Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) may be malfunctioning

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) may be malfunctioning

When I turn on my car, sometimes the tire pressure warning flashes. Reading the owners manual, it seems that this happens when there is a malfunction with the TPMS.

For a car this sophisticated, with such a nice large screen, this type of cryptic error message is not acceptable. My wife, who is the person that drives this car most of the time, has been driving to gas stations to check all the tires pressures, because it seems that the TPMS does not pin-point which tire may have the low pressure (or maybe it will it is not due to a TPMS a failure).

Still, the usability and user experience expected for this car is not achieved.

jonlivesay | 30 septembre 2013

Don't think there is any hidden message in the warning. If it says that your tire pressure is low, and you check and it is not then take the car in and they will adjust the tolerance for you. If the message says to take car in for service then you have a TPMS malfunction and again taking the car in, they will fix the problem for you.

I was having similar problems with my car. Service center took care of it, took care of some bulletins that needed addressed, gave me a loaner to use, cleaned my car, done deal.