That's a promising approach to customer service

That's a promising approach to customer service

Let's hope that this kind of service covers all Tesla Models now and in the future. Tesla is about to build one hell of a brand reputation with stories like that.

"Tesla Keeps Roadster Owner Happy, Rebuilds Car Before Warranty Ends"

stephen.kamichik | 8 février 2012

Let us hope that our model S cars will be perfect every time. Elon said that he would walk the assembly line to ensure that each model S is perfect.

stephen.kamichik | 8 février 2012

TM should be congratulated on its warranty work.

Volker.Berlin | 8 février 2012

*If* they take warranty for the Model S as seriously as with this exemplary Roadster, it will be significantly better for the bottom line to ensure that each car off the line if perfect in the first place. If they need to rebuild cars like that on a regular basis, the targeted margin will melt faster than snow in the sunshine. Which in turn gives me hope that our cars will come with a generous warranty which the vast majority of customers never needs to claim.

the bonnie | 8 février 2012

But Volker, you already know that they haven't had to rebuild cars like that on a regular basis.

I think the fact that so many Roadster owners have made reservations for the Model S is a clear indicator of the quality & customer service we've experienced first-hand.

Volker.Berlin | 8 février 2012

bonnie1194, I absolutely agree. I have high hopes and I feel these hopes are well-founded by the experience other people made with their Roadsters. Naturally, there still is a small grain of insecurity -- the Model S is a totally different scale than the Roadster in many regards, and Tesla has yet to prove that they can handle that with the same aplomb as they did with the Roadster.

My argument above was merely to say: Yes, every Model S has to be perfect, or Tesla would shoot themselves in the foot. That was in reply to stephen.kamichi: "Let us hope that our model S cars will be perfect every time."

Robert.Boston | 8 février 2012

In my limited experience, BMW didn't take seriously its commitment to quality, despite a comprehensive 4-year warranty. My BMW has been in the shop far, far too often. I'm encouraged, therefore, that Tesla seems to approach this issue differently, and for the better.

stephen.kamichik | 9 février 2012

I bought my 1999 BMW 328i in 2003 (used). It has been very reliable and it now has 129,000 kilometers (80,000 miles)on the odometer.

the bonnie | 9 février 2012

Agreed, Volker. Reusing the platform for different models going forward will also contribute to increasingly high quality. I'm looking forward to Tesla's success.

olanmills | 9 février 2012

Well I'm hoping the ownership experience will be better than average since Tesla is an end-to-end owner of the product experience.

When they go more mass market and are producing a lot more vehicles per year, their approach is going to have to change, isn't it? Initial Roadster orders were very important and they were built at a smaller scale so individual attention was more practical.

Brian H | 9 février 2012

If the distributed cost-per-vehicle is favourable, there's no reason the model couldn't be extended indefinitely, and even improved (esp. response time).

HaroldS | 10 février 2012


Thanks for clarifying the "Winter" comment. I must have looked at those tabs two dozen times, and only noticed the "Winter" text yesterday. Looking too hard for some update, I suppose!

Timo | 10 février 2012

@HaroldS, which message are you referring? I don't see Brianman comments in this thread. Was it in some other thread, or is there messages missing for some reason?

brianman | 10 février 2012