The Tesla Psychosis

The Tesla Psychosis

My MS is ordered, due for European delivery in September. On the face of it, now it’s just a matter of waiting. But there’s something weird going on here. I’m addicted to reading everything I can find on the MS. I’ve already had enough solar panels put on the house roof to offset my entire annual driving. I’m busy getting a charge point installed. My wife’s expecting to find me checking out carpet and curtains for the garage. I got into my trusty Jag XKR this morning, started it and thought how primitive it felt. (I mean, who “starts” a car any more?). Late at night I close my eyes and head off into Teslaland. And, to be honest, this is all based on an all-too-short morning driving a friend’s MS a few months ago.

Frankly it must be some kind of madness, I must be going crazy. After all it’s just a car, damn it. It’s just a method of traveling from A-B. So how on earth can I possibly be enslaved to the idea of a mere product? Am I a victim of brilliant marketing or is it something more?

On the other hand… I love the idea of being off the grid, driving on sunlight. And then there’s that ride, that’s stayed with me all these months. And there’s the quiet. And the acceleration. And the idea that this is how a car really SHOULD be… I guess I'm buying more than a car here, I'm buying into an entire philosophy.

But something else struck me after I ordered my MS: one of my kids died a few years ago and life has been nothing but grim since. Losing her took all of joy out of living, all the colour out of life. Ordering the MS has woken in me a sense of excitement that I’d forgotten existed. So I’m indulging my obsession. I’m allowing myself to read every word written here and head off to Teslaland at night. It may be some kind of psychosis, but my view is BRING IT ON.

And keep writing the interesting stuff, guys.

ppape | 18 juillet 2013

@mayowt. I might suggest browsing over the careers section of Tesla's website. Currently 259 job opportunities in California....Another 169 jobs in the US. And another 227 outside the US.

Tesla is looking for over 650 good people to help further the advent of electric transport........maybe you're one of them...

J. :-))

ian | 18 juillet 2013

I too finally watched Leilani's Teslive speach. I was very moved and even found myself tearing up at her words.

Interesting that this thread has moved into talk of working for Tesla. The psychosis is so strong in me that just yesterday I had my in person interview with the managers of the local store near me and the regional sales representative who happened to be in town for the ribbon cutting of the newest supercharging stations.

I think it went well but I won't know for sure until early next week.

I forgot to thank you all in my last post for making me feel somewhat normal as well as I think my wife is pretty sick of me spending so much time here on my most recent obsession. ;-)


EdieMilo | 18 juillet 2013


I wasn't going to say anything further, but I find I can't help myself. Your story just pulls me in :-)
I'm unfamiliar with medical practices in the Netherlands, but here in the states most "tears" can be repaired through laser surgery. Minimally invasive with a 2-3 week recovery time (tops) since there are no long incisions as in joint replacement surgeries. I would ask your current orthopedic surgeon about it and find one that does laser repair. It's soo worth it!

Your surgery and recovery would be totally complete by the time you took delivery of your Model S in sept :-)

Happy, healthy driving!!


rch1708 | 18 juillet 2013

Hi Edie, that's extremely interesting. Next appointment with the consultant is in a few weeks. Will definitely check it out.

My next thread could be called "How Tesla saved me from unnecessary surgery". See if I can beter the guy whose house didn't burn down... ;-)

cfOH | 18 juillet 2013

My next thread could be called "How Tesla saved me from unnecessary surgery". See if I can beter the guy whose house didn't burn down... ;-)

LOL! I hope so! :-)

Speaking of the psychosis, @mayowt's confession lead me to realize how utterly ridiculous my own situation is:
- I've had five electricians visit the house so far
- My all-weather Tesla floor and trunk mats arrived yesterday
- The Alloygators are sitting in the garage
- I have an appointment with the Opti-Coat installer
- I bought an 18650 cell to keep in the glovebox for show-and-tell
- I cleaned out the garage more than I ever have before
- I check the Tesla app at least once every day (...nothing!)
- I know some of you by name, but I can't remember my neighbor's
- I spend at least an hour a day between here and the TMC forum
- I'm organizing a Tesla owners meetup in late August
- I bought a pair of Pete's custom key fob cozies
and my car isn't being delivered until next week!

Psychosis indeed.

Bighorn | 18 juillet 2013

Mine is in labor as we speak and probably delivered to my home next week. Are you thinking group birthday parties yet? Maybe at Skyline?

cfOH | 18 juillet 2013

Twinsies! [gag]

Are you around Cincy, Bighorn?

Bighorn | 18 juillet 2013

No, Wyoming, but it wouldn't be the first time we've road-tripped to Cinci for a three-way (ahem)!

Brian H | 18 juillet 2013

NoMO and gone;
Don't be selfish. Display and give examples of your symptoms! Other lost souls may take comfort. (Or get worse, same diff). Give!

lolachampcar | 19 juillet 2013

You need a fix. If possible, find a local MS owner and buy them lunch.

rch1708 | 19 juillet 2013

Lola: what's worse, knowing what you're waiting for or not knowing? Wish there was a local owner for whom I could buy lunch without having to purchase a transatlantic flight ticket.

My in-laws live 1km from the Tesla 'factory' in Tilburg NL. Was visitng them this afternoon and had to work very hard NOT to go and hang out up the road at the gates, slobbering like a dog. I guess that the next time I'm there I won't be able to resist.

tobi_ger | 19 juillet 2013

you might consider contacting Athlon leasing company in the Netherlands and ask for a test drive (also their YT channel has plenty of dutch spoken videos from test drives in NL).

NomoDinos | 19 juillet 2013

Brian - bipolar moodswings after Model S sightings, going from maniacal happiness watching the silent poetry in motion to darkest depression when I remember that she is not mine.

Constant, OCD-like scouring of the internet for any new articles maligning or praising Tesla. Checking stock prices hourly not because of the money, but because it might be an indirect indicator of some news about Tesla I didn't know about.

Paranoia that the creaking, squeaking, foul-smelling ICE engine in the 2000 Dodge Caravan that I'm driving is conspiring to kill me.

NomoDinos | 19 juillet 2013

Writing "ICE engine" with a redundant E.

Bighorn | 19 juillet 2013

IC engine does have a certain ring.

lolachampcar | 19 juillet 2013

Someone mentioned that Brian does not have a car. If this is the case, I'm not sure he can really understand the issues at hand.

NomoDinos | 19 juillet 2013

Bighorn - it sounds like a snack machine at the fair.

Colasec | 19 juillet 2013


I'm totally with you:

- I've had five electricians visit the house so far
--- I had four. The NEMA 14-50 has been installed and ready in my garage for three weeks.

- My all-weather Tesla floor and trunk mats arrived yesterday
--- I got mine like 10 days ago.

- I have an appointment with the Opti-Coat installer
--- Yep, my car's due at the detailer for paint correction and OptiCoat the day after scheduled delivery. I also have a tinting appointment for the afternoon of delivery day.

- I cleaned out the garage more than I ever have before
--- I cleaned out the garage, had bare lightbulbs on the side walls changed to overhead fluorescents, had some piping removed from a previous owner's water softener installation, got the floor done (epoxy chip), bought $3K worth of garage cabinets, had the foam insulation at the bottom of the garage doors replaced, painted the whole garage, and hung tennis ball parking guides.

- I check the Tesla app at least once every day (...nothing!)
--- I check it multiple times a day. I've seen my car in person (it's waiting at the service center) and the app still says "no vehicle".

- I know some of you by name, but I can't remember my neighbor's
--- Yep definitely.

- I spend at least an hour a day between here and the TMC forum
--- I trade at least that much sleep for it. Are you cfOH on the TMC boards too? I don't recall seeing your name on there.

- I bought a pair of Pete's custom key fob cozies
-- Me too! Black and red.

I also bought a full set of hand-washing supplies, picked up a parcel shelf, bought Roger's wheel cap and TESLA stickers, and bought LEDs to replace the incandescent license plate lights.

I interviewed nine solar installation companies and signed a contract (today!) to replace 90% of my anticipated new electricity usage with 16 beautiful Sunpower panels.

I visited the service center yesterday to visit with my car, even though my delivery appointment is not until Tuesday (my DS couldn't find a spot to move me up).

I am so totally excited and so totally sleep-deprived.

Brian H | 19 juillet 2013

I've been in a new S on the roads for a few hours. I appreciate it fine!

cfOH | 19 juillet 2013

@colasec: Yes, you DO have it bad! And yes, I'm cfOH over on TMC, too. Oh, and thanks for reminding me to order some LED replacement license plate lights. :-)

... | 20 juillet 2013

If Elon would ever wonder to visit Moscow, he must certainly take this taxi [video=youtube;eKgA4SbWOC0][/video]

... | 20 juillet 2013
tobi_ger | 20 juillet 2013

Oh wow, how did that get there? Norway?
Probably not long before this appears on those russian car crash compilation videos. :)

... | 20 juillet 2013

Why Norway - directly from California. Anyone can have a job for his food, but some Russian can have a Tesla for his breakfest. There are about 5 Teslas in Moscow and 1 in Siberia:
Google will tranlate it.

tobi_ger | 20 juillet 2013

Sorry, my post wasn't about the money as surely there are many people in Russia that can afford this or any other car.
I mentioned Norway because there is one guy on YT showing his imported car in, iirc, Lithuania and he got it originally over someone in Norway. Those cars won't have any cell coverage as TM does not like having cars out of their originated country.

tobi_ger | 20 juillet 2013

Oh, I first read about that guy on TMC website where we wrote about it (I can't remember his username).

tobi_ger | 20 juillet 2013

oops... "he wrote"

SamO | 20 juillet 2013

Went to the store today and sold two cars. Eden said "you need to wear one of these (Tesla) shirts."

Just bored waiting for my car to arrive. Sat in a white 60 and talked to a couple from Miami. She mentioned NYT and I busted out Public Editor Sullivan.

They put down a deposit.

Another local couple that I talked to about Supercharging. Turns out they go to Vegas for family and always stop in Barstow . . .

There were two other people in there finalizing when I got there.

Tesla-David | 20 juillet 2013

@rch. I share your angst about the long wait. My car was delivered on 1/2/13 after they promised and missed the first three delivery dates. I was an absolute basket case at delivery, but it was absolutely thrilling to get behind the wheel and take off for my first drive. After 6 months of absolute bliss, I love this care more every day, as I see the emissions coming out of ICE cars, and know that this car is clean and so quite. The car complements our 13.2 kwh solar equipped house with heat pump and heat pump hot water heater. Driving is something we fellow MS owners look forward to every day with our Tesla grins in place.

@Mike. Not to outdo you, but I sat for at least two hours in my car parked in my garage the first night. My wife thinks I have gone around the bend, but I don't care.

lolachampcar | 20 juillet 2013


dougarcher26 | 20 juillet 2013

You will love it. The wait may be long, but it's worth it. And it is always a pleasure driving it (I'm still excited to get into it even after 4 months)! Enjoy!

JPPTM | 20 juillet 2013

George B reported at teslive that they have traced several Model S to Russia, and a few are at the BMW center in Germany.

ian | 20 juillet 2013

Reverse engineering?

You can bet that will happen once they get to China!

Brian H - My applying for a job with them wasn't enough of a confession of my psychosis? ;-)

OK, like many here I spend way too many hours on the forums reading anything and everything I can about the S, the X, and the company. Whenever we're out together I always point out the S's I see to my wife...


rch1708 | 21 juillet 2013

It must surely be an incredible dream to run a company where your customers hang out at your stores, selling your product for you. Elon is undoubtedly an extremely talented man, but also a very, very fortunate one. I sincerely hope he "groks" that good fortune, long may he have it

... | 21 juillet 2013

[QUOTE][B]JPPTM | JULY 20, 2013 [/B]
George B reported at teslive that they have traced several Model S to Russia, and a few are at the BMW center in Germany.[/QUOTE]As for the Russian establishment, it's almost fit for Tesla, as a matter of money - like premium MB, BMW, Audi, Bentley and so on. But now the winter experience of Model S is almost absent in the world, especially for the regions with several months of frost lower then -20°C to -40°.
Cell coverage is not a reason for Russia, as if sometimes we haven't it for any brand.
So, Elon has one more ready market place after trying Tesla in winter for half a year, ofcourse.

Brian H | 21 juillet 2013

You evidently don't have a registered user name, and you can't use BB code here.

tobi_ger | 21 juillet 2013

Brian: it's "..." not JPPTM

... | 21 juillet 2013

Sorry, what shall I do to use BB code here correctly.
Thanks to everybody.

tobi_ger | 21 juillet 2013

No BBCode at all, only HTML tags as described below edit area.

... | 21 juillet 2013

tobi_ger | JULY 21, 2013
No BBCode at all, only HTML tags as described below edit area.
Thank You.

Brian H | 21 juillet 2013

And only about half of those. The font controls, pre, H, strike, br, img, a, and p pretty well exhausts the possibilities.

... | 21 juillet 2013
JPPTM | 21 juillet 2013

Yes, Brian (NOT Brain), I am registered....and it is obvious that every major auto manufacturer has or will buy a Model S and try to reverse engineer it, and also that individuals with enough $$ will find a way to get their own S in countires that currently do not officially allow it to be sold.

lolachampcar | 21 juillet 2013

is that not what Elon wanted? To move the cause of EVs forward?

Alex K | 21 juillet 2013

@… | JULY 21, 2013:

I almost didn't recognize this as a Model S. Isn't amazing how making a car look like a taxi makes it look crappy.

Brian H | 21 juillet 2013

Is that a paint or wrap job?

... | 21 juillet 2013

This is the paint-flight of the advanced designer, as I understand.
In fact, official PR of TMC in Russia is very quiet, may be because of Elon could cary cargo in the space cheaper, than Soviet space ships do now.

jackhub | 22 juillet 2013

I've had my MS 6 months. I still read the forums twice a day and search for news on Tesla. I still can't get enough. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't stop!