Trip from Steamboat to Boulder

Trip from Steamboat to Boulder

Today I drove 170 miles nonstop from Steamboat Springs to Boulder Col. Temperature at Steamboat was -24F. It stayed well below zero for the first half of the trip (-28 in Kremmling!). Model S performed flawlessly. Arrived in Boulder with 90 rated miles left. Energy usage was 304W/mile. Went over two mountain passes (Rabbit Ears @9450ft and Eisenhower tunnel @11000 ft). Speed for the trip ranged from 45 to 75 mph on mostly dry roads.

For the round trip Boulder/Steamboat/Boulder the total energy usage was 110kWH or 324W/mile. Pretty damn good

brdunton | 3 Janvier 2013

This is great to know! I live down in the Parker area, and knowing I could make it there with the 85kWh battery is great! Getting a super charger somewhere on the I-70 corridor should make things even more enjoyable!

andrigtmiller | 3 Janvier 2013

Awesome. I live in Louisville (seven miles from Boulder) and have to travel to Steamboat Springs for my sons soccer matches. I figured we could make it fairly easily, but its always good to see that someone has done it already.

I don't have my Model S yet, but am patiently waiting. | 3 Janvier 2013

Good to know-- Thanks

pbrulott | 3 Janvier 2013

I assume you left with a warm pack?

Did you get a Cold pack message one the road or at arrival?

-24F is -31C... This is awfully cold!!!! Is this apparent/felt or real?

Getting Amped Again | 3 Janvier 2013

That sounds almost too good to be true, so I thought I'd check the elevation difference. Although Boulder is 1302 feet lower in elevation, I only come up with 2.28 kW-hr of energy gained from the differential.

Somebody want to check this?

6732 feet Steamboat Springs
5430 feet Boulder
1302 feet Differential

4647 lbs

6050394 ft-lbs
8203124 Joules W-s
2.28 kW-hr

nickjhowe | 3 Janvier 2013

I get 2.235KWh, but close enough.

Brian H | 3 Janvier 2013

That's the best trip mileage I've seen reported!

Velo1 | 3 Janvier 2013

I'll be making close to the same trip in 5 weeks for work and vacation with family and friends. However, just travelling from Evergreen to Steamboat and back 5 days later. I have a rental downtown SS at the Howelson Place. I'm doing some work for the building developer, so he is making sure I get an indoor parking space closet to an electrical outlet. He's got a 240V outlet there for a couple of EZ Go EVs, but will free it up for me. Only contingency is my friend requires he gets to drive my S up and back Rabbitt Ears Pass. Far deal, provided he signs my liability waiver - I am not liable if he catches Tesla Fever!

Brian H | 3 Janvier 2013

I can hear you chortling, in advance, from here!

jonathanfsawyer | 4 Janvier 2013

The car was parked in my garage the night before at an ambient temperature of 50 F. Actually my Steamboat house is up Buff Pass at 8300 ft. But for the entire drive into town from the house I had no regen as the battery was full. The round trip numbers reflect both the downhill and uphill legs. From Steamboat to south on Kremmling the outside airtemperature never got above -20F. The lowest temperature I saw was -28F

Getting Amped Again | 4 Janvier 2013

Ooops - I didn't see that those were the round trip numbers. 324 W/mi is around the 55 mph, 70F, flat road estimate provided by TM! Are you an alien?

pbrulott | 5 Janvier 2013

An alien he is!