Traction control "off"

Traction control "off"

Hello question is simple , i would like to know if tesla team is thinking of making an off button for the TRACTION CONTROL?

Since its a rear weel car, sometimes for a bit more "fun" i think a car should have that option, i had a BMW330d ( i sold it to be prepared for the model S) and sometimes the traction control was off . I can only say that the smile on my face was always diferent that moment :)

Jason S | 26 février 2012

I hit up Youtube earlier today looking for videos of Tesla Roadsters in the snow and found a vid with folks 'drifting' them in the snow. The main trick, however, was they had to turn off the traction control.

Expect S to have the same. Pretty standard for any traction control car to have an off button for it.

Filipe Portugal | 27 février 2012

well that i will hask Tesla ppl in the Genebra Auto show

mikeadams | 27 février 2012

I would also like to have the option to turn off traction control.

I was watching some videos of the tesla drifting in the snow on youtube and somehow ended up watching some videos of some others building high performance electric go carts and drifting them. Some of them look so fun, I am actually a bit jealous. I am almost tempted to see if I can build one to pass the time waiting for my model S. Course my neighbors might think I'm a little crazy...

olanmills | 27 février 2012

I'I thought that all cars with a TCS have a switch to turn it off. In situations where your car is stuck in snow or mud, the TCS can hamper your efforts to get out, so you can manually turn it off.

BYT | 28 février 2012

@write.mikeadams, I'm with you man, that electric cart is awesome! Is there a build kit? I don't care about the neighbors, I'll build it and say it's for my 9 year old son but we both will know better! ;)

Filipe Portugal | 4 mars 2012

@write.mikeadams ... thats what i whant my tesla to do if i fell like it , some tesla future owners my call me a kid or somthing else, im not saying that i will alys drive like that, but only 1% for that special smile :D