Tesla Takes The EV Sales Lead For 2013

Tesla Takes The EV Sales Lead For 2013

Whity Whiteman | 4 février 2013

this is awsome!
Congratulations Tesla- "leading" edge technology!

Whity Whiteman | 4 février 2013

kind of pre-taste for the next decades )

kilimats | 4 février 2013

i never had so much anticipation build up for a car, i had something similar for the VOLT but it never went very far due to the limited range and the ICE

The tesla has raise the bar so high that it will be the first car i will buy brand new, I'm 25 and i have had 3 used car so far and never imaged owning a brand new car until Telsa changed the game.

I strongly believe they will take over the EV market for a very long time

noel.smyth | 4 février 2013

I may have drunk too much of the tesla kool aid but after owning this car for a month, I think they are a decade or so ahead of the competition. The lead may be just enough to propel them to be the next great car maker.

Whity Whiteman | 4 février 2013

for me it's the first brand-new-car as well...always driven used cars

Superliner | 4 février 2013

Personally I don't consider a Volt, C-Max, Prius, or Fusion Energy pure BEV's They are plug in hybrids with pitiful all electric range that can and do burn gasoline. Different animal! So that said Tesla is more likely BY FAR selling more EV's than anyone else period!

DouglasR | 4 février 2013

I love my Model S, but the Volt is a pretty impressive little car. My brother claims that in his last 700+ miles, he has used 4.4 gallons of gas. The thing is, I need an ICE car to complement my Model S, which in a sense makes it like a hybrid.

Superliner | 4 février 2013

@ DouglasR

Agreed, The volt is probably the best "plug in hybrid" out there as far as all electric range. I have driven one and was considering leasing one. The only reason I did not was because I was waiting to see specs. of the Fusion Energi plug in hybrid which IMHO is BY FAR the niceest looking plug in hybrid out there at it's price point. The Volt to me looks quirky Not Butt ugly like the Leaf, but odd. That said with an abysmal 12 miles of all electric range and topping $40K The Fusion Energi got scratched off my list.

I think that is part of Model S allure is that it is really the first BEV that does not look like a dork mobile! So I've given up on any other supplemental Hybrid and am going to attempt to use the Model S as my "only" vehicle selling everything else I own.

Superliner | 4 février 2013

P.S there are always rental cars if my S can't do it from time to time.

cprenzl | 4 février 2013

This better rock the socks off some people looking to invest in Tesla, Can't wait for the release of the Q4 the stock will rocket

jk2014 | 4 février 2013

We will see in a few years the maintenance difference between Tesla all electric and hybrids like the volt and really begin to understand the advantage of the battery electric vehicle over the rest.

DouglasR | 4 février 2013

@Superliner, the real reason I'm keeping my Ford Escape Hybrid is not to take long trips. It's because I go hiking, and need to go over some pretty rugged roads. I just couldn't see beating up my beautiful Model S the way I beat up my Ford.

Brian H | 4 février 2013

I think TM may have some up-side surprises re: production #s and sales so far. And they will only increase in February, March (red deliveries) and beyond.

Superliner | 5 février 2013

@ DouglasR

Just imagine when there are "used" Model X's or Model ??'s around to use as beaters lol!!

Benz | 5 février 2013

As from now it will only get better. Sales Volumes are going to get higher, production will be increased, Tesla Motors will announce profits after every 3 months, and Tesla Motors will release one new model every year. Congratulations to everybody.

DouglasR | 5 février 2013

@Superliner, I can't get my mind around it! Sophia Loren is still beautiful.

Brian H | 5 février 2013

And I bet it costs her way more for maintenance than you'll ever spend on your Tesla!

skymaster | 6 février 2013

I am shocked that only 1120 Chevy Volts sold in January. I have had my 2013 Volt for 3 months and it is a joy to drive. (I have driven 3,800 miles on 8.9 gal. of gas) Yes, I also can't wait for our Model S. The Model S is incredibly fast, and I still have the grin 2 months later. BOTH of these cars are similar in that they just need people to take them for a test drive. Also, both the Volt and Model S are not advertized at all!!! What a shame.

Brian H | 6 février 2013

I've seen various TV ads for the Volt.

jat | 6 février 2013

@Bsbomber - I think the Volt is a nice interim step on the way to doing away with dead dino fuel, but it is only an intermediate step. My main objection is how GM is using their advertisements to instill range anxiety against EVs and they insist on calling it an EV rather than a serial hybrid. Oh, plus I resent my tax dollars being used to bail them out when they spent years building SUVs and huge trucks and then wondered why nobody wanted to buy their vehicles when gas prices went up.

sagebrushnw | 6 février 2013

@ Superliner

"Ford Fusion Energi...with an abysmal 12 miles of all electric range and topping $40K..."

The Fusion's official range is 620 miles, 21 of those on electricity alone. That means the Fusion Energi offers better electric range than the Toyota Prius Plug-In (11 miles) and Honda Accord Plug-In (13 miles), but less than the near-40 mile electric range of the range-extended Chevrolet Volt.