013

I don't think you can win this argument based on the economics of a Tesla vs. a Kia. See if you can balance the equation by foregoing another luxury. Food? Medical care? ;-)

Velo1 | 21 mai 2013

Always keep in mind that it is easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Place your reservation now, go for it, don't think, just do it.

Brian H | 21 mai 2013

Economics is based on the concept of "goods", which is anything, tangible or otherwise, anyone is willing to pay for. Contemplate that for a while.

Sudre_ | 21 mai 2013

I am surprised no one has mentioned getting the wife a test drive. Many have changed their minds after taking the car for a spin. A friend of mine's wife is looking for a new car and I showed her my S. She refused to drive it because she knew what would happen next.

ChristianG | 22 mai 2013

If she's in for Kia she'll not fall for a test drive. In that case she wants to go from A to B cheap and doesn't care much how. So silence and acceleration will probably not impress her much. as they are nice to have luxury features. No matter how you turn and twist it, the model is an expensive luxery-sport sedan. So from an economical point of you you'll never get her.

one way I see is get her over the game changing aspect of the car and it leading to cheap economical car and your 'priviledge' as a high earner to contribute to that.