I started a blog about my ownership experience. I guess I do own the car since I've paid for it, though I don't have it yet. Should get here within a week. It better or I'll run out of things to write about. Enjoy (and comment).

Brian H | 3 Janvier 2013

Comment left. But... HOW did you and your son share that first test ride, in the Roadster? It's a 2-seater!

TeslaOwnerBlog | 4 Janvier 2013

Hi Cattledog

I've been blogging about Tesla for almost 4 years now. I am a very early Roadster owner and gave them my deposit after meeting them in a high school parking lot.

I have been blogging because I thought it would be useful for other electric vehicle owners to get the day to day experiences of driving an electric car from a single voice.

I have gotten reasonable traffic over the years, so all the effort I think has been worth it.

I have been more active lately now that I am transitioning to the Model S.

GeirT | 5 Janvier 2013

Cool - the same reasonings for the config as I did, except I chose Performance. Want to feel the kick ;-)
I signed up 27DEC EU #2145

Cattledog | 5 Janvier 2013

Brian H - My son's 10, probably weighs 75 lbs. He was squished in on my lap, really squished when dsm floored it!

TeslaOwnerBlog - I have been on your blog, it's cool. I just started mine, I'm hoping to get the car this week to help me make more personal posts. I had a couple dozen hits the first few days, then 175 yesterday when I posted to this forum and put the blog address in my TMC footer. Looking to share some experiences and have some fun. At 49 I'm not really a digital native, so this is new for me!

GeirT - I really waffled with choosing the performance. A dozen years ago I bought a 525 BMW instead of a 540 for the same reasons - wanted all the luxury, features, aesthetics and thought I'd find another use for the extra $15K. I've got a lot of kid schooling to pay for so it wasn't that hard a decision. They both rock!

TeslaOwnerBlog | 5 Janvier 2013

To both Cattledog and GeirT

I also basically got everything but performance. I couldn't justify the extra 1 second for $15K. With my Roadster, you definitely feel the G forces before flooring it. When I first got the Roadster I took a ton of people on demonstration rides, and many of them were frankly scared when I floored it.

I often use the acceleration to pass people at lights and merge into carpool lanes from dead stops, but around here there is too much traffic to really be able to use that much acceleration frequently enough. The mountain roads are really fun but also are full of cyclists, so one needs to use a fair bit of caution. I hope I don't miss that extra second!

Cattledog - I think it is great that there is another Tesla Owner Blogger out there. We need to get the rest of the world to realize electric is the way to go. I'm actually surprised more people haven't caught on. Seems like most of the people who have gotten it have technical backgrounds. Even some of my very smart friends in other fields are cautious about "electric".

Brian H | 5 Janvier 2013

Remind your friends Henry Ford wanted to do electric, but had to settle on gasoline because lead-acids were too limiting. Problem solved ...

Electric motors do what cars were meant to do: Respond instantly, not when the putt-putt engine gets around to it.

Cattledog | 6 Janvier 2013

Supposed to be here in 10 hours...

Cattledog | 8 Janvier 2013

Didn't happen Monday. Do I hear Tuesday?

teddyg | 8 Janvier 2013 are probably one of the people who have been driving the Roadster for the longest amount of time.
Can you let me know how much you drive and what amount of battery capacity you have lost over 4 years?