Tesla reservation holder dash app idea?

Tesla reservation holder dash app idea?

Maybe its been mentioned before?
It would be a nice tool to have an interactive app given to reservation holders of the cars dashboard display. That way while waiting for your car, owners to be could review all that the "17 display does in the car on your phone or Ipad. Not that it actually would control anything, but at least you become familiar with all that it does and how it operates. Personally I know it would save me a time of sitting in the car in our garage, trying to discover it all. Sure don't want to explore while driving if possible. And, maybe it would produce some creative ideas to forward to Tesla?

BYT | 6 Janvier 2013

Before I received the car I played in it at the TM store a lot. It's actually really simple and intuitive and you'll pick it up quickly I think. I found reading the owners manual online before receiving the car answered a lot of my questions as well and covers most of all that the 17" screen can do.

Disneyland Ducky | 6 Janvier 2013

Great suggestion BYT, thanks. Would be fun to play with in the meantime, waiting for our car.

Desai | 6 Janvier 2013

@mcskks22: you could go through the Quick Guide: