Tesla Personal Delivery thoughts

Tesla Personal Delivery thoughts

This thread could be a place to share thoughts and ideas about what we hope Tesla Personal Delivery could be. How about:

(a) delivered with license plate(s) or temporary sticker? Will the front license plate be installed (or not, as "would make us smile") as part of the TPD?

(b) how large a fleet of delivery trailers they will need? Could be quite a few if most of the 2012 5k/ 2013 20k owners choose TPD. The logistics here seem significant.

(c) how long would you expect to spend on your TPD? Training for the owner and spouse, obviously. Who else?

(d) where would you have your TPD that would "make you smile"?

TonyF | 13 juillet 2012

I heard there will soon be a Tesla store opening about 15 minutes from me in King of Prussia, PA. I would consider having my delivery there as a way to start my relationship with the 'local' Tesla folks. That would "make me smile".

BYT | 13 juillet 2012

(a) Plates come from the DMV so it would be some temporary placard I would imagine. I was told that even here in CA where it is law to have it, we can opt not to install a front plate mount.

(b) I don't think for a while that they will need a fleet of delivery trailers, at least not while they are shipping out the Signatures.

(c) How much time, hmmm, depends on how much he has to share but I don't want to take too much time chatting as it will cut into drive time! :D

(d) Because of my proximity to Fremont (that's with 1 "e" folks), I will pick my car up there and drive her home! HUGE SMILES :D

Slindell | 13 juillet 2012

Going with "delivery fleet", I'm going to need to know how much space I have to provide Tesla when it delivers. My job's parking lot is only so big.

dahtye | 13 juillet 2012

I'm leaning toward delivery to my home even though I live only 25 minutes from Fremont. I'd like to see the factory, but hope there will be other factory events for Model S owners. I assume the S will arrive fully charged.

I thought briefly about delivery at work, but I really want my wife and kids to be part of the delivery process (if the kids aren't in school at the time).

The HPC apparently will be shipped to my home for installation (I saw a shipping charge on my MVPA for the HPC) - not sure when it will arrive in relation to my S being delivered though. Seems like I'll need to contact Solar City to get my electricity set up properly once the HPC does arrive.

Regarding front license plate: I've been driving my Pilot around for 10 years now and have never been stopped by cops asking about it. However, I did get a "fix it" ticket while parked in Long Term Parking at LAX a few years back - cost me $40 to clear it, but I still didn't put the front plate on. I'm leaning toward not putting one on my Model S.

I'm assuming delivery would be at least 30 minutes to run though all the features and time for questions. But I'll make sure I take the day off to have time to drive it around - maybe take it for a spin in the hills.

Epley | 13 juillet 2012

I'm thinking of making an event of it--have it delivered someplace high profile like the Space Needle...

pilotSteve | 13 juillet 2012

regarding (a): when I bought my BMW 5 years in Oregon, the dealer had a stack of about 10 plates in the office, attached my sticker to the plate and plate to the car! Done deal!

I asked about that and he indicated it was not officially sanctioned but they had a trusted relationship with DMV so they could have 10-15 plates and stickers in their inventory.

Idea for you Tesla? (I know, not a big deal but its another chance to stand above the dealerships)

Soflauthor | 13 juillet 2012

At this stage, I'm more interested in what happens in the weeks before the TPD.

- Will a buyer get a formal notice indicating that his/her car is actually being built? Will there be a way to track the progress of the build and the transit of the car to the buyer's location?
- What is the procedure for getting a "trade-in" car evaluated and valued? And by whom?
- How is trade-in credit assigned to the final purchase agreement (in order to reduce sales tax in FL)?
- How long before TPD will a buyer be contacted to indicate earliest delivery date?
- When/how will paperwork required for transferring license plates be executed?

In one of his blog postings over the next 8 weeks, it might be nice if George B. provides answers to some or all of these questions.

dahtye | 13 juillet 2012

+1 Soflauthor! These are great q's that I'd like answered as well.

BYT | 13 juillet 2012

This might help a little, I just received my e-mail that my paperwork is in, I am now committed to my Model S purchase (this is the text from the Tesla Motor's e-mail):

"Your Model S Order
Your paperwork is complete

We have received and countersigned your Pre-Delivery Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement. We recommend downloading a copy and saving it for future reference.

About a month before delivery, your Delivery Specialist will contact you to arrange delivery and payment."

So there you have it, you get a month's notice... :)

nickjhowe | 13 juillet 2012

@Soflauthor - there was a comment elsewhere on the forum that Autonation is being used for the trade in process.

Brian H | 13 juillet 2012

(c) 'Yeah, yeah, I know all that stuff! Anything else, that's not in the manual? No? Bye!' ~~~SwIsH~~~

jbunn | 13 juillet 2012

+1 Brian.

Keys? Thanks! Get outa my car now!

BYT | 14 juillet 2012

I do almost feel qualified to be a TPD at this point... :)

Rod and Barbara | 14 juillet 2012

Here is a little more insight on the delivery process. We are Special Signature #4. On July 6 we received an email from a Tesla Delivery Experience Specialist saying he anticipates our car being ready for delivery the week of July 29 through August 4. The email included the following questions:

“1. Are you available to take delivery from 7/29/12 through 8/4/12? Do you have any vacation or travel planned during this time? Whatever your schedule, we are happy to accommodate and set a delivery date convenient for you. (Note: The Delivery Team will contact you a little over a week in advance to set the specific date and time)

2. Where would you like to take delivery of your Model S? We can deliver to your home, office, favorite restaurant, nearest Tesla Service Center, or a location of your choice. (Note: There may be additional tax implications if you choose to have your car delivered to a location other than your registration address.)

3. Tesla Motors provides financing options. If you are interested in financing your Model S with Tesla’s help, please contact the Tesla Credit Team at

4. Tesla Motors has partnered with AutoNation Direct to facilitate trade in vehicles. Are you interested in trading in a vehicle? (If yes, please indicate whether the trade in is a Tesla Roadster or if it’s a non-Tesla vehicle, the year, make and model)

5. Certain states require a front license plate bracket. Some owners choose not to include this. Would you like a front license plate bracket installed on your Model S pre-delivery?”

We are having our Model S delivered to our home and chose to have the front license plate bracket installed pre-delivery. We are not financing our purchase and not trading in a vehicle so we can't comment on that process.

Liz G | 14 juillet 2012

@Rod and Barbara

After you get your S would you be kind enough to upload a picture of it with the front license plate installed.


Rod and Barbara | 14 juillet 2012

Liz G, yes, I'll post a picture. I didn't think the look of the front plate at the June 22 delivery event was all that great, but I'm just a follow-the-rules kind of guy (as long as the rule isn't at odds with my morals and ethics).

pilotSteve | 14 juillet 2012

@Rod and Barbara - great information, thanks. Would love to read about your experience. Congrats, its just a few short weeks away!

JoeFee | 14 juillet 2012

@Rod and Barbara

Thanks for the update .... mine's not till Oct S1092!

Brian H | 14 juillet 2012

Could you reiterate for us the SSL definition and qualifications? There's some confusion about that and the R category and so on, when trying to project delivery schedules. My (vague) understanding was that both were "Roadster owners, family, and friends", with the SSL being Sig purchasers and the R being Production buyers. Is that correct to the best of your knowledge?

Rod and Barbara | 14 juillet 2012

@ Brian H - My understanding is that Roadster owners with a Signature reservation are on the Special Signature List (SSL) and will have their cars delivered before the other Signature (S) reservation holders. Roadster owners, or individuals invited to purchase a Model S by a Roadster owner under the Family and Friends program, which ended June 30, 2009, with a production reservation are on the Roadster (R) list and receive their cars after the Signature cars, but before the normal Production (P) reserved cars. Of course, production issues such as battery sizes, air suspension, etc could alter this planned delivery sequence for individual cars. I am not familiar with how a family and friends Signature reservation was handled. I suspect they were put on the SSL, but I don’t have any personal experience with that situation. And, finally the legal disclaimer – this is my understanding, but I don’t have an official Tesla source I and cite that describes this information.

Brian H | 14 juillet 2012

Yes, that agrees with what I remembered/figgered. That would mean you are #4 of all non-Founder deliveries, I believe.

Brian H | 14 juillet 2012

I note also that your notification came a bit less than a month before the delivery date, so that period may be somewhat compressible. It's all good!

brianman | 14 juillet 2012

@Rod and Barbara - Thanks for sharing the info.

Any chance either of you (or one of your children) is up for taking a video when you take delivery? I'm sure you'll probably want to edit out some of it, but it would be fun to watch whatever you feel like sharing.

Rod and Barbara | 15 juillet 2012

@ brianman – We don’t feel comfortable taking a video of the delivery process, but we will post pictures and a description of the process.

One thing I forgot mention in my previous post is that the Roadster HPC to Model S adaptor is available for purchase and delivery with your Model S. The cost of the adapter is $650. We are having an adaptor delivered with our car. However, you need to ask about adapter. The availability of the adapter for purchase and delivery was not mentioned in the original Tesla email from our Delivery Experience Specialist.

Larry Chanin | 15 juillet 2012


- What is the procedure for getting a "trade-in" car evaluated and valued? And by whom?
- How is trade-in credit assigned to the final purchase agreement (in order to reduce sales tax in FL)?

I was told that even though we signed the MVPA it is still a preliminary document. I did an electronic signing and my signed document, a pdf, still has an "In Process" watermark on it.

About 30 days prior to delivery the Delivery Specialist will inform us where to take our existing cars for an evaluation of trade-in value. A new MVPA is then prepared with the trade-in value inserted in line 1.G. of the document to replace the current value of zero where it is netted out of the Total Cash Price of the car.


brianman | 15 juillet 2012

No worries, R & B. Thanks in advance for the photos.

Soflauthor | 15 juillet 2012

@Larry C,

Thx for the info.

I was reminded above that AutoNation is the org that values the car. I'll jump on their web site to get an approximate valuation.

jerry3 | 15 juillet 2012

If so, that pretty well defeats the "better experience than a dealer". At least for the trade-in part. I was kind of expecting that you would give them the model and year and you would get the KBB value with no hassles. AutoNations valuation will be wholesale price at best.

Brian H | 16 juillet 2012

The KBB is what the new owner should pay, no? If you sold direct to one, that's fine. But the middle-man has to get a slice, too, or why would he bother?

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 16 juillet 2012

Only slightly off topic, but wouldn't it be fun to get your Model S delivered at a Hummer dealer?

Clearly, not a helpful suggestion, but talk about polar opposites!

BYT | 16 juillet 2012

@Mike_ModelS_P457, a few others might be

Fisker Karma dealership

That one Overpriced Gas Station (we all know of one I think)

Any Big Oil Headquarters

Your State Capital (that is a statement there)

One of Mitt Romney's Bus Stops (to remind people we need to stop funding big oil as he plans to do more of and leave Tesla Motors alone about their government loan as they are doing their part and are an example of a responsible business)

At the office would be fun too however, if it was coming during the summer schedule and I work at a school, I would organize a big BBQ and make an event of it (since more then half (if not all by the time I get the car) of my co-workers have already hit me up for rides)

BYT | 16 juillet 2012

Sorry, went crazy with the ")" :))

Teoatawki | 16 juillet 2012

Wherever makes you smile....

I'm volunteering at a camp near Ellensburg, WA this week. I'll also be here for a week in August and a long weekend too. It'd be awesome to get the car here and they have 30A hookups for charging. Because Lazy F camp is a place that definitely makes me smile!

Sadly, it looks like it will be in September when I finally get delivery.

Volker.Berlin | 16 juillet 2012

I'm torn between Sindelfingen, Munich and Zuffenhausen. Since those three locations are only 160 miles apart, I may actually be able to do all three of them in course of the "training".

Nah... I'll probably keep that trip as an invited ride for some journalist who could then do an interview with some representative at each stop. Yes, that will be fun! :-)

[If you are a journalist, apply now.]

cablechewer | 16 juillet 2012


I was told during the Washington test drive event that the cars will be delivered with a 50% charge. The cars delivered at the factory might get a full charge because there isn't transport and storage to consider.

I was considering getting the car delivered to a family member's driveway, but if it really at a 50% charge that will mean having to stay longer (after some demo drives) because they only have 110 volt outlets that the car could reach.

Jason S | 16 juillet 2012

Just visit the nearest 30 or 50A socket. Check one of the plug apps for one nearby your relatives.

MandL | 17 juillet 2012

That doesn't make any sense to me. Why on earth wouldn't they deliver it with a full charge? It's annoying enough to have to plug in your new (insert random battery operated device here) over night before you can play with it, but a new Model S? You've got to be kidding me.

Theresa | 17 juillet 2012

I am sure that the most they would charge it to would be the normal range 80% due to battery life issue. Maybe they are taking the safe route and expecting some drop in charge by the time it gets delivered so instead of disappointing people expecting a full charge you will be surprised when it arrives with a 70-75% charge.

Volker.Berlin | 17 juillet 2012

Theresa +1, exactly my thoughts.

Volker.Berlin | 17 juillet 2012

"Even if your Model S is fully loaded, it won't be fully charged..." ;-) SCNR

jerry3 | 17 juillet 2012


Presumably an allowance for middle-man trade in profit is part of the Model S' price.

dahtye | 17 juillet 2012

I would expect the Model S to be delivered on the back of a flat bed car carrier. Otherwise, the car will no longer be "new". It should have very few miles on it. So, I'd expect a close to full charge from the factory.

Theresa | 17 juillet 2012

So how much gasoline comes in your ICE car when you buy it new? I bet it isn't more than half a tank and probably less than that.

Teoatawki | 17 juillet 2012

I'm expecting an enclosed car transport trailer to my individual delivery location. I'd expect a bulk car carrier to transport a batch of cars from the factory to the local area before sending each one with a delivery specialist. As lithium batteries are generally transported with a 50% charge, that's about what I'd expect upon delivery. The absolute LAST thing they want to do is deliver a car with either full or near empty SoC, as that could degrade the battery pack

chrissam42 | 17 juillet 2012

I think it's simply a matter of physics. Lithium ion batteries maintain their charge best when about half full. So if it's going to be unplugged for an unknown amount of time, better to leave it in that state.

chrissam42 | 17 juillet 2012

Teoatawki beat me to it!

Brian H | 18 juillet 2012

jerry3 | July 17, 2012
Presumably an allowance for middle-man trade in profit is part of the Model S' price.

No chance! What about the buyers without a trade-in? Is there a trade-in-middleman-allowance in their purchase price, too? LOL

stevenmaifert | 18 juillet 2012

"I would expect the Model S to be delivered on the back of a flat bed car carrier. Otherwise, the car will no longer be "new". It should have very few miles on it." (dahtye)

Depends on your definition of 'new'. This article ( makes reference to a statement from Gilbert Passin, Vice President, Manufacturing, that "Each vehicle currently undergoes a 100-mile test by Tesla engineers after it leaves the assembly line". 100 miles seems a bit excessive to me, but if that amount of QA guarantees me a worry free car for years to come, I'm willing to live with it. I'm hoping they are just being overly cautious with the first deliveries and future road testing will be shorter.

dahtye | 18 juillet 2012

It could be that they do all this testing before they engage the Odometer (or they zero out the odo just prior to delivery). I would expect some amount of testing to be done and I'd rather have more testing than less.

Regarding my earlier post and 100% charge....
I live in the SF bay area - very close to Fremont (about 20 minutes across a bridge without traffic). My thought was they would charge it fully, then put it on a truck for personal delivery (within a day or two of charging). In other instances such as the east coast where travel distance will take days or weeks, I could understand the 50% charge. I guess I'm "hoping" I get a full charge at delivery.

The Toyota sale rep put in a full tank of gas in my Prius before he handed me the keys.

EdG | 18 juillet 2012

Tesla Motors says it's not good for the battery to keep it at 100% for any significant time.

If I lived next door to the factory, I would be pretty upset if they fully charged the battery before delivery. I'll spring for the pennies it would cost to bring it up to 80-90% or whatever the car thinks is right.