Time To Build Europe

Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

jeroens | 31 mai 2013

Status changed from Building to 'Reserved' anyone else seen this?

pbp | 31 mai 2013

Yes - i just checked my status, it is back to reserved Again. What could that mean? Delivery delayed?

kubisf | 31 mai 2013

I signed the MVPA more than 3 month ago (expected delivery date Jun-Jul 2013). Today my status changed from "The Tesla Factory is building your Model S Signature Performance" to "Reserved".

jeroens | 31 mai 2013

Maybe it means Reserved to go on the next ship to europe :)

C Bretaud | 31 mai 2013

Jeroens, I home you are right.
I don't like that change, and expert that is Just a bug

C Bretaud | 31 mai 2013

"I hope you are right... "

Objective1 | 31 mai 2013

Have any of you contacted Tesla Motors to find out what's going on? It might be wide-spread software error.

jeroens | 31 mai 2013

This was posted elsewhere:

Rte66 | MAY 31, 2013NEW
I just called and talked to a person*. They just changed the wording--it doesn't mean the status has changed. My delivery window is still the same

ken | 31 mai 2013

Same here - Status changed to reserved.

At the same time I received this e-mail:


Tesla Service includes everything you need to keep your Model S in great condition. We’re currently expanding our European service network to better serve you. By the end of 2013, over 90% of reservation holders in Europe will be within 100km of a Tesla Service Centre.

Annual inspections of your Model S with Tesla Service are highly recommended, but remain optional. For convenience, you might elect to prepay a four year service plan and save up to €600, or pay for each service visit separately (GBP pricing will be available closer to the start of right hand drive production). Our optional Tesla Rangers Service gives you the added benefit of technicians who come to you – whether at home or the office: we will meet you at the most convenient location for you.

Four year service plans are available for purchase at time of order and up to 30 days after you have taken delivery of your Model S. Learn more about available service plans.

We want you to have fun driving your Model S and recognise that this comes with the peace of mind that great service provides. Visit our service page to find your nearest service centre and if you have any additional questions, please email us at

mikeng | 1 juin 2013

Invoicenumber strating with 68 - Sweden but shipment through the Netherlands

svennsl | 6 juin 2013

#1153 NO
Levering sep.oct.

krissu | 6 juin 2013

I have the same, invoicing with 68, other Europe, shipping through Netherlands.

Car-El | 13 juin 2013
rpingar | 16 juin 2013

inv. 6613000007 - Italy
my order is in reserved mode after the "building mode"


Car-El | 21 juin 2013

Something happened. But it was nothing, so Nothing happened! :-)

hugo | 21 juin 2013

Telefon fra Tesla - car is being built :-) delivery in Norway late July/aug 1

Jackie425 | 21 juin 2013

@hugo - congratulations - ooh I can't wait for that call - are you a EU Sig ? What number do you have ?

lygren | 22 juin 2013

What vin # do you have, Hugo? Mine is 14300-something, still not sure if they have started production on mine (also Norway)...

TFMethane | 22 juin 2013

@Julius Congrats! I think the white ones look like Pandas. You should name yours LingLing

Car-El | 22 juin 2013

I do think, so therefor I am. And I think that you miss something. I am white, my car i order from Tesla is Blue, and Hugo has got a telephone from Tesla.

But it is OK! OK? :-)

Car-El | 4 juillet 2013


hugo | 4 juillet 2013

EU sig VIN is 14910

Car-El | 4 juillet 2013

I can't find my car! It is gone!

I can1t see my car in "My Dashboard".... I am so.... I DO NOT KNOW!!!!! (I go to sleep now)

C Bretaud | 4 juillet 2013

I also lost my car in My Dashboard and my profil is empty.
I will call tomorrow Tesla for explanation :(

Car-El | 5 juillet 2013

I have found my car. They "test-drive" it. (relax, no VIN yet.)

Car-El | 10 juillet 2013

Has anyone got their car yet?

thomas.schlatter | 10 juillet 2013

Mine (Sig #217 CH) is supposed to be out of production and in transit to Europe. Estimated delivery: Not later than middle of August
That's what I was told by the Tesla Office in Zurich today.

Car-El | 12 juillet 2013

My order is on hold!

I can confirm my order now, but I want my wife to be with me. It is her car.... most.

thomas.schlatter | 12 juillet 2013

They corrected. My car is not produced yet. Estimated delivery is now early September.

C Bretaud | 12 juillet 2013

I got a new message on My Tesla : My order is on hold
+ Set your driving licence and confirm your order.

I did it !

ppape | 12 juillet 2013

Reporter from Bloomberg said on video 7/11/13 that European cars are "on the water" to be delivered!!

Can any EU owners confirm the've heard that from Tesla??

tobi_ger | 12 juillet 2013

I think they were only assuming that from previous TM announcements about end of July/early August delivery timeframes.

Iowa92x | 12 juillet 2013

A fully discharged battery is an unhappy battery, how many days does it take for the vampire to empty the load? Maybe Tesla disconnects the 12v and main battery for slow boat shipments overseas so the battery holds a charge longer?

rch1708 | 13 juillet 2013

Apparently the European cars are shipped without the main battery installed. This way they can be "assembled" in Tilburg and avoid European import duties. So vampire load should be no problem during transit.

Car-El | 18 juillet 2013

Got our VIN: 17XXX

A small step for Tesla, a giant leap for me!

Car-El | 23 juillet 2013

"My boat is loaded with...."

I am starting to regret that I order a Model S!
Then I be sorry that I regret....
OOooh! this pain!

I feel real sorry for you folks that have waited up to 3 years....

TL | 28 juillet 2013

Finally got my VIN this weekend: 17848
Status is : We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S.
living in EU/NL. P85 #778
Anyone knows how much longer before the great day?

Benz | 28 juillet 2013

I have read two different scenario's regarding the shipping route of the first Tesla Model S EV's for Norway.

1. The Tesla Model S EV's were loaded on the boat on the West Coast of the US (in San Francisco?) and then were shipped all the way to Drammen in Norway.

2. The Tesla Model S EV's were loaded on a train, were transported to the East Coast of the US (New York?), where they were loaded on the boat, and then were shipped all the way to Drammen in Norway.

Which is the correct scenario?

tobi_ger | 28 juillet 2013

My memory is squishy, but I thought that even Elon himself mentioned the train/east coast route. Also, going from west coast does not make any sense by ship to me.

Benz | 28 juillet 2013

@ tobi_ger

When Elon Musk was at the Geneva Motor Show, there he talked about the European deliveries and he did say that the cars would be loaded on a boat, but he never mentioned that they would be loaded on a train first to transport them to the East Coast of the US first. But you might be right, and I sure would like to see that video. Maybe you can/will remember when or where he mentioned the train/east coast route. Then please share it with us. Cheers

Car-El | 29 juillet 2013

Dame, I had hope they come on electric triangel all the way to my door!

Car-El | 29 juillet 2013

Dame, autocorect.

It shall be:
Dame, I had hope they come on electric trainall the way to my door!

thomas.schlatter | 29 juillet 2013

I was told by Tesla that the cars will be transported by train to the East Cost from where they will be shipped to Europe in containers.

pbp | 29 juillet 2013


i don't hope that you are right. Transport by train and then containers sounds dangerous for our cars. Many possibilities for damage with too much handling. The best would be to ship from CA on a regular car ferry, for new cars.

Benz | 29 juillet 2013

@ pbp

That's exactly what I was thinking. I am glad that I am not the only one. So, I am not sure that they first transported the Tesla Model S EV's to the US East Coast.

tobi_ger | 29 juillet 2013

Car ferry from west coast to Europe? Seriously?
Take a globe/global map and good luck finding a shorter route than east coast to Europe shipping (train to east cost not a big deal).
Would you ship through Panama canal first?? ;)

Brian H | 29 juillet 2013

That's "darn". Euphemism for "damn". Which is short for "God damn". A few alternatives are "Gosh", "golly", "dang", "durn" -- or "dash it" if you're British.

Colasec | 29 juillet 2013

@tobi_ger My coworker recently received a new BMV. It arrived in California via a ship from Germany that went through the Panama Canal.

Colasec | 29 juillet 2013

*sigh* "BMW", obviously....

tobi_ger | 29 juillet 2013

Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe it also depends on how many BMW had on that ship... if there are hundreds, it may be cheaper to go that way compared to train. But what do I know... :)