Tesla March Madness bracket: VOTE !!!

Tesla March Madness bracket: VOTE !!!

Tesla vs Apple

It is currently 52% to 48%. Vote for Tesla so we make the next round.

NKYTA | 19 mars 2014


But how can one pick either BofA or Exxon! Truly horrible.

PapaSmurf | 20 mars 2014


NKYTA | 20 mars 2014

Heh, Tesla is leading in the semi's. Probably up against Google in the finals.

David Dennis | 20 mars 2014

I don't think I would have picked Tesla over Apple since the Tesla stock seems awfully expensive to me. It's "I love the company but maybe not at that price". Of course I was saying that since the stock was at $30 a share, and I certainly should have bought then! :)

Interesting in the end it's likely to be Tesla vs Google. An interesting matchup of two great tech companies ...


Brian H | 20 mars 2014

Tomorrow (Fri 21st) for the Final!

PapaSmurf | 20 mars 2014

Tesla vs Google in the final starting at 8 am tomorrow. Don't forget to vote.

Email the link to your known Tesla friends. Vote from home, vote from work, vote from your phone, vote from your tablet. Start a network tethered from your phone so you have a new IP address, etc.

PapaSmurf | 21 mars 2014

It is currently tied 50% to 50% with 228 votes.

Tesla vs Google in the finals.


NKYTA | 21 mars 2014

I think I moved the bar by 1% :-)

Don't forget that you can use different browsers on the same computer. Safari/FF/Chrome/etc

kback | 21 mars 2014

Tesla up 51% to 49%. Everybody vote!

PapaSmurf | 21 mars 2014


53% Tesla
47% Google

Vote closes soon. Get in there.

PapaSmurf | 24 mars 2014 | 24 mars 2014

Was there any doubt?