Time To Build Europe

Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

thomas.schlatter | 19 avril 2013

Oh ok, TTB means something like time to configure... Got it now :)
I guess I'm waiting now for the TTD email (Time to Deliver) :)

bredell | 19 avril 2013

I got my TTB email today, Sweden #537. But I will wait a few months before finalizing my order.

martijn | 20 avril 2013

@dirk.saenen, absolutely. George get on the phone !!

Highest (posted) TTB so far is #905.
Considering the R's and unknown cancelations this could be well over a thousand TTB's.
I should be in the next batch with 1435.
High P's (800+) reported a delivery window aug-sep.
Sep-oct might gonna be mine :-)

BTW: Tesla advertised today in Holland: reserve this month, we deliver this year.
For great tax-profits(partialy ending after 2013), EV's (for business) are very cheap in the netherlands.
Hope for a boost from the unknown.

martijn | 20 avril 2013

@bredell. I'd really like to exchange's with you

sethvandermeer | 20 avril 2013

Excited here too. Since I am "only" 2853, I would love to date a girl (heck, even a guy) with a roadster so I can upgrade to a R number, LOL

jkirkebo | 20 avril 2013

I'm still waiting, P1088 in Norway. But I'm very happy that some of you with lower numbers will wait a few months to finalize ;)

I'm pushing that button the second I see it for the first time...

alexander.schechner | 20 avril 2013

Got my TTB today.
Germany P#312

Brian H | 20 avril 2013

A gal R-owner could make out like a bandit(-ess) renting herself out for dates and "friend" qualifications!

pbp | 20 avril 2013

Noticed that the prices has gone up as the new options has beek added to the Danish configuration page. At the very bottom of the list is added "Destination and Regulatory Doc fee". Can anybody explain what it is?

Norbert.Vienna | 20 avril 2013

It is the payment for Issuing the registaration papers and handing you over the Car for filing the registration application etc.
Did you see the service page. You find the prices for the yearly Car service there dont be again astonished

pbp | 21 avril 2013


thanks for the explanation.

Jolanda | 22 avril 2013

The list is growing. Added our reservation.

Thimo Jansen | 22 avril 2013

Got my TTB email last friday (#936) and completed the configuration today. Exciting stuff!

Sindre M. | 23 avril 2013

Finalise button active. #1980 Europe.

thomas.bekkevol... | 23 avril 2013

85-NonSig Norway, Bergen. "Your Model S paperwork complete" this morning. I am not sure which # I have, VIN No"TBD" and RN135002. Delivery aug/sept 2013. Still a long wait!

Thotu | 23 avril 2013

@Sindre M
#1980! Which country? Highest so far I would say, and making me very excited with #1930.

Hodne | 23 avril 2013

Got my finalize button today (P1646 Norway)

Sindre M. | 23 avril 2013
martijn | 23 avril 2013

P1435 (Dutch): got the Finalize button (no TTB-mail, as if I care now ;-)
Much earlier than expected. We've definitely got Tesla's attention now.

GeirT | 23 avril 2013

My goodness! Things are moving - fast. Sindre's #1980 is really encouraging. I feel the jitters, excitement building! :-P

henrik1968 | 23 avril 2013

Just spoke to the Tesla team.

Reservation # P2,732(DK) and latest delivery time estimate is now end of September.
TTB mail should be about one month away. Really exciting :)

sethvandermeer | 23 avril 2013

@henrik: we are pretty close, I am 2853 in the Netherlands.... Great news. End of September would be.... WOW. I have two weeks of vacation coming up this Friday (Tenerife), so I have time to speak to the misses and "pre-finalize" ;-)

Brian H | 23 avril 2013


sethvandermeer | 23 avril 2013

@Brian H:
"From Wikipedia: Misses has been used but is ambiguous as this is a commonly used plural for Miss."

I have several to talk to.

(Fyi, my native language is Dutch, a language Elon can speak as well, coming from South Africa.)

P85_Norway | 23 avril 2013

#1137 got the Finalize button (no TTB-mail)

Got mail from TM:
"Your Model S Performance Order
We are preparing your paperwork"


stealth_mode | 23 avril 2013

got the "Finalize" button tonight
P1265 EU(Switzerland)
not TTB mail yet- any way- exciting ;-)

muller | 23 avril 2013

Inspired by all you guys I checked for the button this morning, and the Finalize button has arrived for #P1650(DK) as well :)

no TTB mail, though...

Very exciting - and a little scary!

Thotu | 24 avril 2013

And so it's there... Finalize! P1930, Sweden.

Totto | 24 avril 2013

Just finalized. P1832. Awaiting paperwork, probably today. Estimated delivery sept/ oct.

d.bijl | 24 avril 2013

Noticed my finalize button today. Could have been there for a few days (not checking every day). P1076. Given the many other April 23 entries it looks like they have invited about a thousand reservation holders at once or (more likely?) they are selectively picking (based on location and/or configuration?)

Excited, but now I am forced to make final decisions (whether or not to buy, color, etc.). We'll see...

muller | 24 avril 2013

Just finalized P1650(DK)! Very exciting! Est. delivery Sep/Oct 2013.

Also waiting for paperwork :)

Car-El | 25 avril 2013

No charge here. No button! :-(

Zatter | 27 avril 2013

P783(Germany), received my TTB 24th of April, configured it, now waiting for paperwork to complete. Estimated delivery September/October.

muller | 27 avril 2013

They have long business days... Still waiting for paperwork :-)

dirk.saenen | 30 avril 2013

First Belgian TTB-mail reported. S214

muller | 30 avril 2013

Recieved my TTB mail today... But I finalized last week. Seems they are a bit out of sync. Still waiting for paperwork though.

ozz81 | 30 avril 2013

#1845: time to configure today (and finalize button). I'm in Italy.

Xav1976 | 30 avril 2013

Can't wait any longer...
Time To Build Belgium now ;-)

Car-El | 1 mai 2013

We got the button!

Jean PierreD | 1 mai 2013

time to build and paperwork completed for sign perf #14 (Belgium), this 1st mai

Winnie796 | 1 mai 2013

#P2144 Norway, got the button this morning.

krissu | 2 mai 2013

Got the Finalize button yesterday, #24xx from Germany. Configured and it said that all orders until end of May delivery is Sept-Oct. Waiting for paperwork.

johnbastiaan | 2 mai 2013

Got the button today in Netherlands: EU#2073

rch1708 | 2 mai 2013

Also TTB today, Netherlands #2453.

Decisions, Decisions!

wwdevries | 2 mai 2013

To everyone who has received an invite to configure car, please update (and keep up to date) this spreadsheet:

This helps us to keep track of Tesla's progress.

Congrats to you all! :)

jeroens | 2 mai 2013

#2492 received invite in NL

Car-El | 2 mai 2013

We are waiting on this paperwork.

C Bretaud | 3 mai 2013

#1542 fr
Just waiting for Pre-Delivery Purchase Agreement to sign the order... I hope I will receive that mail tonight or tomorow

sethvandermeer | 6 mai 2013

No new TTB's since may 3rd? Did they stop at 2500? I'm anxiously waiting here (p2853).

Norbert.Vienna | 6 mai 2013

@sethvandermeer just be patient
I am p551 and no TTB
it will appear soon