Tesla Model X Marketing Opportunity

Tesla Model X Marketing Opportunity

During Tesla’s 2013 shareholder meeting, Elon Musk aptly described the actions of legislators and auto dealer unions towards Tesla as a “perversion of democracy.” Mr. Musk also said that if he saw these things happening to a company he would fight very hard to sell that company’s product. Tesla is an amazing and inspiring company, so I would like to do my part.

The Sundance Film Festival is held every year in Park City, or about 25 minutes Southeast of downtown Salt Lake City. It is one of the most popular independent film festivals on the planet. Hordes of celebrities and movie enthusiasts from all over the world come every year to watch films, shop on Main Street, ski, and attend other miscellaneous Sundance events. Because of the diversity of the attendees, Sundance gives Tesla the opportunity to reach many different desired demographics at once.

If Tesla were to let people test drive the Model X (and S) near events, or even sponsor events during the festival it could gain extensive exposure to celebrities, wealthy and environmentally-conscious individuals, and residents of Utah. Many Sundance events are held in downtown Salt Lake City, and these events would be even cheaper to host or sponsor than the ones in Park City. They could also reach many of the same people for even less.

Outside of the wealthy, everyone in Park City (not to mention Salt Lake City) will want a Model X because of the large family sizes here and the long winters. People hate driving during winter storms as it is, and the concept of a roomy, all-wheel drive car that you can take directly home and charge without having to stop at a gas station during inclement weather is a dream come true. Further, the roominess of the Model X would be easily marketable to skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

I wager there will also be a large demand here for the Model S, especially considering its performance in winter conditions. Utah has five national parks (Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Arches) and over three dozen state parks that are some of the best in the world. It looks like Tesla’s superchargers will cover the whole state by the end of 2014, which means that anyone who buys a Model S could travel to any of these parks for free.

Currently, few people I talk to here in Utah know about Tesla, and even fewer know about the Model X. This lack of knowledge about Tesla surprises me, as Utah is a very environmentally-conscious and technologically apt state with a need for cars like the Model X and Model S. Everyone I have shown the cars to has wanted one, and one of my colleagues is so excited that they are going to reserve a Model X as soon as they sell one of their other cars.

Tesla Motors is an amazing company with many accomplishments still dripping with potential. I am sure that they do not need my advice, but I wanted to bring these specific opportunities to their attention. I am still an engineering student, but when I graduate the very first thing I buy will be a Tesla. Please know that many of your loyal customers (and future customers) have your back and we will do what we can to help you succeed.

Also, if there are other fellow Utahns or people who frequent Sundance on these forums, perhaps you can further elaborate or support my case. :)

jjs | 2 juin 2014

As an engineering student you show a fairly unique combination of clarity of thought, ability to communicate and, if you are watching share holder meetings, an interest in business.

That indicates to me that your future is very bright. Best of luck to you.

As for your idea, Tesla employees do monitor this forum and occasionally act on the information therein.

Brian H | 2 juin 2014

How's the grapevine there? TM's mode of marketing is "word of mouth", seeded with MS owners. Talk it up if you want to play!

MSGibbs | 4 juin 2014


Thank you, what a nice thing to say. :)

I really hope they do check the forums, as I could easily see the opportunities and exposure at Sundance leading to many hundreds of reservations or more.

@Brian H

The people that know about Tesla here think it is great, but sadly there are not many here who do. As I said, it surprises me because Utah is definitely a state whose residents could fully utilize the features of both models.

That being said, I make sure to recommend Tesla any chance I get. We have a service center opening here soon, and hopefully an actual store soon after. I believe Utah is one of those states that requires a service center be present before companies can sell their cars. I am sure that once people can see one up close, word will spread like wildfire.

Brian H | 8 juin 2014

I asked how effective your state's grapevine is, since that's how people are "sold" on Tesla.

MSGibbs | 9 juin 2014

@Brian H

Apologies, I thought you meant how often the Model S was the subject of the grapevine in Utah.

I would say the grapevine here is very effective. There are many wants and needs that Utahns have in common, and effective products aimed at those needs are promoted via word of mouth both quickly and effectively. Preparing for weather extremes and an affinity for multiple outdoor activities are but two of the things most Utahns share.