Tesla Survey, I promise the last! or not...

Tesla Survey, I promise the last! or not...

My other surveys have had great success so I made another!
I'll update every now and then.

Brian H | 23 Janvier 2013

Heh. I think you need an intermediate option for driving style.

christine_orita | 23 Janvier 2013

You also may need a different reason for not owning Tesla shares. I don't own Tesla shares but not because I feel negative about Tesla. Far from it or I wouldn't be dropping ~95k on the S...

negarholger | 23 Janvier 2013

how many miles lowest should read <20 not >20.

Your surveys are fun! Hope we get a short squeeze so I can by an X for my girl.

Brian H | 24 Janvier 2013

I think we're going to have a nice LONG short squeeze!

cprenzl | 24 Janvier 2013

The market is doing great for me haha
TYPO Market was suppose to be TESLA