Tesla S Insurance Premiums

Tesla S Insurance Premiums

Just wanted to hear what everyone is paying for insuring their Model S in California. AAA is charging me $4053 a year!! That is crazy! I have seen some people getting insurance for $1800-2200. When I got my bill the other day I almost fell off my chair. Let me know if their are better rates out there and companies! Thanks

jim67j | 28 août 2013

State Farm rates were very reasonable. Only modestly more than my 6 year old BMW in CA.

CalabasasKid | 28 août 2013

Vicelike and Tommyboy

Does Wawaneesa also insure your homes? I remember them quoting me more for their
Coverage than Mercury and I have a flawless record. Mercury has me at $2500 per year with $1000 ded and $100k/$300k liability coverage

jomorale | 28 août 2013

I"m paying $499.53 for 6 months - MS P85+ at State Farm.

Liability - Bodily Injury / Property Damage
$100,000 each person / $300,000 each accident
$50,000 each accident

Collision Deductible

CalabasasKid | 28 août 2013


Is State Farm insuring your house as well? What state are you in?

Keith72 | 29 août 2013

In Texas, just outside of Houston, State Farm for $480 for 6 months. No accidents in over 10 years, homeowner insurance also with State Farm, so get the additional discount. With them for over 25 years, and never a problem on any claims. They were great when my water heater failed while I was out of town and flooded my house.

caddariclarry | 29 décembre 2013

I think, The insurance prices are varied from state to state. In these days, Insurance is one of the essential requirements for everyone. Could you please share me some more information about the topic.

St. Louis car insurance quotes

P85D | 29 juin 2014

I am currently with geico but with my renewal coming up in August they have raised my rate. Progressive gave me a pretty good quote. Has anyone had any issues with Progressive?

PBEndo | 29 juin 2014

I just got a quote from progressive today. The total was higher than my current carrier (21st century),, but I noticed that the uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage was 3x the price I am paying now. So if you don't need UMBI (you have good medical or an umbrella that covers it) Progressive might give you a good price.

P85D | 29 juin 2014

What I like about the Progressive qoute is that it offers GAP and roadside. Geico has crappy roadside but no GAP. | 30 juin 2014

My Allstate is $834/6 months. SF bay area (Palo Alto), no accidents, multi-policy discount (home and auto), multi-auto discount.

jomorale | 30 juin 2014

State Farm premium for TMS 2013 P85+ is now $399/6M. S. San Jose, Ca. (Morgan Hill), no accidents, multi-policy discount (home and auto), multi-auto discount and good driver discount. It was $499/6 months as main car, but recently changed the classification to “spare car” and my premium went down by $100 to $399 for 6 months.
Coverage - $100,000/$300,000/$100,000.
Collision deductible $1000, $250 comprehensive.

jburic | 1 juillet 2014

Insured with State Farm for around $1,400/year in Phoenix, with maximum coverage. | 1 juillet 2014

see Kevin's thread on 'beware of progressive'

joeschroederii | 9 Janvier 2015

I have had Geico for years, no tickets no accidents, good credit score, and they quoted me $350/month with a $2,500 deductible on a P85D. While this is the cheapest quote I got, it is still twice what a brand new Aston Martin was. I am going with self-insurance. Kansas makes it easy, and as long as I am not the cause of an accident it saves 1000s a year.

tmaz | 9 Janvier 2015

@Joe that is insane!! Call liberty mutual. My quote was 1800 year.

lolachampcar | 9 Janvier 2015

My Mclaren is less than that at 250/500.
I can assure you that you can get into trouble faster in the car and it will be more expensive to repair (I know, hard to believe) than a P85D. There is no reason the PD should be that much.

omega | 9 Janvier 2015

FFox I just called my Allstate agent. She quoted me for a 100K Tesla (no VIN yet) + Infiniti Q56 = $3360/year. I think I will say goodbye to Allstate also.

Geico seems the best so far?

garygid | 9 Janvier 2015

My Farmers for the S85 (2nd car + house) is shy $1400 per year,
in Southern California. Location can make a big difference,
as can young age, or blemished driving history. I am old.

CEYA GAS | 9 Janvier 2015

We sold a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid when we bought our S85 last month. Annual cost difference with CSAA: $150...

sandpiper | 4 mars 2015

I've been with AAA (CSAA) for many many years and they quoted be $1019 for one year. Very reasonable considering I'm paying $980 for my Leaf for the exact same coverage. I have no accidents and very few moving violations over the years.

sorka95032 | 4 mars 2015

AAA (CSAA) quoted me about $1000 for one year for a P85D. with $1000 deductibles. It's actually less than my Infiniti FX50 even though the P85D is nearly twice as much.

david | 4 mars 2015

$1126.80 per year in California with Hartford Insurance through AARP. Old guys rule ! 2014 S85 with Tech, Pano Roof, Premium Sound.

omega | 4 mars 2015

I pay $960/y full coverage for 2 cars: Infiniti QX56 and a P85D in NH. Have no idea why you guys pay so much?

tmaz | 4 mars 2015

Because you live in the backwoods of NH. The only liability the insurance companies have to worry about up there is a tree falling on your car. Here in the cities we have to worry about pot holes,theft, vandalism, etc.

jeffgnv | 4 mars 2015

In FL, I'll be at around $800/year. I'm with USAA, and the S85D will actually be slightly less than I'm paying for my 2009 Jaguar XF Supercharged. I got the quote late last year before placing my order, so it may change. I am supposed to take delivery by end of March, so we'll see if that changes, now that there's more data on the model S.

omega | 4 mars 2015 yeah I prefer clean air.

Tinpandave | 4 mars 2015

yet another reason to live in fl I was toll $860 a year with AAA

kunigi | 4 mars 2015

Not in California but I just got a quote from Progressive and the amount is $550 for six months. I also have a 17 year-old driver in the household and since this will be the most expensive car in the barn, it probably reflects a bit of a premium based on that fact.

That said, it is still significantly less than $1500 every 6 months.

bgcat57 | 4 mars 2015

In NORCAL south bay area. <$1900 for 2 cars (guessing that about 1400 of that is for the Tesla). It's my commuting car so that's 62 miles a day for the roundtrip. $500 deductible.

freemarket | 4 mars 2015

I have the same two cars! I pay $3200 annually in NM. Your in NH, must be population = 100? Wtf?
To get those rates! And, I'm in the insurance business. Lucky dog!

RPMTESLA.COM | 4 mars 2015

Okay I'm going to tell everyone the biggest secret in the world about Tesla automobile insurance. or Costco warehouses works with a company called Ameritrade auto insurance the link is on Costco their rates for a 2015 P85D is under $200 every six months.

This $200 every six months is legitimate with maximum allowances for collision and also includes gap insurance check it out but if you end up going with them make sure you buy some great accessories from my company and I'll give you 20% off all carbon fiber wrap and color details for your car.

Thanks Mark.

freemarket | 4 mars 2015

There is no way. But, If you say so.

BarryQ | 4 mars 2015

BS. They don't even list Tesla online.

Tropopause | 4 mars 2015

I have Costco (Ameriprise) and it's not $200. It's about the same as Geiko.

omega | 5 mars 2015

@freemarket lol

I don't man, moved here last year. So far the air is the cleanest, low population, a lot less traffic, no local taxes no state taxes and no sales taxes...
Yes we have snow, but like 4 seasons and it was only bad in February...So far we love it.

paul.scott | 18 novembre 2015

As Tesla owners we should protest the ridiculous rates we are being charged for our cars. Allstate quoted $900 every six months but once I took delivery I was charged $1,800 every six months. We also have a 2015 Lexus RX 450h that is only $611 every six months.

They are seriously trying to tell me this is because the Lexus is so much more expensive to repair if it gets damaged. I asked if they were telling me the Tesla would cost 3x as much to repair as the Lexus in an accident? I don't buy that for a second.

I think they are just trying to rake us over the coals and this really could hurt sales of Tesla. I was hesitant at $900 every six months, as much as I love my car I feel real regret paying $1,800 every six months. So much for my savings not buying gas.

coilette | 18 novembre 2015

$468 per six months; geico; Pittsburgh PA

I paid more for a 370Z that cost 1/4 the price.

Erie insurance was about $150 higher. Liberty mutual was literally double.

mechapreneur | 18 novembre 2015

@paul.scott, I was quoted by my State Farm agent at $900 every six months. If they change that on delivery, I'll be switching insurance companies. We've got great records and multiple policies. Should not be hard to get great discounts somewhere. I'll probably shop around anyway after delivery.

trixiew | 18 novembre 2015

Northern Ca AAA charges me just under $1100/yr. S60.

Tstolz | 18 novembre 2015

Shop around ... my insurance didn't change vs my BMW.

redacted | 18 novembre 2015

State Farm in the chicago suburbs is charging me $461/six months for $250/$500K coverage with low deductibles. I'm pleased with that.

Made in CA | 18 novembre 2015

In SoCal State Farm is charging me $1,100 for P90D. Low miles per year and clean driving records.

kirkbdavis | 18 novembre 2015

My Quotes were inline with @Blaz - I'm also in cali:

My quotes for S85D:
GEICO 2K/year
Progressive 2200 Year
Farmers 2500/year
P85D (was thinking about it :) )
GEICO 2400/year

Blaz's quotes from above:
>GEICO: $1560/year
>Progressive: $1800/year
>State Farm: $2500/year

>For comparison, GEICO is charging me $1200/year for my 2010 Audi A5.

raj.ashok | 15 avril 2016

I'm with Ameriprise Auto, and for my ModelX they quoted $916 for 6 months.

Its double than what they charge for my Merc GL-350 Bluetec which is only $450 for 6 months!

vp09 | 16 avril 2016

Los Angeles area (Whittier) and with USAA.

Adding a S 90D looks like $1200 more a year. I entered the VIN in their estimation program. Won't have the car for 6 weeks or more.

steveg1701 | 17 avril 2016

Rates depend on so many different things it's ridiculous, but it worked out that the insurance with Amica on my new MS70 (no bloody P, L, orrrr D) was about the same as on my 2011 Hyundai Sonata! Of course this was only because I handed the Sonata down to my fiance and we get a multi-car discount now ;-) Really odd thing was that not counting the discount the Sonata is actually CHEAPER to insure than her old '12 Accent that's only worth about half as much - go figure

alnrench2 | 17 avril 2016

No-one has been able to beat my USAA insurance on the Model S85 here in South Florida....781.81 per 6 mo.

ticobird | 18 avril 2016

Here is the thing everyone should know.

Shop your car and home insurance every two or three years. There is no such thing as insurance company loyalty although the various companies want you to believe it with all sorts of gimmick programs. Also look for insurance through a group rather than individual. I was once told by an insurance agent that it was like the difference between shopping retail or wholesale.

steveg1701 | 18 avril 2016

@alnrench2 Are the rates i S Florida that much higher??!! Here in the Orlando area I'm paying about that much for BOTH cars!

rg22.vanhorn | 19 avril 2016

P90D; USAA; Cedar Rapids, IA > $556 per year Including various discounts (premier driver, multi-car, low mileage, new vehicle, anti-theft, automatic payment plan, daytime running lights, passive restraint).